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Our values & commitments


We make Asia Easy for You!


We are a 100% BtoB company, we work exclusively with tour operators, travel agencies and MICE agencies.We are 340 Easians, spread over 23 offices all over the world, dedicated to provide you with constant support to make your client’s travels a memorable discovery of our destinations Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand

We personalize our services in accordance with your particular profile and your travel philosophy.

From adventurous experiences in Northern Vietnam to unique top luxury getaway in the Cambodian beaches, we offer you a wide range of accommodations, activities and programs tailored to meet your specific needs.

Like you, we are passionate about building tailor-made trips, bringing creativity in each of ours programs, always keeping in mind what makes a trip an unforgettable experience: an encounter with a unique culture and friendly people.

Finally, as tourism player, part of our role is to preserve, the cultures, the communities and the environment of the countries in which we are specialized.

At Easia Travel we place sustainability at the core of our actions. Not as a trend, not as a sales tool, but rather as an uppermost necessity.

For this reason, we support various social initiatives that give meaning to our work on the long term.

We do not hastily develop products for tourists that would bring us short-term profits but harm the country irrevocably. Instead, we promote local encounters throughout the destinations and help locals to earn money through tourism and visitors to understand better the local culture.

We genuinely believe in the practices of sustainability, the benefits to the communities we work with and the value such practices deliver to our guests.

Sustainability is not merely a principle, it is a part of our company DNA and it reflects in everything we do, from daily management of our teams to on the ground products and services.

We set up sustainable initiatives thanks to clients‘ contributions according to the number of travellers they have visiting the destination. Sustainability then, changes into an important added value of the journey: travellers themselves are able to visit the places or meet the people who have benefited from their support. This allows them to take into full account the significant impact of their help and the benefits their visit can bring.

Actions speak louder than words. Thus, we believe that these kinds of initiatives will help our destinations develop and improve on a long term basis

Please contact us at if you want to make a commitment in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar. We will investigate your ideas and consider all the possibilities of starting a joint sustainable project.