Leap back in time in Hue, the archetypal Vietnamese imperial city. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city boasts an impressive cultural and historical richness: the imperial citadel, its scattered tombs and its walls surrounded by moats covered with lotuses and water lilies make a sumptuous landscape.
Hue is located in the central part of Vietnam, south of the 17th parallel. It was the capital city of Vietnam under the reign of the Nguyen dynasty, from the early 19th century to 1945. The famous Perfume River divides the city, separating the old city to the North from the modern city to the South. Through history, the city has acquired an immense prestige and refinement, making it one of the richest cultural destinations in the country. This historical and intellectual heritage is translated into – among other things – the arts, the cuisine and the architecture.

The best time to go (weather and climate) : From March to May and July to mid-Sept