Our roots

Everything started in 2000, in a small coffee shop in Hanoi, when our founders Hoa, Huy, and Philippe sat around a table to share their grand vision about travel.
They discovered that they all shared the same core vision: that a successful trip is made of amazing encounters, and that these encounters are based in human interaction.
So, from that little coffee shop in 2000, they started to develop the company, first in Vietnam from 2003-2006, then expanded into Cambodia, Myanmar and in Laos from 2006-2013, letting their passion and core values drive their rapid expansion across Southeast Asia. During this expansion, Easia wasn’t limited to Southeast Asia, but also expanded their representation networks into Europe, North America, and Australia, as well as adding offices in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Today, we are more than 340 Easians operating in 23 offices all over the world, and our daily mission is to make Asia Easy for You!”