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Why is Myanmar a top destination for yoga lovers

  • By Easia Admin
  • August, 10, 2017

Why is Myanmar a top destination for yoga lovers

If your guests are keen to combine a relaxing retreat within an exceptional and unique framework of cultural discovery, Myanmar is definitely worth a visit! Only recently opened for the world to see, Myanmar has kept its mysteries, ancestral traditions and an incredibly welcoming people whose smile will leave nobody indifferent. Myanmar is known to be the country of a thousand golden stupas and temples, and with buddhism taking a prominent position in Burmese daily life thus prevailing a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, this is the ideal place to practice mindful meditation away from hectic life. Myanmar also offers travelers an incredible variety of breathtaking landscapes, whose nature remains untouched and preserved. Take advantage of this spiritual atmosphere to practice yoga and find your inner peace. Here is a short list of perfect spots for Yoga sessions:

The former capital of the country is obviously a must see while visiting Myanmar. Its colonial past, heritage and cultural diversity make Yangon one of most fascinating places in Southeast Asia. The famous Schwedagon Pagoda and its gigantic golden stupa will shine in travelers eyes, and the numerous traditional temples, street markets and local tea shops surrounding are just waiting to be explored. Take your time to wander across Kandawgyi park, a quiet resting spot with a lake, hidden in the center of the city. This is where locals come to relax and is an ideal place to put down your yoga mat or meditate! The economic capital also beckons thousands of pilgrims every year coming to study and practice the ancient art of meditation in one of the biggest meditation centers of the country, so you won’t be alone!

(picture: Schwedagon pagoda)

Second highlight of the country is Bagan, and its thousands of ancient temples spread across the plain. This former capital of the Burmese Empire is a magical place with a mystic atmosphere, offering amazing viewing points like the famous sunrise pictures with balloons flying over the temples. Guests can come closer to the Irrawaddy River’s sandbank and appreciate a breathtaking view of the mountains in the background; the perfect spot to see the sunset, take a break to relax and enjoy a yoga session in this unique and peaceful framework. The spiritual nature of the city is also perfect for meditation, monks will be glad to welcome you in their monastery.

(picture: Bagan landscape)

(picture: Bagan Monks)

Do your guests have an adventurous soul and like to push their limits? Do they yearn to explore remote areas and meet local people? Well then Kalaw is made for them! This is the ideal location for trekking, and with the help of a guide it’s possible to explore the mountains and discover beautiful landscapes. Lost in nature far from the tourist crowds, this is also a perfect spot for a Yoga retreat!

(Picture: Kalaw )

Inle Lake is famous for its architecture, particularly its wooden houses on stilts built in the middle of the lake. Travelers will discover a unique way of life here, where locals are living from the catch of the day brought in by the traditional fishermen, and from the crop of their floating gardens. The lake is also known for its traditional handicraft of cheroots, silversmith and handmade weavings workshops. More than a pool of craftsmanship and know-how, the lake is a real place of recollection. It is possible to visit the impressive Hpaung Daw U Pagoda, only accessible via boat, guests will be immersed in the spiritual atmosphere and, if they are lucky, can even assist in traditional ceremonies! Try out the meditation center, meet the monks and learn how to develop self awareness and consciousness in a unique environment; this is a once in a lifetime chance to experience the mystical Buddhist culture.

(picture: Inle Lake)

Last but not least if guests wish to relax in an idyllic setting, Ngapali’s huge stretch of white sand and crystalline turquoise waters is perfect. Not yet crowded by hordes of tourists, this peaceful place is ideal to rest after exploring Myanmar! Hop on a bike and visit the surroundings, many lovely fishing villages are located only a few minutes from the hotel, and locals will be glad to show you their traditional know-how.

(Picture: Ngapali)

If Myanmar’s mystic atmosphere arouses yoga lovers’ curiosity and they would like to know more about these destinations, Easia Travel offers the best tailor-made opportunities to make their spiritual journey a unique and unforgettable moment. For more information please contact

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