CAMBODIA – Siem Reap – An adventurous treasure hunt through the temples of Angkor


Explore the temples of Angkor like modern-day adventurers hunting for treasure. With a guide and a tuk tuk, using team spirit, and a good sense of orientation to collect the clues dotted through the temples and progress through the game to find the treasure. From the giant Angkor Wat to the famous Bayon via the mysterious Ta Prohm, there are so many things to see and learn about!
This one-day expedition provides an off the beaten track discovery of the temple at an historical site, in the most playful and spirited manner.



– Unique experience to discover Angkor Archaeological Park
– Great moment to exercise team spirit and sense of orientation
– Natural interaction with the locals
– Awesome one-day expedition off the beaten track to enable you to discover the temples and the site’s history in a playful and spirited manner
– Fun activity ideal for families with children looking for an alternative way of visiting the temples, telling them the history of Angkor
– Interesting way to discover the temples and the treasure by tuk tuk, with GPS and “Treasure Hunter’s Guide”



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