LAOS – Bolaven – Mystic mountain coffee


In the centre of the classical tourist loop in the Bolaven Highlands, stands the Mystic Mountain. This is an area only accessible by Jeep, resulting in the fact that very few travellers visit there and the culture and lifestyle maintain their authenticity. Two options are available for a one-day discovery or a one-day and one overnight in a tent camp or homestay surrounded by coffee plantations.
The discovery of the Bolaven plateau gives the chance to stop at a remote waterfall, meet local coffee farmers, visit coffee plantations, and meet the villagers of ethnic communities of the untouched nature of the Plateau.



– A local experience off the beaten track
– A discovery of the life of coffee farmers and minorities in the plateau from the inside
– An immersive experience in nature with local contact
– An amazing diversity of the Bolaven: lush jungle, coffee plantations, remote waterfalls and ethnic villages.
– An active visit with hiking / Jeep ride tour in the remote areas of the highlands.