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My Village – The cultural show that portrays the poetic beauty of Vietnam

  • By Easia Admin
  • January, 22, 2018

Illustrating the poetic and picturesque Vietnamese village life by encompassing several different art forms from bamboo cirque to delicately orchestrated live ethnic music, Lang Toi – My Village let audiences relive familiar yet peculiar nostalgia within an amazing compact one hour. Childhood memories in the countryside of Vietnam will rush back through the artists’ creative rendition. The performance draws viewers into a realm of culture so beautiful spectators would fall in love with the charm of Vietnam.


My Village – An intricate work of art
At the heart of this bustling city, Hanoians are proud of having My Village, such an elegant way to present Vietnam to visitors, that not only entertains but also lets them deeply immerge in and embrace local culture. Having welcomed and impressed various international audiences for the past few years, it’s said that My Village has become a must-see part of Hanoi that one shouldn’t miss when traveling to North Vietnam.

If we look at My Village as a piece of fine art, it would be one made of both traditional and contemporary colors. It is of rustic bamboo material and avant-garde performing techniques combining cirque, acrobatics, minimal metaphoric settings and a ‘mini’ live ethnic orchestra. It is of contrasting states of minds, suggested by delicate changing lights, sounds, motions rendered in a rich spectrum from vigorous, stunning, to dreamy, tranquil shades. It is of stories from old days and cultural values that matter until today and many generations later.

Beautiful endearing memories of Vietnamese village life were recreated vividly on stage in bold and symbolic brushstrokes: from villagers’ childhood games to a cheerful market gathering, cottage building, baby cradling and mother’s lullaby. All these harmonize and blend together on top of mesmerizing sounds created by a masterful assemblage of more than 20 different exotic folk instruments such as jew’s harp, đàn đáy, chiêng dây, etc. This symphony of sensations captivates, and fills audiences with emotional ups and downs, from excitement to tears of joy.

Spectators stepping into My Village shall enter a journey that transcends time and space, ready to be taken from one surprise to another, indulging and emotionally fulfilling after experiencing this work of art.


My Village – A cultural trip with bamboo beyond curtains and stage
Using bamboo, folklore, familiar cultural materials that run deep and went down generations of Vietnamese, My Village is not one hour of mere theatrical entertainment and a sheer feast for the eyes and ears. With the creative use of bamboo trunks not only as props but as an ‘actor’, a ‘narrator’, as the creator’s material that weaves this distinct world, My Village has done something groundbreaking: elevate bamboo into a cultural icon. Celebrated and complemented by European critics, this idea and treatment of the performance convey so well the beauty of Vietnam, of its culture and people, in such minimal use of medium, but with great finesse. To experience My Village is to wake up feelings and sensations that more than often forgotten in this frenzy modern life, to listen to the bamboo’s call and travel to a time behind the bamboo nests, to embrace feelings for Vietnam, whether it is from people who call this land their home, or travelers who fell in love with this charming country.

My Village is a creative production of Director Tuan Le, Music Director Nguyen Nhat Ly, Creative Director Nguyen Lan Maurice and Choreographer Nguyen Tan Loc, talented and passionate artists of different backgrounds and expertise who are behind the success of world-class spectacles such as À Ố Show, Teh Dar, The Mist, and the introductory concert of Seaphony – the Vietnamese Ethnic Music Orchestra. Created as early as 2005, been through many innovations and challenges, My Village made a great beginning with more than 300 performances while touring in Europe and Hong Kong. On its artistic journey so far, the show has received compliments and appreciation from audiences from many parts of the world, and been featured on international media such as CNN, Discovery Channel, The Guardian, Le Monde, etc. In 2017, the show proudly performed at APEC CEO SUMMIT, impressing many distinguished guests of the delegates.

Now operated by Lune Production and performing regularly at the two historic theaters of the capital, Hanoi Opera House and Vietnam Tuong Theater, My Village, with its unique portrayal of Vietnamese culture and important position in the local art scenes, promises visitors unforgettable experiences not to be missed.

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