MYANMAR – Yangon – Downtown walking tour

A fascinating walking tour around Yangon’s colonial neighbourhood might reveal a lot of secrets from the past! The tour starts next to Sule Pagoda, the symbol of Yangon’s downtown. The streets extending to the eastern part of town still bear the marks of British colonial era, some of them only noticeable by a well-informed eye. History facts about Myanmar – and Yangon especially – as well as architecture tips and stories about the daily life downtown and the current use of those historical buildings are provided by the expert guide all along the tour.


  • A discovery of Yangon downtown neighbourhood from a different point of view
  • Explanation of the colonial buildings
  • An expert guide will show some details unnoticeable to the naked eye
  • Interesting history facts and a better understanding of the daily life in past and current Yangon, which is booming compared to the rest of the country
  • A nice 2-hour walk to small streets that one might not explore by oneself


MYANMAR – Yangon – Oil lamp ceremony at Swedagon

MYANMAR – Yangon – Thai chi and tea

MYANMAR – Yangon – Sunrise yoga