LAOS – Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang is the ancient capital city of the Lane Xang kingdom. In recognition of the city’s vast array of Lao monuments, countless monasteries, and its historic and cultural significance, UNESCO declared Luang Prabang a World Heritage Site in 1995.

Luang Prabang is located at the meeting point of the Khan and Mekong rivers and is surrounded by deep green hills and waterfalls. The view over dozens of temple rooftops from the hill in the center of town at sunset will undoubtedly be a memory of Southeast Asia you will never forget.

With rivers and streams running in all directions, the region has an ancient tradition of river navigation. The main part of the city consists of four main roads located on a peninsula between the Mekong and Nam Khan Rivers. Luang Prabang provides many opportunities for unique cultural experiences as well as adventure at various levels, amidst a landscape of mountains and lush forest.

Average capacity recommended: 80 pax

The best time to go (weather and climate): From October to mid-April, but be aware of exceptional cold nights (as low as 5 degrees celsius) at the end of December and through the whole of January.