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Green Teams, established!

  • By Easia Admin
  • January, 09, 2018

At Easia Travel we place sustainability at the core of our actions. Not as a trend, not as a sales tool, but rather as a practice of utmost necessity. Our previous accomplishments show that sustainability is not a new concept for our staff; nonetheless we have now gone on to form Green Teams with members from each department and which are strongly supported by our Country Managers and the Board of Management.

These collaborations, which are lead by a Sustainability Manager in each country, have helped Easia Travel to progress even further on important topics such, Refillable Water Bottles, Animal Welfare issues, and Guide Training.

Green Team in Myanmar

Green Team in Laos

The frontrunner team in Myanmar met for the first time in May 2017, followed by Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos & Thailand in November/December 2017.

Green Team in Cambodia (REP office)

Green Team in Vietnam

We believe that our Green Teams will help our destinations to develop and improve in terms of sustainability on a long-term basis while promoting authentic experiences that will create lifelong memories for your travelers.

Green Team in Thailand

Please contact us at if you have further questions regarding responsible tourism at Easia Travel, or if you want to assist by also making a commitment to sustainability in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand or Myanmar.


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