THAILAND – Hua Hin – Elephant Safari spotting at Kui Buri National Park

Along the Burmese border, two hours from the beachtown of Hua Hin, is Kuiburi National Park – home to the biggest population of gaurs and one of the best spots to see elephants in the wild in the whole of Thailand. An elephant spotting safari is organized in the afternoon when seeing wildlife is higher and the animals are moving around looking for water when the heat of the day is dropping. It’s an unforgettable opportunity to take a slow ride in an open truck along unpaved routes while the driver looks for inhabitants of the park.


  • To watch elephants roaming free in Kui Buri National Park
  • To encounters with the gentle giants in their natural habitat
  • Sightings of native birds, gaurs & unique plant life
  • To explore the park to discover viewing spots