THAILAND – Phrae – Mo Hom dyeing workshop

Phrae is famous for the “Thai Blue Jeans” or “Mo Hom” as it is called in Thai. Traditionally, this natural dyeing technique was mainly used to color farmers’ clothing and was passed on from generation to generation. In Thung Hong, near the town of Phrae, there are many shops selling these traditional outfits, as well as more modern creations. A visit to one of the oldest workshops in the village gives the chance to have an hands-on experience and learn how the dyeing process works. There is an opportunity to tie-dye a T-shirt using the natural Mo-Hom dye and have an introduction to batik waxing. An interesting and fun activity for all ages!



  • A fun way to interact with local people and learn about their traditions
  • A unique souvenir to take home.
  • A peaceful moment for families and kids
  • An activity to discover the traditions of Northern Thailand