LAOS – Siphandon

Located at the country’s southernmost point, the Siphandon region – literally “the region of the four thousand islands” – is a series of islets on the Mekong River. The river indeed spreads over more than 14 kilometers wide at this point, forming a myriad of islands and branches before flowing into the Khon Phaphenga falls, at the Cambodian border. Two islands – Khong Island and Don Khon Island – enjoy a greater notoriety due to their size and the hotel offerings exclusively centered there. The entire region offers magnificent landscapes to be discovered aboard a local wooden boat or on a trek over the Khong Island. This region is also home to fresh water dolphins, which will certainly add a touch of exoticism to your trip.

The best time to go (weather and climate): All year round, although the rainy season can disturb the cruises on the Mekong due to the river’s high levels and the lightness of the cruise ships.