VIETNAM – Hanoi – Evening story of street food


Eat like locals! In the early evening, a walk along the busy streets will offer the chance to discover the busy streets of Hanoi by night and to try the Vietnamese specialities such as Banh Cuon (traditional Vietnamese rice pancake), Banh mi (the famous Vietnamese sandwich, it does even appear in the Oxford dictionary), the Pho (noodle soup), or Pho tron (Pho mixed with chicken without soup). A stop during the walk at the Bia hoi corner, which is so popular for both Hanoian and visitors, is one of the must-try during a street food. Then for dessert, it is time to enjoy a Vietnamese ice cream near Hoan Kiem Lake, the heart of Hanoi with a peaceful atmosphere at night.



– Eat as locals
– A good way to understand the story of Vietnamese street food
– An exciting opportunity to interact with locals
– A must-do to visit another Hanoi by night with friends or families



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