LAOS – Luang Prabang – Cooking class at Vanvisa


The cooking school of Mrs. Vandara is just a few hundred meters from the Kuang Sy waterfalls. The class will take place in a lush green area overlooking a small waterfall of turquoise water. Because Mrs. Vandara grows all the ingredients herself, there will be no visit to the market included. The table in the open air kitchen will be filled with unusual ingredients to discover the authentic taste of Lao cuisine, such as banana flowers, mini-eggplants, sticky rice, exotic flowers and more. The recipes are very healthy and even possess medicinal properties. After the preparation of four different dishes, the lunch will be shared with Mrs. Vandara in the dining area overlooking a small waterfall. Overall, it’s a very nice atmosphere and the food is delicious! Mrs. Vandara is eager to share her knowledge about healthy food and local ingredients.



– Enjoy an authentic and fun cooking class
– Experience the Lao food
– Meet with a charming person
– Learn about healthy food and local ingredients of Laos



LAOS – Luang Prabang – City Tour of Luang Prabang