VIETNAM – Tra Que – Take part in the daily life of farmers

Tra Que is famous for the quality and the flavour of its aromatic herbs. An easy cycling tour gives the chance to observe picturesque scenes of the local’s daily life with a background of verdant countryside. Once there, a local family shows their agricultural techniques and share through various tasks, such as digging, watering or harvesting, their knowledge with the guests. The atmosphere is simple, and the key words are conviviality and good spirits. After a very relaxing traditional foot massage, a delicious lunch is served, made of the village’s specialities, such as the tam huu.


  • A lovely moment in the countryside of Hoi An
  • An easy cycling tour of 30 minutes to discover the locals’ daily life
  • A nice and funny escape for families
  • Interaction with locals and tasting of a culinary speciality from Hoi An region