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A peaceful beachfront retreat at Palm Garden resort

  • By Easia Admin
  • February, 26, 2018

If Danang city is considered the peak musical note, Hoian city will be the low note in the harmony in the music of Central Vietnam full of sunshine and wind. Hoian city is perhaps only for those who love the sweetness of do nothing, an Italian concept called “dolce far niente”. Your travelers will be invited to be in Hoian city for a slow living to experience peaceful and charming moments.

Besides the moss-covered roofs of ancient houses, cultural relics, vast rice fields stretching out of a peaceful countryside, Hoian city has poetic beaches considered vivid spots of the old land. We stop by Palm Garden Resort, one of many favored beachfront resorts, located along the magnificent Cua Dai beach. Only 30km from Danang International Airport and 5km from the center of Hoian’s ancient town, Palm Garden Resort takes one back to the pure nature by the sandy beach to feel the cool sea breeze on the skin and to listen to the melody of life.

Feeling the nature and architecture

Nothing would be better than a day of enjoying the sun on your face, sounds of the surf and the sand beneath your toes as you stroll along sandy beaches with your loved ones.

Every corner in Palm Garden Resort has its own characteristic, from the tropical garden and wooden bridge to where the palm trees are lined up. What we love the most is the green pasture that surrounds the pool and stretches out to the beach. Your travelers will feel completely immersed in nature once you set your bare feet on the pasture. The softness of the grass, the melodic rhythms of the waves flapping at the shore and the tender caresses of the wind will take one’s breath away. The beauty of Cham Islands can be spotted from afar behind the fishing boats and is amazingly picturesque at dawn.

This beachfront resort is a tranquil retreat offering the unique architecture – a touch of Hoian’s traditional architecture and the modern facilities. All 216 rooms and bungalows are designed in an ancient Hoian style with tile roofs offering views to either the greenest garden or the sea. Sometimes, you can see tricolored cat curling up on the roof and waiting for the first rays of the sun.


Enjoy the quintessence of Central Vietnam culinary

Loosen the belt and get ready to indulge your taste buds and belly on a foodie break in Hoian, from browsing through sampling top street food of Central Vietnam at the ancient town such as Cao Lau (Hoian’s secret noodles), Banh Mi, Quang Noodles, Grilled Pork Wrapped in Rice Paper with vegetables, etc. to dining in Terrace restaurant located in the tropical garden where you can also enjoy breakfast buffets or Colibri Beach Restaurant by the picturesque Cua Dai beach at Palm Garden Resort. Your travelers will be immersed in a variety of food prepared by the resort’s local chefs from a la carte menus to set menus for families. The food’s adequate nutrition ensures the guest’s health during far-away-from-home holidays and reminds us of hard-working mothers and sisters taking care of each meal. Then head on over to Contino Club Bar that has an extensive list of drinks, colorful cocktails and listen to the live music performed by Filipino band. All make a day.


Taking a variety of activities

Immersed oneself in the cool water of the pool, lazily enjoy the beach, or read a favorite book while lying on a hammock in the garden. Kids will be invited to partake in special fun activities at Kid’s Club, playground or explore the wildlife meadows. Your travelers can choose either the complimentary scheduled shuttle bus from the resort or get a taxi to the ancient town. To get more interesting, they can ride a bicycle to explore sights of vast rice fields and white storks flying along the way. For adventure lovers, surf on the ocean with a canoe or kayak with their loved one. Moreover, excursion tours to Cham Islands, the countryside, My Son Sanctuary, etc. guided by the qualified sport and recreation team of Palm Garden will make an unforgettable holiday experience.

After a tiring day, soak in Jacuzzi and relax with therapies at Palm Spa, with highly trained professional therapists to achieve a high level of wellbeing.

For business visitors, flexible meeting and outdoor facilities ensure they can experience all the leisure benefits while accomplishing work.

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