Myanmar - Full Day Art and Antiques


Myanmar - Full Day Art and Antiques

          This particular art tour in Yangon is centered on traditional and contemporary Myanmar fine arts and the rich collection of antiques in the country. Through this day’s outing you will gain a much deeper insight and understanding into the regional arts and culture scene. Begin at a small but impressive gallery hidden downtown. It is a good introduction to your tour as its collection includes Traditional, Realism, Surrealism and Classic Paintings by celebrated Myanmar artists. The rest of the day will make you discover other artistic trends which will make you travel also through time.


          Easia Travel's Point of View:

          Exploring the arts scene is a good reflection of the country’s history as well as the incredible talent that is emerging in the young artists. Combined with the antiques and a visit to a historic house, you will have the chance to learn about the past in a different way from a normal museum visit.


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