VIETNAM – Hanoi – Lacquer workshop at Hanoia house

In a restored traditional house of Hanoi, near Hoan Kiem Lake, a 2-hour private lacquer workshop gives the chance to be initiated to the first or last step of the lacquer process, with Eggshell inlay or hand-painting. It is a perfect introduction to the ancestral lacquer art but also to the exclusive Hanoia fashion and trendy collection, mixing East and West knowledge. After a presentation by Hanoia’s craftsmen about the lacquer process in Vietnam, which requests to go through 20 stages and not less than 100 days to finish a small or large object, the craftsmen share their knowledge and art with the visitors. On departure, a Hanoia gift is given as a souvenir.


  • A discovery of the harmonious contemporary lacquer products
  • An exclusive 2-hour workshop for Art lovers, but also families with children from 6 years
  • A chance to interact and admire the passion and devotion-to-perfection of the Hanoia’s craftsmen
  • A peaceful moment in a charming and traditional house of Hanoi in the busy center of the town