LAOS – Champasak

Located about 30 kilometers south of the city of Pakse, the district of Champasak sits along the Mekong River with its old-fashioned charms. Once one of the three great kingdoms of the Lan Xang Empire, it is now a sleepy town, offering a mix of French colonial buildings, Buddhists temples and traditional villages in one of the most picturesque countryside of Laos.

Housing the two best accommodation options in Southern Laos, Champasak is the ideal place either to take a rest during a journey in Laos, either to go on further adventures to explore the surroundings. Cycling around the island of Don Daeng and be inspired by the peacefulness and the natural hospitality of the locals is a rewarding experience, as much as the discovery of Vat Phou, one of the most important sights in Laos. Literally meaning ‘’Mountain Temple’’, Vat Phou is a pre-Angkorian multi-level structure built along the slope of a mountain, and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The upper platform of the temple affords a wonderful view of the Mekong plain.

The best time to go is from October to April, when it’s not rainy nor too hot.