CAMBODIA – Siem Reap – An adventurous Apsara Hunt through the quiet Temples of Angkor

Just like modern-day adventurers, explore the temples of the Angkor archeological park looking for the lost Apsara. While dancing in the forest, this sacred dancer has lost her way as well as her 5 most cherished pieces of jewelry.
From the beautiful Srah Srang pond, via the hidden Bat Chum and the mysterious Chau Svay Thevoda temple ruins, this is a unique  opportunity to discover some of the lesser known temples and become intimately familiarised with the sites!
A positive team spirit and a good sense of orientation are needed to find the lost jewelry and eventually the Apsara herself .
By tuk tuk, passing through deep jungle, green rice fields and some of the most astonishing ruins of the area, go an a challenging and fun treasure hunt and discover the unknown temples of the Angkor complex.


  • Ideal team building exercise to create bonds within a group.
  • Perfect way to discover the Angkor archaeological park and its lesser known temples while avoiding the crowds.
  • Improves participants’ sense of orientation and map reading skills.