Ngapali Beach is probably the best known resort in Myanmar. It is located in Rakhine State in western Myanmar, close to the ancient city Thandwe on the Bay of Bengal. The white sandy beach stretches for around 11 kilometres (7-miles), is fringed by swaying coconut palms and boasts cobalt-blue waters. The pristine beach line is free from noisy bars, souvenir vendors and away from any traffic (other than the occasional bullock cart).The huge coral reef protects swimmers from any dangerous marine animals which may be lurking, while the water is clean and inviting. Of course, Ngapali is also famed for the delicious seafood, fresh from the daily catches.

Apart from the traditional beach holiday elements of sea, sun and sand, visitors can also a enjoy bicycle tour to the nearby traditional fishing villages and the ancient town of Sandoway, boat tours to nearby islands, snorkeling, fishing or a round of golf. Ngapali can conveniently be reached by daily flights from Yangon or Bagan and there are also a few scheduled flights from Sittwe. By road from Yangon or Bagan via Pyay is also possible but it takes around 14 hours on the poorly maintained hill road across the Rakhine mountain range.

The best time to visit Ngapali is from October to April, as the monsoon hits at the beginning of May and lasts until the end of September. During the monsoon season, most of the hotels do not accept guests’


From To Km By Duration Road Condition
Ngapali Pyay 230 km Car/ Plane 8 hours Narrow and Bumpy Road
Ngapali Gwa 134 km Car 5 hours Narrow and Bumpy Road
Ngapali Yangon 518 km Car 15 hours/ 45 mins Narrow and Bumpy Road