MYANMAR – Inle Lake – Adventure on the lake

This active day provides a different perspective of the lake and is designed for those who wish to get away from the classic routes and discover what is beyond the stilt villages



Country - City

Myanmar - Inle Lake

Market segment

Thematic Leisure

Price Level


Level of difficulties


Max pax

15 persons


September - June

Arrival city

Nyaung Shwe

Departure city

Nyaung Shwe


Inle Lake is mainly known for its stilt villages and floating gardens, but few travelers spend time discovering the villages that can be found nestled in a lush bamboo forest on the shores. This exclusive program combining biking, kayaking and walking allows travelers to experience the lake and its multiple facets in a brand new – and active – way!

Selling points

  • An active day to experience other faces of Inle lake rather than the classic sightseeing
  • Opportunities to meet and chat with villagers on the shores of the lake (itinerary visits several villages) and explore side routes that are not accessible by boat or car
  • A complete tour of the lake by bike, by foot and by kayak
  • For adventure clients who have a good sports level
  • A different way to experience the life on the lake with other modes of transportation which allow you to reach less visited places
  • A day to take a break from cultural sightseeing

Time And Transportation

From To Km By Duration Road condition
Nyaung Shwe Mine Thauk 23.5 km Bike 1h45 Mostly flat. 50% rocky and dirt roads (bumpy). 50% main tar road


Mine Thauk Lin Kin NA Boat 20 min Mix of floating gardens, floating villages and open lake


Lin Kin Kyay Zar Kone 2 km Kayak 45 minutes Mix of floating garden, part in a village on stilts and open lake
Kyay Zar Kone Indein 18 km Bike 1h 30 minutes Tar road and narrow dirt road across a bamboo forest. Mostly flat with one steep short ascent.
Indein Indein 5 km walk 45 minutes Flat dirt paths across the bamboo forest



  • Fullday activity
  • Advised to start at 08h00 maximum

Min pax

1 person

Max pax

15 persons

How to sell it

  • Flexible itinerary – can adapt the level and discuss with clients (less or more bike, kayak, etc.) BUT still need to be quite sportive
  • Good option to add a day of nature and leisure without temple visits but still the pleasure of having encounters and seeing the local life around the lake
  • Price is relatively high but this day requests a lot of logistics for the itinerary to be smooth and seamless + full day boat is included, no need to add anything to this day in the quotation
  • Indein visit can be included in the itinerary after lunch (enough time for the visit)
  • Maximum 15 persons (due to limited capacity of kayaks)
  • Lunch will be a bit later (around 13h at Indein) – on clients’ own account
  • Note that clients will be done with the activity around 15h, but by the time they take the boat back to their hotel (1 hour boat), they will arrive late afternoon at the hotel to rest – no need to add any other activity (except surprise cocktail or float across the garden for a relaxing drink)

Why this activity

  • Easia Signature itinerary:
    • Easia own bikes
    • Easia own kayaks
    • Itinerary drafted by Station office and Production team

Good to combine with

  • Can be combined with surprise cocktail on the lake (if clients don’t sleep in NYS, otherwise schedule is too tight)
  • Indein visit after lunch – clients have time to visit

Do not combine with

  • Domestic arrival in the morning
  • Balloon flight or serene morning: clients will start the program too late
  • Indein Pagoda Complex on another day (they have time to visit it during this tour and boat is already included in the quotation)

Market suggestion














Competitor comparison

  • Grasshopper (Khiri Travel) has a similar product with lunch at their “local house” (which is not a family house, but more of a “restaurant” – they host several groups at the same time)
  • Easia Signature itinerary


  • All services of logistics included in the quotation: boat for clients, bike, pick up/drop off of bikes, boat for bikes, kayak, etc.
  • Itinerary flexible and can be shortened if clients are tired (boat is quoted for the whole day, can come as a back up)
  • Station guide included for the day: has the knowledge to make clients visit Indein (not a conductor – a qualified guide accompanies the clients)


  • Highly depends on good weather
  • Clients need to be fit
  • If muddy roads, itinerary needs to be modified
  • Compulsory with station guide (only English-speaking)


Guiding and Back up:

  • Compulsory to book with station guide (already included in the quotation)
  • National guide can follow – in this case book an extra bike
  • Support boat is available in case clients do not want to bike again after kayak
  • No car or motorbike back up is included – in case of emergency the car of the clients will be on stand by and any part of the tour is reachable by motorbike

Technical information of the tour:

    • Level: 2
    • Distance and duration of cycling: 42 kilometers – 4 hours
    • Distance and duration of kayaking: 2 kilometers – 45 minutes
    • Distance and duration of walking: 5 kilometers – 1 hour
    • Total Elevation Gain: + 86 meters / – 93 meters
    • Terrain: cycling is on a mix of paved road, countryside roads and narrow path across a bamboo forest
    • Transportation: 20 minutes boat on the lake (to kayaking starting point)
    • Map of the itinerary: here on Google Map

Reminder – Easia Active Levels:

  • Adventure – Level 2 :
    • For people in good shape who practice cycling or another sport
    • Less than 60 kilometers – 40 miles
    • Difference in height: max 300 meters -1000 feet

Price range

80 USD/pax (based on 2)

Quotation guideline

  • On ERP: Easia Signature – Adventure on the Lake
  • Station guide compulsory and already included


– Bike for clients
– Bike for station guide
– Station guide fullday (English-speaking only)
– Kayak (2 clients/kayak – total 8 kayaks max available)
– Boat transfers from/to hotel
– Boat logistic for kayak drop off and pick up
– Water and snack on the way


  • No lunch included (on clients’ account)
  • No bike for throughout guide in case throughout guide wants to join

Important notes

Guiding – if throughout guide, briefing:

  • Starting point is Nyaung Shwe (Shwe Nyaung monastery is also ok)
  • Do not cycle on the main road only on your way to Mine Thauk – use the back roads after Inle Princess Resort to reach Mine Thauk (see map below)
  • Coordinate with Inle office to confirm the drop off/pick up location of the bikes and the size of the clients

Technical information of the tour:

  • The program is made up of 4 parts:
    • Biking NYS – Mine Thauk: 1h 30
    • Kayaking from Kyay Sar Kone to Lin Kin (or vice versa): 45 to 1 hour
    • Biking from Kyay Sar Kone to Indein or vice versa: 1h 20
    • Walking Indein – Phaung Daw Oo or vice versa (optional by bike)


    • Level: 2
    • Distance and duration of cycling: 42 kilometers – 4 hours
    • Distance and duration of kayaking: 2 kilometers – 45 minutes
    • Distance and duration of walking: 5 kilometers – 1 hour
    • Total Elevation Gain: + 86 meters / – 93 meters
    • Terrain: cycling is on a mix of paved road, countryside roads and narrow path across a bamboo forest
    • Transportation: 20 minutes boat on the lake (to kayaking starting point)


  • 8 Sit-on-Top kayaks (2 persons per kayak)

Types of bikes:

  • Easia own bikes – Total: 14 bikes
    • Brand – TRINX
    • Size – 16 inch (6 bikes) // 18 inch (6 bikes) // 20 inch (2 bikes)
  • Supplier bikes (Myo Thu) – Total: 22 bikes
    • Brand – Kaze Zero 320
    • Size – 16 inch (2 bikes)
    • Brand – Kaze Zero 310
    • Size – 16 inch (2 bikes) // 19 inch (3 bikes)
    • Brand – Kaze Comp
    • Size – 13 inch (1 bike) // 15 inch (5 bikes) // 17 inch (3 bikes) // 19 inch (1 bikes)
    • Brand – Trek Marlin 7
    • Size – 21.5 inch (1 bike) // 19.6 inch (2 bikes)
    • Brand – Trek Marlin 6
    • Size – 17.5 inch (1 bike)
    • Brand – Trek Marlin
    • Size – 15.5 inch (1 bike)


Special Guide notes

  • Station guide compulsory
  • Do not forget to inform clients about appropriate clothes (they will get wet in the kayak)
  • No visits of any pagoda included – the program is focused 100% on sports and leisure – BUT if clients do not have Indein on another day of their program, they have time to visit it.
  • Station Guide should have a First Aid Kit
  • Make sure to wear ” active clothes “
  • Reduce use of plastic to a maximum – bring refill bottle


  • Arranged by Inle Office
  • Bike supplier:
    • Priority 1: Easia own bikes
    • Priority 2: Myo Thu

Internal Product Annoucement

Get ready for an active day on the lake! From busy Nyaung Shwe and the quaint villages on the shores to the floating gardens and the lush bamboo forest South of the lake, you will discover the unknown faces of Inle during this exciting day of adventure on the lake.

Product Launch Package


From the eastern to the western shores, you will experience every corner of Inle lake on this active day trip. After reaching Nyaung Shwe, the gateway to the lake, you will hop on your bicycle to explore the eastern side of the lake along the back roads, across fields and villages. A short boat ride will then bring you to the middle of the lake for a kayaking excursion among the floating gardens. Then, still in your kayak, you will paddle to Kyay Zar Kone monastery where your bicycles will be waiting for you. The next part of the trip leads you aside small canals in the thick bamboo forest that covers the lake’s shore. A 20-kilometer ride will bring you to a local restaurant not too far from Indein pagoda complex to enjoy your lunch break. If you wish, visit the complex of ancient stupas nestled amongst trees and shrubbery. You will then take a leisurely walk along the canals and visit some villages settled in the bamboo forest, on the shores of the lake. Your boat will be waiting for you a few kilometers further on to bring you back to your hotel for a relaxing evening!

Meals included:


Level: 2

Distance and duration of cycling: 42 kilometers – 4 hours

Distance and duration of kayaking: 2 kilometers – 45 minutes

Distance and duration of walking: 5 kilometers – 1 hour

Total Elevation Gain: + 86 meters / – 93 meters

Terrain: cycling is on a mix of paved road, countryside roads and narrow path across a bamboo forest

Transportation: 20 minutes boat on the lake (to kayaking starting point)


Lac Inle – Aventure sur le lac

Pendant cette journée chargée vous découvrirez tout le tour du lac Inle, de la côte est à la côte ouest. Une fois à Nyaung Shwe, le passage d’entrée sur le lac, vous enfourcherez votre vélo pour explorer la rive est du lac en suivant les petites routes et en traversant champs et villages. Ensuite, un petit bateau vous conduira jusqu’au centre du lac pour faire du kayak au milieu des jardins flottants. Toujours à bord de votre kayak vous pagaierez vers le monastère Kyay Zar Kone où des vélos vous attendront. Vous suivrez les petits canaux dans l’épaisse forêt de bambous qui recouvre la rive du lac. Vous pédalerez pendant 20 kilomètres jusqu’à un restaurant local à proximité du complexe de pagodes d’Indein pour profiter de votre pause déjeuner. Vous pourrez visiter le complexe d’anciens stupas nichés entre les arbres et les massifs. Vous vous promènerez ensuite à pied le long des canaux et visiterez des villages dans la forêt de bambous sur les rives du lac. Un bateau vous attendra quelques kilomètres plus loin pour vous ramener à votre hôtel pour vous reposer!

Repas inclus:  


Niveau: 2

Distance et temps de vélo: 42 kilometres – 4 heures

Distance et temps de kayak: 2 kilometres – 45 minutes

Distance et temps de marche: 5 kilometres – 1 heure

Dénivelé total : + 86 mètres / – 93 mètres

Terrain: l’itinéraire en vélo combine routes goudronnées et chemins de terre – une partie du parcours se fait sur des pistes étroites au coeur d’une foret de bambou

Transport: 20 minutes en bateau sur le lac pour rejoindre le point de départ du kayak


Lago Inle – Aventura en el lago

Desde las orillas orientales a las occidentales, vivirá cada esquina del lago Inle durante este excitante viaje de día. Después de llegar a Nyaung Shwe, la entrada del lago, se subirá a su bici para explorar la zona oriental del lazo a lo largo de carreteras secundarias, a través de campos y poblados. Realizará un corto trayecto en barco para llegar al centro del lago, donde disfrutará de una excursión en kayak entre los jardines flotantes. Después, aún montado en el kayak, navegará hasta el monasterio de Kyay Zar Kone, donde le espera su bicicleta. La siguiente parte del viaje le llevará hasta pequeños canales situados en el denso bosque de bambú que cubre la rivera del lago. Este recorrido de 20 kilómetros le llevará hasta un restaurante local en los alrededores del complejo de pagodas Indein para que disfrute de una pausa para el almuerzo. Si lo desea, podrá visitar el complejo de antiguas estupas que se yerguen entre los árboles y arbustos. Posteriormente, dará un paseo relajado entre los canales y visitará algunos pueblos asentados en el bosque de bambú, en las orillas del lago. Su barco le estará esperando a unos pocos kilómetros más adelante para llevarle de vuelta a su hotel a fin de que disfrute de una noche relajada.

Nivel: 2

Distancia y duración del ciclismo: 42 kilometros – 4 horas

Distancia y duración del kayak: 2 kilometros – 45 minutes

Distancia y duración camino: 5 kilometros – 1 hora

Elevación total: + 86 metros / – 93 metros

Terreno: Carreteras principales y caminos rurales – parte de la ruta se encuentra en pistas estrechas en un bosque de bambú


Lago Inle – Avventura sul lago

Dalle sponde orientali a quelle occidentali, vivrete ogni angolo del lago Inle in questa gita attiva di un giorno. Dopo aver raggiunto Nyaung Shwe, la porta sul lago, salirete in bicicletta per esplorare il lato orientale del lago lungo le strade secondarie, tra campi e villaggi. Una breve gita in barca vi porterà poi in mezzo al lago per un’escursione in kayak tra i giardini galleggianti. Poi, sempre sul vostro kayak, salirete nel monastero di Kyay Zar Kone dove le vostre biciclette vi aspetteranno. La seguente parte del viaggio vi porta dalla parte di piccoli canali nella fitta foresta di bambù che copre la riva del lago. Una corsa di 20 chilometri vi porterà in un ristorante locale non lontano dal complesso della pagoda di Indein per godervi la pausa pranzo. Se lo desiderate, visitate il complesso di antichi Stupa immerso tra alberi e arbusti. Farete quindi una piacevole passeggiata lungo i canali e visiterete alcuni villaggi situati nella foresta di bambù, sulle rive del lago. La vostra barca vi aspetterà a pochi chilometri di distanza per riportarvi in hotel e godervi una serata rilassante!

Pasti inclusi:


Livello 2

Distanza e durata del giro in bicicletta: circa 42 chilometri – 4 ore in bicicletta

Distanza e durata del giro in kayak: 2 chilometri – da 45 minuti a 1 ora

Distanza e durata camminata: 5 chilometri – 1 ora

Dislivello: + 86 metri / – 93 metri

Terreno: principalemente strada asfaltata, strade di campagna e sentiero stretto attraverso una foresta di bambù

Trasporto: 20 minuti in barca


Inle-See – Abenteuer auf dem See

Sie werden von der Ost- zur Westküste jede Ecke des Inle-Sees bei dieser aktiven Tagestour erleben. Nachdem Sie Nyaung Shwe, das Tor zum See, erreicht haben, werden Sie sich aufs Fahrrad begeben, um die östliche Seite des Sees auf Nebenstraßen, durch Feldern und Dörfern zu erkunden. Anschließend bringt Sie eine kurze Fahrt mit dem Boot in die Mitte des Sees und Sie machen einen Kajak-Ausflug durch die schwimmenden Gärten. Noch während Sie im Kajak sitzen, paddeln Sie zum Kloster Kyay Zar Kone, wo Ihre Fahrräder auf Sie warten. Der nächste Teil der Tour bringt Sie entlang kleiner Kanäle in den dichten Bambuswald, der die Küste des Sees bedeckt. Weitere 20 Kilometer Radtour führen Sie zu einem lokalen Restaurant, welches sich nicht weit entfernt vom Indein-Pagoden-Komplex befindet. Dort können Sie Ihr Mittagessen genießen und pausieren. Insofern Sie wünschen, können Sie den Komplex mit uralten Stupas inmitten von Bäumen und Gebüsch auch besichtigen. Danach machen Sie eine gemütliche Wanderung entlang der Kanäle und besuchen einige Dörfer, die sich im Bambuswald, an der Küste des Sees befinden. Ihr Boot wird auf Sie einige Kilometer weiter warten, um Sie zu Ihrem Hotel zurückzubringen, in dem Sie einen entspannten Abend verbringen können.

Mahlzeiten inklusive: 


Level: 2

Strecke und Dauer der Radtour: etwa 42 Kilometer – 4 Stunden Radfahrt

Strecke und Dauer der Kajaktour: 2 Kilometer – zwischen 45 Minuten und 1 Stunde

Strecke und Dauer der Wanderung: etwa 5 Kilometer – 1 Stunden

Gesamt-Höhenunterschied: + 86 Meter / – 93 Meter

Terrain: asphaltierte Straße, Landstraßen und schmaler Pfad durch einen Bambuswald

Anfahrt: 20 Minuten mit dem Boot