LAOS – Luang Prabang – Easy Hike from Ban Nong Heo to Kuang Sy Waterfalls

After the trip to Ban Nong Heo, travelers have some time to discover the charming Khmu village, with its traditional houses, its water buffalo and free-range ducks walking around, and even the farmers and master blacksmiths dealing with their daily tasks.


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Laos - Luang Prabang

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After the trip to Ban Nong Heo, travelers have some time to discover the charming Khmu village, with its traditional houses, its water buffalo and free-range ducks walking around, and even the farmers and master blacksmiths dealing with their daily tasks. Then, travelers have the chance to join in an easy hike in the countryside, pass over hills, and through forests and plantations, with nice viewpoints to stop at along the way. After a one and a half hour walk in the beautiful natural environment, travelers arrive at Ban Thapene, a village which sits at the foot of the stunning Kuang Sy Waterfalls. It is recommended to do this hike in the morning in order to spend some time at the waterfalls in the afternoon.

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Thematic Leisure

Selling points

  • To have a perfect combination of easy hiking in beautiful landscapes and relaxation at the waterfalls afterwards.
  • An alternate way to visit one of the most famous attractions in Laos.

Level Of The Excursion

Medium – This activity offers tangible positive contributions to the local community, culture and/or environment

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Time And Transportation

FromToKmByDurationRoad condition
Ban Nong HeoKuang Sy waterfall4Walk1h 30minEasy
Kuang SyLuang Prabang30Minivan45 minutesGood
Luang PrabangBan Nong Heo25 Minivan50 minutes 30 minutes of good road, 20 minutes of rougher, dirt road



  • About 3 hours (including 50 minute transfer to the village, 20-30 minute visit to the village, 1h 30min hike to Kuang Sy).

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How to sell it

  • It is recommended to do this hike in the morning in order to spend some time at the waterfalls in the afternoon.
  • Suitable for FIT and GIT all markets.
  • It is good to propose if the guests want a short and easy hike in a less touristic area that offers beautiful panoramic views of Luang Prabang’s countryside.
  • For active guests who are not willing or able to walk more than 1h 30min – 2 hours.

Why this activity

  • Alternative to the more difficult hike from Ban Long Lao to Kuang Sy waterfalls.
  • Combines breathtaking scenery and authentic local culture with a visit to one of the most famous tourist attractions in Laos. 

Good to combine with

Do not combine with

  • Any visit to Kuang Sy Waterfalls.

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Competitor comparison

  • This trail is exclusively promoted by Easia Travel.


  • It is a less touristic route.


  • The dirt road to access Ban Nong Heo is a bit bumpy and slippery, and can be reached only by minivans, and not during the rainy season (July to September).
  • No car assistance available: if the guests start the hike they have to finish without the help of the following vehicle.


  • Advise the guests to bring walking shoes, sun cream, hat, and drinking water.
  • We will provide local guide from Ban Nong Heo.
  • Toilets are available at Butterfly Park (optional visit) or at Ban Thapene’s restaurants area.
  • Buses cannot access Ban Nong Heo. Only songtheo / minivans can access the area.
  • How to reach Ban Nong Heo: 30 minutes on good road to Ban Thinsom (on the way to Kuang Sy) and 20 minutes on dirt road to Ban Nong Heo.

Important information

For lunch, we have several options:

  • Picnic lunch at Kuang Sy.
  • Restaurant Carpe Diem.
  • Lunch at Butterfly Park.

Price range


Quotation guideline


  • LAOS > Luang Prabang > Activity > Hiking to Khuang Sy waterfall from Ban Nong Heo > Easia Signature – Easy Hike from Ban Nong Heo to Khuang Sy Waterfalls


  • Local guide (only showing the way, no explanations)
  • Village entrance fee:
    • Entrance fee to Khuang Sy Waterfall.
    • Entrance fee to Ban Nong Heo.


  • Transfer LPQ – Ban Nong Heo.
  • Transfer Kuang Sy – LPQ.
  • Drinks, snacks (available in Ban Thapene at the end of the hike).
  • Optional visit to Butterfly Park.
  •  Lunch.

Possible Extra

  • With a supplemental fee, we can organize a short visit (20-30 minutes) to the Butterfly Park just after the hike, since the guests will pass through this area when arriving at Ban Thapene.
  • The Butterfly Park sports a beautiful floral park, the guests can try the fish spa, and visit the butterfly park. They also have an option for donation to a project to build a school.

Important notes

  • Depending on request, the local guide will arrange on spot the normal 1h 30min easy hike, or an even easier walk of 1 hour only.

Different Choice


  • Local guides in Ban Nong Heo: Mr Xang +856(0)20 96 05 30 51 / Mr Somsi +856(0)20 99 93 79 54

Special Information

  • Drinking water has to be included in the cash advance.
  • The guide needs to hike with the group, since the local guide speaks Lao only.
  • Upon arrival, plan for 20 minutes of walking around the village before starting the hike.
  • The driver will drop the group at Ban Nong Heo then go to wait at Ban Thapene (parking area at the foot of Kuang Sy Waterfalls).


Easy hike from Ban Nong Heo to Kuang Sy waterfalls
After a drive from Luang Prabang to Ban Nong Heo, you will have some time to discover the charming Khmu village, with its traditional houses, water buffallo and ducks wandering freely around, as well as farmers and blacksmiths going about their daily tasks-a true  look at the authentic Lao lifestyle. Then, your local guide will take you for an easy hike through the countryside, passing through hill forests and plantations, with nice viewing-points on the way. You can even ask your guide to pick some fresh sugar cane directly from the field to taste the refreshing juice! After a walk in this beautiful natural environment, you will arrive at Ban Thapene, the village that lies at the foot to the Kuang Sy Waterfalls.

Distance and duration of the hike: 4 kilometers – 1h 30min
Level: 2
Transportation: From Luang Prabang to Ban Nong Heo: 20 kilometers – 50 minutes


Randonnée de Ban Nong Heo aux cascades de Kuang Sy
Une fois arrivé à Ban Nong Heo, vous pourrez prendre le temps de découvrir le charmant village Khamu, ses maisons traditionnelles, ses buffles d’eau et ses canards qui circulent librement, ainsi que les fermiers et les forgerons occupés à leurs tâches quotidiennes. Votre guide local vous proposera ensuite une randonnée facile dans la campagne à travers les forêts vallonnées et les plantations, avec de jolis points de vue. Vous pourrez même lui demander de couper quelques bâtons de canne à sucre directement dans les champs pour goûter leur jus rafraîchissant ! Après cette marche dans ce ravissant cadre naturel, vous arriverez au village de Ban Thapene, situé à l’entrée des chutes de Kuang Sy.

Distance et durée de la randonnée : 4 kilomètres – 1h 30min
Niveau : 2
Trajet par la route : Luang Prabang à Ban Nong Heo : 20 kilomètres – 50 minutes


Senderismo desde Ban Nong Heo hasta las cataratas de Kuang Sy
Después de un trayecto en coche desde Luang Prabang hasta Ban Nong Heo, tendrá tiempo para descubrir un encantador pueblo
Khmu con sus casas tradicionales, sus búfalos y sus patos. Usted será libre de deambular por la zona y verá a granjeros y herreros realizar sus tareas cotidianas. Luego, su guía local le llevará a hacer una caminata relativamente fácil por el campo y, juntos, pasarán por bosques de montaña y plantaciones con miradores muy bonitos por el camino. Podrá incluso preguntar a su guía si usted puede coger caña de azúcar fresca directamente del campo para probar su jugo fresco. Después de un paseo por el medio ambiente natural, llegará a Ban Thapene, el pueblo que está a la entrada de las cataratas de Kuang Sy.

Duración de la caminata: 4km – 1h 30min
Nivel: 2
Duración del trayecto en coche desde Luang Prabang hasta Ban Nong Heo: 20km – 50 minutos


Camminata da Ban Nong Heo alle cascate Kuang Sy
Dopo quasi un’ora di viaggio da Luang Prabang, raggiungerete Ban Nong Heo, dove avrete un po’ di tempo a vostra disposizione per scoprire un affascinante villaggio Khmu, con le sue caratteristiche casette, i bufali d’acqua che pascolano placidi e le anatre che scorrazzano nei cortili. Qui potrete scorgere contadini e fabbri indaffarati, per poi addentrarvi nella campagna per una camminata che vi condurrà attraverso paesaggi unici: da foreste lussureggianti a verdi risaie. Potrete persino chiedere alla vostra guida di raccogliere qualche canna da zucchero direttamente dal campo per gustarne il succo rinfrescante! Dopo questa passeggiata immersi in un’atmosfera onirica, raggiungerete Ban Thapene, il villaggio che sorge all’entrata delle cascate Kuang Sy.  

Durata della camminata: 4km – 1h 30min
Livello: 2
Distanza da Luang Prabang a Ban Nong Heo: 20km – 50 minuti


Wanderung von Ban Nong Heo zu den Kuang-Sy-Wasserfällen
Nach der Fahrt von Luang Prabang nach Ban Nong Heo haben Sie etwas Zeit, um das charmante Dorf der Khmu zu erkunden. Dort werden Sie traditionelle Häuser, frei herumlaufende Wasserbüffel und Enten sehen sowie auch Bauern oder Schmiede, die ihrer täglichen Arbeit nachgehen.
Anschließend wird Ihr lokaler Reiseleiter Sie auf eine leichte Wanderung in die Landschaft durch Bergwälder und Plantagen mit schönen Aussichtspunkten mitnehmen. Sie können Ihren Reiseleiter auch fragen, ob Sie frisches Zuckerrohr direkt vom Feld ernten dürfen, um den erfrischenden Saft einmal zu kosten! Nach einer Wanderung in der wunderschönen Natur erreichen Sie Ban Thapene, ein Dorf, welches am Eingang zu den Kuang-Sy-Wasserfällen liegt.

Dauer der Wanderung: 4 Kilometer – 1 Stunde und 30 Minuten
Schwierigkeitsstufe: 2
Dauer  der Fahrt von Luang Prabang nach Nong Heo: 20 Kilometer – 50 Minuten