CAMBODIA – Siem Reap – Helicopter ride over Angkor temples
The helicopter scenic flight departure is from the Siem Reap airport. Then, the journey begins over the enormous scale of the Angkor Complex. The size and beauty of the temples is just amazing. Different flight durations are available (from 8 to 50 minutes), the shorter one gives the chance to fly over Angkor Wat temple and the longer one gives the chance to fly over the entire Angkor Complex, Banteay Srei and the floating villages around Siem Reap.


Amazing and unique scenic views over the temples and the countryside
– Different scenic flights over one of the most beautiful temple complexes in the world 

o Flight over Angkor Wat (8 minutes)

o Flight over Angkor Wat and surrounding temples such as Pre Rup, East Mebbon, Bakheng (15 minutes)

o Flight over the temples and over Chong Kneas floating village, located on the Tonle Sap (20 minutes)

o Flight over the temples of Angkor area and a tour over Phnom Kulen, the sacred mountain located 40 kilometers from Siem Reap and a flight over Siem Reap (35 minutes).

o Complete flight to experience all the areas: Angkor temples, Siem Reap city, Roluos temples, the floating villages, the temples of Banteay Srei and Phnom Kulen (50 minutes)


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