MYANMAR – Bagan – Lunch at a monastery garden

Amidst a monastery compound, under the shade of a Banyan tree, a traditional lunch is served. The traditional wooden and brick monastery is a unique setting away from the busy temples of Bagan to a quiet, spiritual atmosphere. In the late morning, monks line up at the entrance of the monastery with their alm bowls to receive the last meal of the day. It is the perfect moment to get a better understanding of Buddhism. After this daily ceremony, a traditional lunch is served at the back of the compound, in an intimate setting.


  • Unique and original lunch break
  • Opportunity to feel more immersed in the peaceful atmosphere of a monastery than during a simple visit
  • A chance to see a “soan” offering (monk food offering), an important moment of a monk’s daily routine
  • A peaceful moment to have a break in a busy sightseeing day
  • Discover a different side of Bagan, apart from its temples


MYANMAR – Bagan – Discovery with electric scooter (e-bike)