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2017 A year in review

  • By Easia Admin
  • January, 15, 2018
Being so excited to start the new year, we almost forgot to look back on how grateful we can be for all the amazing things 2017 brought us and that all these successes and achievements would have never been possible without the amazing efforts of our wonderful people, our wonderful Easians.
At Easia Travel, we truly believe that a business or a company is nothing without its people. As a team, often compared with one big family, our Easians always give the best of themselves while bringing out the best in their team members as well, always working hard and striving to excel our clients’ and their travelers’, our guests’, expectations. 
Having started 2018, we’d like to look back on some of the achievements our people, our teams, our humans of Easia’ have accomplished throughout 2017 and what we are immensely thankful for!
Hereby a quick overview of some of the amazing events our Easians realized throughout the past year!

1.) A refreshed brand identity

After 18 years in the travel industry and having evolved as a business, we felt it was time to update our brand to better match our identity as a growing organisation. Since we have experienced a steady growth over the last decade with a lot of gained expertise within various very different markets, and to serve you better, we also decided to launch three dedicated Easia Travel subbrands: Easia Incentive, Easia Exclusive and Easia Active. 

What remained at the core of our visual identity as well as in our corporate values, is the human element’, the pride and joy we take in serving our partners and their travelers with personal and high-quality advice, solutions & services, all while creating a positive impact in the communities of the destinations we deeply love and operate in.

2.) Joint efforts against single-use plastic waste!

After having joined a local initiative to promote more sustainable hospitality & travel practices in Siem Reap, Cambodia, our Easians got quickly excited to change the way we consumed water and to halt the heavy impact our consumption of disposable plastic has on our local environment.
Working closely with a local organisation named Refill not Landfill, using and refilling reusable drink containers not only rapidly became a best practice amongst our Easians, our team in Cambodia also worked hard to provide this option to our partners and their travellers as well, enabling them to participate in more sustainable travel practices as well. 
See it all in our video!

3.) On our way to becoming Travelife certified in all our destinations!

It is no secret that promoting sustainable tourism is at the heart of our strategy at Easia Travel. In 2017, our teams have made firm commitments towards the social and environmental sustainability of our business showing sustainability is more to us than popular marketing jargon. 
As it reflects in everything we do, from the daily management of our teams to on the ground products and services, the sustainability mindset is an essential part of our company DNA. 
To underline this commitment, all our Easians, in all our destinations have recently started the Travelife certification process; a training, management and certification initiative for tourism companies committed to reaching greater sustainability. 
At the moment we are proud to announce that Easia Travel Laos has already reached the Partner level of the Travelife program. Due to the establishment and the great efforts of our green teams’ in all our offices, other destinations will follow soon!

4.) Taking action to clean up Luang Prabang

As the main tourist hot-spot in Laos, Luang Prabang has been experiencing a steady increase in roadside litter and trash, polluting the picturesque UNESCO world heritage town and troubling its inhabitants.
An occasional cleansing of the streets’ rubbish is, unfortunately, proving not to be enough to keep the city free from the impact of the always growing amount of visitors.  
To pro-actively support a cleaner town, a group of our Lao Easians has decided to commit to this cause and together with other participants from hotels, restaurants and local shops they joined an initiative, facilitated by Luang Prabang heritage and Trash Hero Luang Prabang, to organize and participate in a dedicated monthly clean-up of the city, all while raising awareness about the impact of plastic on nature and health. 
So proud to have our Lao Easians commit to a clean and green Luang Prabang!

5.) Our very first Easia Home

Last August, Easia Travel has been delighted to inaugurate and soft-launch its Srah Srang House, a charming Khmer house offering premium hospitality services in a truly authentic and local Khmer village setting, well located on the banks of the beautiful Srah Srang reservoir nestled right within the world famous Angkor Archeological Park in Siem Reap, Cambodia.
The Srah Srang House is the first in a series of local houses Easia Travel is planning to open across our destinations in Southeast Asia, offering travellers a charming and authentic place to have a break from their itinerary and relax while taking in the local life.

6.) Supporting positive community impact!

Besides our strong commitment to sustainability, we also consistently aim to preserve the rich and wonderful culture of our destinations while empowering the communities we operate in
Simultaneously, we also provide our partners who share these values with the necessary knowledge and on-spot coordination to well demonstrate any of their social, environmental or cultural commitments in our destinations
One great example of such a combined effort creating positive impact was the canoe donation we organised in Shan state (Myanmar) on behalf of our valued partner Travelsphere.

7.) The comeback of Taung Bi library

Started in Bagan, Myanmar, in 2015, the Taungbi Library was a social project that aimed at increasing the Taungbi villagers literacy and knowledge as well as inspiring the village’s children to achieve higher levels of education. 
From the very beginning, the library was a collaborative project developed between Easia Travel and SKR, one of our wonderful German clients mutually committed to creating a positive social impact in Myanmar.
Since its official opening in 2016, the library went through a period of inactivity but in 2017, a new and motivated team of Easians decided to give life to the library again. 
With the precious support of the children of the village, they improved the facilities of the library with new books, new bookshelves, colorful paint and more
Local stakeholders, the schoolmaster and many villagers participated with enthusiasm to the opening ceremony held on Sunday 27th August 2017. 

8.) Reinforced our Thailand team within the Easia family

With the fairly recent opening of our Thailand office and the subsequent inclusion of Thailand as our 5th destination, Easia travel can now offer our clients an even more complete range of options in Southeast Asia.
Reinforcing the position of Thailand was an important objective for us in 2017. To achieve this objective it was first essential to build a Sales Department located on the spot, fully dedicated to satisfying each market. Secondly, it was imperative that we strengthen all our related departments to conduct operations and handle bookings seamlessly for our selected segments and markets. With the installation of a new management team, Easia travel Thailand will continue to grow. Now, at the beginning of 2018, our Thailand team proudly boasts 35 motivated employees working tirelessly on the spot and there are plans to continue that growth momentum.
This established position now allows us to expertly handle client’s journeys and create tailor-made customer experiences in Thailand as well as in combination with our other offices. Developing new and unique Easia experiences will make the destination offers even more attractive.
We are looking forward to what the new year will bring, and we are delighted to have already won the faith of our clients as we took our first steps in this wonderful destination. We understand and are most appreciative of the fact that the trust of our customers is essential for the future success of our upcoming projects in Thailand.

Looking ahead

Of course, these were only a few of the achievements as well as beautiful moments our Easians created throughout the year.
Looking ahead into 2018, we are truly excited, confident and proud to have such a warm family around us, to share work and life with, to give and receive support from when we need it, to collaborate with and to co-create beautiful experiences in this wonderful world of us.
A deep thank you to all our partners as well as our dear Easians for a magical 2017 and let’s together, make 2018 even greater!
Easia Travel Board Of Management
Thomas Preischl, Nguyen Thuy Hoa, Vu Huy, Philippe Richard
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