5 reasons to visit Myanmar during the Green season


5 reasons to visit Myanmar during the Green season

Every year, tourism is expanding in Myanmar but travelers come mostly between November and April. The rest of the year, the so-called 'Green season' or 'rainy season' is discouraging many travelers from visiting. However, this might actually be the best time to explore the natural beauty Myanmar has to offer in abundance! Here are the five main reasons why the 'golden land' is definitely a must-see during Southeast Asia’s 'Green season':


1.    The landscapes are even more beautiful - greener, less dusty, less crowded.

Travelers always take better pictures and enjoy the nature even more during the Green season; this is the moment when Myanmar nature comes alive. So say goodbye to dusty roads and scorching heat, and hello to lush grasses, flowering plants and flooded waterways! During the Green season, the train going from Inle to Kalaw offers magical views. This is a memorable photo spot for people traveling in Myanmar and definitely more stunning when all the landscape grows green.

For travelers choosing to trek beautiful Mount Popa it is always more enjoyable when you don't cross other tourist groups on your way. In Green season, many places can make you feel like a modern Indiana Jones: architectural gems free of visitors and time for more interactions with local people.

2.    More enjoyable weather - cooler during the daytime.

Of course, we all like sunbathing and getting a nice sun tan. However, when it comes to a whole day of sightseeing, hiking in beautiful mountains or biking through temples, hot weather is a tourists’ biggest enemy. Myanmar weather never gets too cold and the green season allows you to save a lot of energy in order to make the most of the journey.

While making it to the top of Mount Zwegabin in Hpa An, the stifling heat is never missed. Cool weather allows the traveler to take time to enjoy the stunning views over Lumbini garden. No need to rush, the weather is refreshing and the trekking can be started at any time during the day.

3.    Sustainable travel - everything more enjoyable.

Enlightened tourists will not be afraid of Green season. The cool weather allows taking bikes instead of cars or motorbikes, a healthier and more sustainable way of traveling around any place. Moreover, the increase in daylight time means more visits as the day feels longer. No need to rush to catch a sunset or finish an activity before the night falls, days lasts longer.

Sustainable tourism is also about the interaction and the impact on local people. Choosing the Green season to come to Myanmar will in fact allow local people to make a living out of tourism all year round.  For instance, local people renting e-bikes in Mandalay or any equipment to tourists all around Myanmar need to make money from their business for as long as possible.

4.    Food more delicious - fresh exotic fruit and vegetables.

Nature is blooming again and this might be the best season to enjoy many kinds of fruits or vegetables that cannot be found all year round. Green season is surely the best time to enjoy local flavors and take a bite of Myanmar. Coming during the Green season is the best choice for food lovers trying to discover Myanmar at its best. From local markets tours where you sample many street foods to fine dining in Yangon; food is the connecting thread of our traveler’s journey.

5.    More choices of accommodation, activities and guides and at a cheaper price.

Less tourists, cheaper prices and no need to hurry to book the best accommodation, this is what the Green season is all about. There could not be a better moment for travelers looking to avoid the crowd and visit the country in a more authentic way.

More availability everywhere and popular hotels at a way cheaper price are some of the many rewards for wise visitors coming in summer time. No need to worry about “fully-booked” or “overpriced” tourist attractions, the Green season is definitely one of the best times to discover the country in a different way.

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