CAMBODIA – Siem Reap – Learn how to recycle plastic bags into beautiful products


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Cambodia - Siem Reap

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Thematic Leisure

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All year round, except Sunday & National Public holiday

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Siem Reap

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Siem Reap


This surprising and sustainable activity is using a material found anywhere on the side of the road: plastic.
The visit to the local social enterprise offers an opportunity to learn why they not only collect plastic waste but also train disadvantaged women to recycle it to make all kinds of colorful products. In the meanwhile, the social enterprise also aims at providing a steady and safe environment, Khmer literacy education and a constant income for these women, many of them mothers of or former street kids themselves. Take this chance to know more about the social enterprises’ business model & their sustainable practices to build a better future for their employees, by improving their living standards, helping them overcome poverty, and providing guidance and assistance for the myriad of challenges they and their families face on a regular basis. For more than one and a half hour, sit and learn with one of the women how to crochet their very own coaster using recycled road-side plastic. At the end of the workshop, bring back the masterpiece!

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Thematic Leisure

Selling points

  • To participate in a workshop with local women and learn how to create colorful products out of recycled road-side litter
  • To offer a chance to positively contribute to the future of local disadvantaged women employed by a social enterprise


  • Timing: Session 1 h 30 min – possibility to stay longer
  • Opening hours:  09:00 to 17:00, 6 days a week and close on Sunday
  • Better time to visit: Morning – because guests can see the washing process of the bags

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How to sell it

  • For workshop lovers, who enjoy to create and learn new techniques
  • Unique in Cambodia
  • An activity for family or small group to spend and share their time with this local community of women
  • Rehash Trash offers opportunity to elderly disadvantaged Cambodian ladies, using recycled plastic to make great products while cleaning up the environment; it is changing and empowering their lives for themselves
  • Be part of a sustainability project, return home proudly with a creation
  • There are only 6 women and 1 woman can assist 2 people only. It’s strictly an FIT product

Why this activity

  • Green Gecko Project had created Rehash and trash social enterprises.
  • The project has been working with 100+ former street children and their 32 families over the past 10 years.
  • A good way to contribute to the sustainable future of local disadvantaged women

Good to combine with

  • Any other activity or half day in Siem Reap

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Competitor comparison

  • This activity is open to all our competitors


  • Easy to combine with any half day or activity in Siem Reap


  • Workshop won’t suit everybody as a certain amount of patience and willingness to learn are required
  • There are only 6 women and 1 woman can assist 2 people only. It’s strictly an FIT product


  • Workshop closes on Sunday and special occasions:
     Khmer New Year – 5 days
    –       Phum Ben day – 6 days
    –       Water festival – 6 days

Schedule for National public holiday to be closed for 2020 & 2021

Monday 13 – Saturday 18 April (Khmer New Year)

Monday 14 – Monday 21 September (Pchum Ben)

Friday 30 October – Monday November 2 (Water Festival)


Important information

  • It can be closed for other public holidays but they don’t have a schedule yet, however we will need to check availability before confirming any reservation.
  • It’s operated on a first come first served basis – so if you place a booking for the maximum number allowed, no other booking will be accepted. If we have small bookings below <8pax, 6 other external persons will be allowed to join.

Price range



  • 1h 30 min workshop together with a women assisting
  • The coaster made during the workshop


  • Guide
  • Transport
  • Any other extras

Important notes

  • Contact Kat Allen, minimum 2 days before the date of booking
  • Please also be sure to notify us in advance when you get a query as we are working with other tour groups and often have visitors already booked, in which case we might not be able to take your group as well (depending on the size).


  • Contact: Kat Allen + 855 (0) 12 243 830 – Gecko Non Profits

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CAMBODIA – SIEM REAP – Learn how to recycle plastic bags into beautiful products

SUB-BRAND :  Thematic Leisure | Active
THEME: Classic | Family Travel | Art & Culture | Sustainable

  • Participate in a workshop with local women and learn how to create colorful products out of recycled road-side litter
  • Positively contribute to the future of local disadvantaged women employed by a social enterprise
  • Return home proudly with your own creation

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Today you will learn how create colorful products made from road-side litter!
During your visit to Rehash Trash, a social enterprise established to battle the unsightly pollution of roadside plastic bags, you will learn how they achieve this goal while also creating a positive impact on the livelihoods of local disadvantaged women.The enterprise not only collects plastic waste but also recycles it and turns it into colorful products that they in turn sell again in the market, providing a steady income for these women, many whom are parents of Siem Reap’s disadvantaged street children or who used to be street kids themselves.
During the workshop you will have the chance to learn about the social enterprises practices, while making your contribution to a more sustainable future for their employees.
For 1 hour and 30 minutes, one of the local women will teach you how you can turn a plastic bag into a colorful household item yourself!

Duration: 1h 30min


Apprenez à recycler des sacs en plastique
Aujourd’hui nous vous proposons d’apprendre à créer de nouveaux objets colorés à partir de déchets trouvés au bord de la route!
Pendant votre visite à Rehash Trash, une entreprise sociale qui lutte contre la pollution des bords de route, vous apprendrez à réutiliser les sacs plastiques trouvés tout en participant à améliorer la vie de femmes démunies.
Cette entreprise collecte et recycle les déchets en plastique pour les transformer en de nouveaux produits colorés qu’elle revend ensuite sur le marché. Elle fournit ainsi un revenu stable à ces femmes de Siem Reap qui étaient autrefois des enfants des rues ou qui sont aujourd’hui mères.
Pendant l’atelier vous en apprendrez davantage sur le fonctionnement des entreprises sociales tout en contribuant à créer un futur plus durable pour leurs employés.
Au cours de cette heure et demie, une des employées vous apprendra à transformer un sac plastique en un objet du quotidien!

Durée: 1h 30min


Cómo reciclar bolsas de plástico y convertirlas en preciosos artículos
Hoy aprenderá como crear coloridos artículos a partir de basura recogida en los arcenes.
Durante su visita a Rehash Trash, una empresa social fundada para luchar contra la terrible contaminación causada por las bolsas de plástico arrojadas a los arcenes, aprenderá como lograr este objetivo a la vez que genera un impacto positivo en los medios de vida de mujeres locales desfavorecidas. La empresa no se limita a recoger residuos plásticos, sino que también los transforma en coloridos productos que más tarde vende en el mercado, generando unos ingresos estables para estas mujeres, muchas de las cuales son madres de niños de la calle desfavorecidos o ellas mismas vivieron su infancia en la calle.
Durante el taller, tendrá la oportunidad de aprender sobre las prácticas corporativas sociales, a la vez que contribuye a construir un futuro más sostenible para sus empleadas.
Durante una hora y media, una de las mujeres del taller le enseñará a transformar bolsas de plástico en preciosos artículos de decoración.
Duración: 1 hora y 30 minutos.


Imparate come riciclare in bellissimi prodotti i sacchetti di plastica
Oggi imparerete come creare prodotti colorati realizzati con rifiuti stradali!
Durante la vostra visita a Rehash Trash, un’impresa sociale creata per combattere l’antiestetico inquinamento dei sacchetti di plastica lungo la strada, imparerete come raggiungono questo obiettivo, creando anche un impatto positivo sui mezzi di sussistenza delle donne locali svantaggiate.
L’impresa non solo raccoglie rifiuti di plastica, ma la ricicla anche e la trasforma in prodotti colorati che a loro volta rivendono sul mercato, fornendo un reddito costante a queste donne, molte delle quali sono madri dei bambini svantaggiati di Siem Reap o che a loro volta sono state bambine di strada.
Durante il laboratorio avrete la possibilità di conoscere le pratiche delle imprese sociali, mentre contribuite a un futuro più sostenibile per i loro dipendenti.
Per 1 ora e 30 minuti, una delle donne del posto vi insegnerà come trasformare un sacchetto di plastica in un oggetto colorato per la casa!

Durata: 1h 30min


Lernen Sie, wie man aus recycelten Plastiktüten schöne Dinge macht

Sie werden lernen, wie man farbenfrohe Produkte aus am Straßenrand liegenden Abfall kreiert!
Bei Ihrem Besuch von Rehash Trash, ein Sozialunternehmen, ins Leben gerufen, um die unschöne Verschmutzung mit Plastiktüten am Straßenrand zu bekämpfen. Sie werden erfahren, wie das Unternehmen dieses Ziel erreicht und nebenbei noch einen positiven Beitrag zur Lebensgrundlage einheimischer, benachteiligter Frauen leistet.
Die Organisation sammelt nicht nur Plastikmüll, sondern recycelt diesen auch und verwandelt ihn in bunte Produkte, welche sie wiederum am Markt verkauft. Dadurch wird ein regelmäßiges Einkommen für Frauen gewährleistet, von denen viele Mütter von Siem Reaps benachteiligten Straßenkindern sind oder die selbst einmal Straßenkinder waren.
Während des Workshops haben Sie die Chance, etwas über die Praktiken des sozialen Unternehmens zu lernen und Sie können Ihren Beitrag für eine nachhaltigere Zukunft der Arbeiterinnen leisten.
1 Stunde und 30 Minuten lang wird Ihnen eine der lokalen Frauen lehren, wie Sie aus einer Plastiktüte einen bunten Haushaltsgegenstand machen!

Dauer: 1 Stunde und 30 Minuten