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Refill Not Landfill: Join the movement against single use plastic bottles!

  • By Easia Admin
  • October, 17, 2017

 Well-known for its charming and welcoming population, overwhelming nature and rich history, Southeast Asia has been attracting growing numbers of foreign visitors for decades.


Disposable plastic bottle pollution

While this trend definitely provides a positive impact on the livelihoods of many, the growing number of visitors also places a considerably heavy toll on the environment of major tourist sites across Southeast Asia. Maybe one of the most visible side effects of tourism is the exponential increase of disposable plastic waste visitors create and leave behind during their stay.

One of the biggest culprits contributing to this pollution is the disposable plastic bottle. According to this article in Forbes, humans worldwide now consume a staggering 1 million plastic bottles per minute! And even more shockingly; 91% of these bottles are not even recycled!

Now what does that mean for our destinations?

For example, in Cambodia alone, foreign visitors consume an estimated* 355 000 single-use plastic water bottles each single day, resulting in a potential* 10 million disposable plastic water bottles each month!


Given that only a few of these plastic bottles are recycled, the vast majority of them end up:

  •         littering the countryside
  •         piling up beside roads
  •         choking the Kingdom’s waterways or
  •         on mountainous landfills that contaminate the environment.


Offering an alternative: Refill not Landfill

Fortunately for Cambodia, in order to turn this trend around and promote more sustainable travel practices, some pro-active members from Siem Reap’s tourism & hospitality industry, Cambodia’s main tourist hotspot, got together to provide a more sustainable alternative.

To this end, the informal network of responsible businesses established ‘Refill not Landfill’, a sustainable travel campaign aiming to:

  •         drastically reduce the consumption of disposable plastic water bottles by
  •         providing travelers with a reusable aluminium bottle and
  •         offering a network of free drinking water refill stations at key tourist sites

By doing so, the network now allows travelers to simply refill their drinking water bottle, instead of having to buy disposable plastic bottles over and over again.



Growing and expanding

Ignited in Siem Reap, interest for the campaign is steadily picking up and spreading across Cambodia where new members of the network are committing to offering bottles and/or refill stations in order to contribute to a greener environment.

As for today, the network’s refill stations can also be found in Battambang, Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, Kampot and Kep.


A simple, yet powerful practice

At Easia Travel, because we are consistently striving to provide sustainable travel practices that are simple, powerful and easy to adopt, we were eager to commit to the campaign from the day we heard about it.

Recognizing our responsibility as a DMC, as well as envisioning great opportunity for positive influence, we now offer all our partners and their travelers the possibility to completely avoid using disposable plastic water bottles throughout their stay in Cambodia.

By providing refill stations at partner hotels & restaurants as well as mobile refill stations in all our vehicles we are sure to provide travelers with access to clean drinking water, even when on the move.


Offering direct impact to the conservation of Cambodia

True sustainability in tourism for us means to constantly question ourselves and re-think how we can increase the quality of our travel solutions while decreasing the footprint our visitors leave in their destination.

When opting to participate in the Refill not Landfill campaign, our partners will be able to provide their travelers with a practical tool to directly contribute to the conservation of the environment and indirectly to the wellbeing of the communities they visit.


Changing habits for a brighter future

Besides avoiding the creation of great amounts of disposable plastic, travelers will also act as a role model, inspiring other tourists and local people alike to rethink the way we, collectively as humans, consume disposable plastic, creating awareness about the growing problem of global plastic pollution and how it is silently poisoning our beautiful planet.

Become part of the solution and join the Refill not Landfill movement in Cambodia!

To find out how you can contribute, talk to us today at:


Watch the EASIA Travel Refill not Landfill video here :  

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