MYANMAR – Bagan – Discover the western shore of Bagan

Across the archaeological plain of Bagan covered with thousands of temples, on the other side of the Irrawaddy river, the unexplored countryside is awaiting you. The day will start with a short cruise across the river. This biking itinerary goes across fields of seasonal crops, on sandy paths and dirt tracks, across quaint villages where there is no doubt the locals will be surprised to run into bikers. The five-hour ride will finish on the eastern part of Bagan, after a second river crossing on a boat, to the village of Taungbi, in Old Bagan, nestled among the mystical temples.


  • A real off the beaten track bike ride
  • Discovery of remote villages on sandy paths
  • Cross the river and see Bagan from a different angle
  • Lunch at a local house in the village
  • Real adventure away from tar roads