VIETNAM – Ho Chi Minh City – “À Ố” circus show at the Opera House

“À Ố” is the name given to the show which is a new kind of art performance commonly acknowledged globally as “new circus”. The show surpasses all the limits that were previously constructed by many other art shows in Vietnam over the years. The main visuals of the show are bamboo basket boats and their use in the daily life of many Vietnamese.


  • A brilliant show with very impressive visuals
  • Live music on stage performed by traditional musical instruments
  • Energy and passion from the young performers during 60 minutes
  • “A O” Show is the first dance show that presents the lively local life of Mekong Delta & Saigon
  • A perfect show for all the art lovers after or before having dinner in Ho Chi Minh Ville


VIETNAM – Ho Chi Minh City – Sophie’s art tour