LAOS – Luang Prabang – Baci ceremony at a local house

The local people in Luang Prabang invite our guests to attend a Baci “Soukhouan” ceremony, one of the most popular traditions in Laos, which is an integral aspect of many important life events: weddings, funerals, births, illnesses, farewells, etc. This ritual usually takes place amongst a handful of people, with one or two “recipients”, the “officiate” and a few “assistants”. During the ceremony, the officiating person recalls the souls (according to Lao belief each human being has 32 souls) to attract beneficial influences, and then tie a cotton string around the wrists of the participants, symbolizing prosperity and good luck. After this solemn moment to better understand the local beliefs, it is possible on request to attend an ethnic dance show accompanied by traditional music instrumentation, or even to continue with the dinner in the local house for a more immersive experience.


  • An experience still actively practiced in Lao traditions
  • An interaction with locals
  • A cultural experience


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