LAOS – Luang Prabang – Local morning discovery

In the early morning, devoted residents of Luang Prabang kneel on the sidewalk bearing food in their hands, which they offer to the monks as they walk by in a procession of orange robes. The ‘Tak Bat’ ceremony is a culturally significant moment, taking place in a peaceful and respectful ambiance, with no words exchanged between the monks and the inhabitants making the offerings. After this humbling ceremony, the experience will continue to a local market which is a very animated place to be in the morning, to say the least. Each stall offers different kinds of food ranging from fruits and vegetables to meats and fishes, to herbs, and fragrant spices. The sights, sounds and smells are sure to awaken all the senses. This will be a chance to taste some local snacks and finish in a welcoming local restaurant at the Mekong river bank to start the day with a ‘Khao Soy’ soup, a traditional Lao breakfast.


  • Be drawn deep into the culturally significant moments.
  • Enjoy a very special experience to know more about Laos’ culture.
  • Experience a peaceful, serene morning


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