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12 useful sentences while traveling in Myanmar

  • By Easia Admin
  • August, 10, 2017

When traveling in a country it’s important to learn about its culture and traditions, but most of all, it’s essential to learn basic expressions so you can exchange with locals and show them interest. Here are 12 expressions that will make your guest’s experience much easier!

  1. Hello ! :  “min-ga-la-bar”

Keyword while traveling across Myanmar, travelers will meet many locals, they will mainly use this word to welcome or greet you, along with a big smile most of the time!

2) Goodbye! : “bhine” or “ That that”

Another essential basic expression guests will hear a lot during their trip, from children in the street, in shops or in taxis, locals usually use it to say goodbye or greet someone. Travelers shouldn’t hesitate to use it, the locals will be very happy to hear a foreigner speaking Burmese !

3) Thank you !
-> “cè-zù tin-ba-deh”

Another easy expression such as “thank you” will light up the face of a vender while travelers are buying or asking something in the street or in a shop!

4) How are you ?
-> “k’amyà ne-kaùng-là?”
I’m fine
-> “ne-kaùng-ba-deh.

5) What’s your name ?
-> Ne-meh beh-lo k’aw-lèh?”
My name is …
-> “cǎnáw ne-meh….. ló k’aw-ba-deh”

6) Where are you from ?
-> “Bae ka lar ta lae?
I come from … (France, America, Asia, Europe )
-> “Canaw….(Pinthit)…. k-par ”

7) Do you speak English ?
-> “shin aaingaliutlo pyaw lar?”

8) I don’t understand !
-> “nà-mǎleh-ba-bù”

9) How much is it ?
-> “dha balao leh?”


Above expressions will be very useful during their trip if they wish to share unforgettable moments with locals. Since most of the time people in the countryside don’t speak English, they will be very happy to see that they are trying to communicate with them in their native language! To take it one step further, learn the following:

10) Numbers (very useful to negotiate or order something )
1-“Tit” 2- “Hnit” 3- “Thone” 4- “lei” 5- “ngat” 6- “Chout” 7- “Khoon” 8- “shit” 9- “ko”
For dizains, hundreds and thousands add the following suffix after the figures:
10- “ta”+”sae”       500- “Nga”+“ya”       1000- “Tit”+“thaung”

11) Short sentences to order at the restaurant
-> “Ye Thant Buu” a bottle of water
-> “ Kyat ta min kyaw/kyaut swe kyaw   ” Fried rice/noodle with chicken

12) Where is : bus station….
-> Kaa mhat taing be mhar le?

Numbers are essential to travelers’ daily life in Myanmar, whether to order a taxi, negotiating souvenir prices at the market or simply ordering some food or a drink at the tea shop. Being able to negotiate in Burmese will help them to obtain bargains, get cheaper taxi fares, and is a simple thing rewarded with reactions that will give your guests’ a smile to last the day!

Travelers now have all the tools to undertake an enriched journey in Myanmar. If your guests want to combine an authentic experience in a beautiful setting with practicing their new-found skills, we would recommend them to have lunch in a local house in Inle. It is the perfect occasion to exchange a few Burmese words with the locals! For more information about this or other local experiences in Myanmar, please contact

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