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MYANMAR – Our recent visit to Taung Bi Library

  • By The Easia Travel Team
  • September, 24, 2018
On the 15th and 16th of September, our volunteer team went to visit the Taung Bi Library in order to improve the organization and classification of their books, as well as to develop a way to loan books. The team worked hard to classify all of Taung Bi’s books into 6 different categories, like fiction, education, and religion, and they were even able to give each section its own shelf. In addition, the team has started to cover the books with plastic protectors in order to better preserve them.
Furthermore, the team also trained the librarian about a new system to loan books. The next day, many activities were organized for the children, from team games and drawing with tempera to group dances; all the children were very excited and gave our team such positive vibes!
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