MYANMAR – Bagan – On the Sandy Paths of Kyun Thiri


Classic, Family

Country - City

Myanmar - Bagan

Market segment

Thematic Leisure

Price Level


Max pax

15 persons


November – March (village flooded between June – September)

Arrival city


Departure city



The village of Kyun Thiri can be reached by half an hour boat. The excursion on the sandy path of the village will be partially on a oxcart and partially by foot. The head of the village will welcome the visitors into his home for a generous tea break. An beautiful excursion out of time in a village threatened by the erosion of the river. On the way back to Bagan, refreshments will be served on board. We advise to visit Kyun Thiri in the afternoon to enjoy a beautiful sunset on the way back to Bagan.

Can be combined with

Thematic Leisure

Selling points

  • An excursion to a quaint village where time seems to have stopped
  • Use local transportation, go from a wooden boat to an oxcart and walk around the village
  • A tea break at the villagers’ house to get a glimpse of the life in the countryside
  • Gorgeous views of the river and the surrounding mountains (Tant Gyi Taung and Tuyin Taung)
  • Ideal village excursion for families who want to take a break from the temples and cultural sightseeing

Time And Transportation

From To Distance By Duration Road condition
Bagan Kyun Thiri / Boat 25 min Good


  • 2 to 3 hours


Min pax

1 person

Max pax

15 persons

How to sell it

  • Alternative to Minnanthu or Myinkaba for village experience (which are very touristic)
  • Can be combined with “sunset cruise” on the way back: with additional budget we can add soft drinks and beer on the boat for a sunset drink on the way back (note that they will have had the tea break at the local house and won’t need more food). Cocktails is not available as we will not have the staff onboard for cocktails.
  • In the morning: activity of the farmers
  • In the afternoon: gorgeous landscapes as the sun is sinking low
  • For groups bigger than 15 persons, we cannot guarantee oxcarts for everyone – we can organize half of the group taking the oxcart from the boat to the village and the other half from the village to the boat. The village is small, clients can walk
  • Do not suggest for clients who have mobility issues: there is no proper jetty to get out of the boat and the oxcart is not comfortable
  • Strongly advised for families

Why this activity

  • To add a visit of villages to the classic temple visit of Bagan
  • Non-touristy place

Good to combine with

  • Good to organize at end of afternoon, so clients come back with a sunset view
  • Good to offer in the morning also, more farmers in the fields and working around the area
  • Good for a last extra day in Bagan (a change from the temples)

Do not combine with

  • Sunset cocktail cruise (on another day of the program) ==> if on same day, combine drinks on the boat on the way back to Bagan


Market suggestion













Competitor comparison

  • Also promoted by Diethelm


  • Very authentic and peaceful
  • Not touristic
  • Oxcart is an original mode of transportation
  • Panoramas from there are very beautiful (Tuyin Taung and Ta Kyi Taung) + lots of fields and nature
  • Very close to Bagan



  • A simple walk + oxcart ride – very simple activity
  • Tea break is very simple
  • The village might suffer from river erosion in the coming years – we need to monitor the situation


  • Village flooded from June to September
  • In high season, the village is actually not an “island” anymore (low water level) and could be reached by foot (but long and hot, no shade) – ALWAYS go with boat
  • No real jetty to disembark – not suitable for older clients or clients with mobility issues
  • Alternative to Se Lan village which doesn’t exist anymore (flooded)
  • Can be combined with sunset drinks on the way back (1 boat, everything needs to be put on the boat before departure for Kyun Thiri)
  • Start at 15h30 maximum

Possible additional activity:

  • Possible to organize a Chin Lone demonstration outside the village, by the river side during tea break
  • Request special quotation to Production Dpt: need to quote a separate boat for the Chin Lone players
  • Particularly suitable for GIT
  • See “quotation guidelines”

Important note:

  • Several options possible:
    • On the sandy path of Kyun Thiri – FIT: boat transportation + oxcart ride + tea break included + village tour – no Chin Lone demonstration
    • On the sandy path of Kyun Thiri – GIT: boat transportation + tea break included + village tour – no oxcart ride // Chin Lone demonstration
    • Chin Lone supplement at Kyun Thiri: recommended as an add-on for GIT (since there is no oxcart) – quotation per group

Price range


Quotation guideline

Several quotations can be used:

  • On the sandy path of Kyun Thiri – FIT: boat transportation + oxcart ride + tea break included + village tour – no Chin Lone demonstration
  • On the sandy path of Kyun Thiri – GIT: boat transportation + tea break included + village tour – no oxcart ride // Chin Lone demonstration
  • Chin Lone supplement at Kyun Thiri: recommended as an add-on for GIT (since there is no oxcart) – quotation per group


  • Roundtrip boat transfers between Bagan and Kyun Thiri
  • Oxcart ride (2 pax/oxcart)
  • Tea and snack at local house + donation to local house



  • Car transfer + dinner transfer (from hotel to jetty and back)

Possible Extra

Organize Chin Lone demonstration in the village instead of at the pagoda or on the sandbank: ask Production for quotation – only players and boat to quote (snacks and tea already included in the activity)

Important notes

  • Organized by Bagan office
  • Boat provider as usual (same as sunset cocktail)

Special Guide notes

  • Take the boat at Old Bagan
  • Around 25 min cruise to Kyun Thiri
  • No real jetty (mud and grass) – assist clients to climb down
  • Oxcarts will be waiting at the jetty directly
  • Tour on the horse cart around the village
  • Stop at a local house for a simple tea and some snacks (fruits + biscuits) – request the phone number of the villagers to Bagan office to coordinate your arrival time
  • Create interaction between the local hosts and the guests



  • Services organized by Bagan office
  • Bagan office contact the head of village to organize meeting for tea at local house


You’ll board a wooden boat for a short cruise to the outskirts of Bagan, where you’ll delve into the peculiar countryside atmosphere of Kyun Thiri, a small “island” village where time seems to have stopped! Hop into an ox-cart to explore the sandy paths of this farming village. Take a break at a family house for a chat over a cup of tea before continuing exploring the surroundings and the beautiful teak monastery by the riverside. Before hopping back into your boat, there’s time to take pictures of the panorama of the riverside with the hills of Tuyin Taung and Tant Kyi Taung in the background.


Il existe encore en périphérie de Bagan des petits villages inexplorés, où le temps semble s’être arrêté. Après une courte traversée de la rivière, vous arriverez au petit village de Kyun Thiri, où les habitants vivent uniquement de l’agriculture. Devant les maisons sur pilotis, des tapis de piments rouges vifs jonchent le sol. Au loin, des vues dégagées sur les collines de Tuyin Taung et Ta Kyi Taung. A bord d’un char à bœufs, vous parcourrez les allées ensablées de ce village d’agriculteurs et attirerez sans nul doute les regards curieux des villageois. Une pause thé en tout simplicité chez l’habitant clôturera cette excursion hors du temps !


En los caminos de arena de Kyun Thiri

Se subirá a un barco de madera para hacer una corta excursión a las afueras de Bagan, donde podrá explorar el peculiar ambiente rural de Kyun Thiri, un pueblecito «isleño» en el que parece que se ha detenido el tiempo. Súbase a un carro tirado por bueyes para explorar los caminos de arena de esta aldea agrícola. Tómese un descanso en una casa, donde podrá charlar con la familia mientras se toma un té, antes de seguir explorando el entorno y el bonito monasterio de teca en la ribera del río. Antes de volver a subirse al barco, tendrá tiempo para hacer fotos del paisaje de la ribera del río, con las colinas de Tuyin Taung y Tant Kyi Taung en el fondo.


Saltate a bordo di una barchetta in legno per una breve crociera in direzione della periferia di Bagan e lasciatevi lentamente avvolgere dall’atmosfera rilassata che aleggia sul villaggio di Kyun Thiri, dove il tempo pare non esistere. Partite alla scoperta del villaggio di contadini, mentre il vostro carro trainato da buoi percorre le polverose strade del villaggio. Impugnate con la vostra macchina fotografica pronta per immortalare affusolate case a palafitta davanti alle quali giacciono tappeti di peperoncini. Farete poi una pausa presso una famiglia locale, per godervi una genuina chiacchierata in fronte ad una tazza di buon te. Continuerete poi la vostra esplorazione dell’area circostante con la visita al monastero in legno di tek che si erge silenzioso lungo il fiume. Prima di fare ritorno alla vostra imbarcazione, potrete scattare alcune foto del bel panorama di Tuyin Taung, Ta Kyi Taung e del fiume. E giunto il momento di far ritorno a Bagan, dopo un’escursione unica e del tutto fuori dal tempo


Mit einem hölzernen Boot fahren Sie zu den Vororten Bagans, wo sie in eine einzigartige, ländliche Atmosphäre von Kyun Thirie, einem kleinen “Inseldorf”, eintauchen werden. Es nimmt den Anschein, als wäre hier die Zeit stehen geblieben. Mit einem Ochsenkarren werden Sie auf den sandigen Wegen, das Bauerndorf entdecken. Nehmen Sie Ihre Kamera und halten sie die Pfahlbauten und die feuerroten Chilis fest. Bei einer Familie werden Sie eine kleine Pause einlegen und mit ihnen bei einer Tasse Tee ins Gespräch kommen. Gut erholt geht Ihre Entdeckungsreise weiter in das Umland des wunderschönen Teakklosters am Flussbett. Bevor Sie an Board des Bootes gehen, haben Sie Zeit um herrliche Panoramafotos von Tuyin Taung und Ta Kyi Taung und dem Flussufer zu machen. Nach Ihrer Reise in eine andere Zeit, ist es nun höchste Zeit, um zurück nach Bagan zu steuern.

Hinweise: Die Bootsfahrt dauert 25 Minuten.