LAOS – Pakse – Cycling Tour: Hidden Trails Around Pakse

A full day cycling tour in the surrounding area of Pakse that allows travelers to uncover this beautiful southern city.


Art & Culture, Sustainable

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Laos - Pakse

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October to June

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A full day of cycling beginning in Pakse and continuing on to the village of Ban Don Khor, known for its sandstone carvings and giant Buddha effigy in the temple at Wat Chomphet. Following this, the tour continues north to the weaving village of Ban Saphai before a boat crossing takes riders and their bikes to Don Kho Island for a picnic lunch. After lunch, travelers then complete the crossing to the other side of the Mekong River and start a trail that winds through local villages up to the top of Mount Phusalao. After watching the sunset over Pakse and the Mekong River from the viewpoint on the top of the hill, travelers continue back to the city with a final stop at a bustling local market along the way.

Selling points

  • Discover the wonders of Pakse and its surroundings.
  • Explore the cultural highlights of Pakse while touring lesser-known areas that travelers usually do not see. 
  • Enjoy an intimate lunch on an island in the Mekong River.
  • Take in the scenery from a stunning viewpoint.

Level Of The Excursion

Medium – This activity offers tangible positive contributions to the local community, culture and/or environment

The Impact Of This Excursion

Social/cultural Impact

Cultural Conservation

Empowerment and education

Economic Impact

Community benefits

Time And Transportation

From To Km ByDuration Road condition
Residence Sisouk HotelBike Supplier Location1Foot10 minutesGood


  • Full day (about 5-6 hours cycling + short boat ride in between Pakse – Don Kho Island – Ban Sanam + 30 minute – 1 hour picnic lunch + 40 minute-1 hour climb to Phu Salao + 20 minutes in local market)

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How to sell it

  • Our signature product for Easia Active!
  • Full-day tour for active guests or included in a cycling module for soft adventure guests.
  • The full-day program is very diverse: stone carvers, a giant Buddha temple, a boat ride to a small island, local villages, and the best viewpoint overlooking the city.

Why this activity

  • Alternative to the visit by minivan LAOS – Pakse – Sightseeing Around Pakse.
  • Mix between Pakse city tour, local handicraft touring, a boat trip to an island, and views of the countryside from an impressive viewpoint.
  • An occasion to explore some islands outside of the touristic areas.

Good to combine with

  • Any historical trail and visit in the highlands.

Do not combine with

  • Any sightseeing around Pakse included in the cycling tour. 

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  • This tour is a loop, and never goes by the same way twice.
  • Discover the wonders of Pakse and its surroundings.
  • Explore the cultural highlights of Pakse while touring lesser-known areas that travelers usually do not see. 
  • Enjoy an intimate lunch on an island in the Mekong River.
  • Take in the scenery from a stunning viewpoint.


  • We only provide English-speaking guides for active cycling tours.
  • Trails not suitable for cycling during the rainy season.


Distance: 52.7 kilometers
Duration: about 5-6 hours cycling
Average speed: 15 km/h
Elevation profile: Flat (cumulated elevation under 40 meters)
Road condition: Dirt road paths
Difficulty: Easy – Level 2
Type of bicycle: mountain bike TREK 3700 & 4300
Bike Sizes Quantity:
Small (13”-16”): 13
Medium (18”-19.5”): 16
Large (20”-22.5”): 9

Transportation & Guide Logistic:
We have two types of OPTIONS for the logistic, which we can use to organize for the cycling group on spot, STANDARD LOGISTIC or SUPERIOR LOGISTIC.


  • 1 Truck or Songtheo for bikes which can also serve as a client transport for emergencies.
  • 1 Cycling guide
  • 1 Mechanic (from 5-15 pax)
  • Standard Snacks


  • 1 Truck or Songtheo for bikes which can also serve as a client transport for emergencies.
  • 1 Cycling guide
  • 1 Mechanic (from 1-15 pax)
  • Superior Snacks


  • Please provide height and name of each participant in advance to operation team to allow the supplier will prepare the bike sizes.
  • We do not provide this cycling tour during the rainy season.

Important information

  • Picnic lunch on Don Kho Island.
  • All the vehicles are always following the group during the multiday cycling tour to support the cyclists with water and food supply.
  • We provide snacks stop at least 2 times per day – morning + afternoon – the quantity depends on the insensitive of the tour. During the snacks stop travelers will get some local snacks + refreshment drinks
  • Drink stops are every 10 to 15 kilometers depends on the needs of the participants – the van will be always with the group with the water supply.

Quotation guideline

On ERP please insert the module. It was created in the active-productions account using English as the language.

There are two modules available:

  • ACTIVE – Easia Signature – Standard- Hidden Trails around Pakse – 1D – ENG
  • ACTIVE – Easia Signature – Superior – Hidden Trails around Pakse – 1D – ENG

You can also find screenshots of these modules here in case you would like to build the module yourself.


  • We do not provide a minivan for this activity as it is impossible for it to follow for most of the route. Instead there will be a truck or Songtheo at strategic points with extra bikes and as a transportation for clients who are too tired.

The logistics are very similar due to recent changes by the transportation supplier. The main differences with the logistics are as follows:


  • Mechanic for groups of only 5-15 pax
  • Standard snack package + Water supply (3l/pax/day) – include only local snacks


  • Mechanic for groups of 1-15 pax
  • Superior snacks package + Water supply (3l/pax/day) – include cereal bars, chocolate

IMPORTANT MODULE NOTE: Some prices will appear with the red circle as the price will not show. This is not a problem and happens because of the different types of logistics. ERP calculates the price automatically for both standard and superior logistic based on the capacity information provided by you as well as the information in the database with the price. For example – if your group is 2 pax then you will see the price for “1 Spare Bike”. The price for “2 Spare Bikes” will show as a red circle as ERP recognizes that your group does not need this price. If you see these red circles when doing the final quotation with the final group size do not worry and feel free to remove them as they will not be necessary.


  • Bike Rental fee/day: /bike/day (including helmet) for guest and guide.
  • Snacks per day.
  • Water for Guide and guest / day.
  • Boat transfers for bikes and pax.
  • Lunch at Local restaurant or Picnic.
  • English-speaking Cycling guide.


  • Dinner.
  • Accommodation.


  • We recommend that the guests spend the night in Pakse on the night before.
  • If combined with the module ‘CHAMPASAK – Historical & Cultural Trails’, provide car transportation from Pakse to Champasak at the end of the tour.

Important notes

  • Provide maps to the cycling guide:
  • Request information Active client excel file from Sales: Name and surname of the guests, their height, Bike Size, the cyclists’ level, allergies, insurance details.
  • Send to the supplier the information about the participants when you book the service in order to prepare the bikes in advance and the tour properly
  • At least 2 days in advance of the group’s arrival reconfirm the service
  • Request the bike supplier similar type of bike, same brand and if possible same color.
  • Request the bike supplier to provide necessary tools (helmets) and bike repair parts (tube, patch, pump)

We have 8 English-speaking tour guides for cycling in Southern Laos:

  • Mr Aut: 02097823111 & 76242455
  • Mr Tiger: 56060579
  • Mr Bounuaeng: 02029250424
  • Mr Serm: 02056846924
  • Mr Somsack: 02099696795
  • Mr Bounmany: 02097401111
  • Mrs So: 0305747218 & 02059657775
  • Mr Leynoy: 02099904117

Special Guide notes

  • Contact boat driver Pakse – Don Kho: Mr Suny – 030 9517227
  • Guide has to take picnic lunch for the group before the tour starts.
  • Always remember to provide the first aid kit to the guide
  • Explain clearly to the guides the client’s profile and the guests’ expectations
  • Need to reconfirm with bike shop one or 2 days before the tour and check the equipment before the tour.
  • Should prepare and check the bikes with the name (or number) of the guests in advance in order not to lose time.
  • Should prepare and check that the cold water and some snacks are ready before the tour.
  • Should check that the van is clean and ready for the guests
  • Guide must do the briefing before starting cycling – he needs to announce:
    • Cycling rules and sign to follow during the ride
    • Oblige the travelers to wear the helmet – it is mandatory
    • Distance and duration of the cycling day
    • Where they will go, what they will visit, and points of interest
    • Type of terrain
    • Share some local insight and information about the locations, sites, culture before departure
    • Should give information about the code of conduct, how to behave on the destination respecting environment and locals
  • Cycling guide must be flexible on the spot: adapt the speed and the length of the trails to the needs of the clients
  • Detailed timing: Departure- early morning from hotel, in order to have enough time to reach the final destination
  • During the tour, call the restaurant or the person in charge of the picnic set up at least 1 hour before to confirm the arrival time – it’s important to have a good and warm meal during lunch or dinner
  • Should have lunch together with the Active clients, if requested.
  • Guide must stop and allow the guests to try some local snacks along the way; important to allow guests to experience local life and traditions of the country
  • Should check the climate conditions before the tour to avoid risks (for example, bring rain coats) and be careful during the tour not to put the lives of the guests in danger. At the end of the day, he needs to check all the bikes and help the mechanic to clean and fix them
  • Language – use polite language and adapt the behavior depending on the guests’ character and behavior
  • Shoes – proper shoes – please no sandals or flip flops
  • Bike uniform – guide must dress properly, wearing cycling clothes


  • Contact: Xplore Asia – Mrs Mai Xayxanavong (office manager)
  • Phone: (+856) 56 271729
  • Email:

Product Launch Package

  • Video of the 7D/6N itinerary:


Cycling Tour: Hidden Trails around Pakse
In the morning, you will start your discovery of Pakse by cycling the hidden trails around the city. Heading up North to the village of Ban Don Khor, famous for its sandstone carvings, you will make your first stop at Wat Chomphet to see the giant Buddha temple. Continuing to and through the weaving village of Ban Saphai, you will then embark with your bikes on the boat to Don Kho Island. Riding along the scenic paths winding around the peaceful island, you will have a break to enjoy a picnic lunch under the shadow of a tree. After another short boat crossing to the mainland on the West side of the Mekong, you will pass the village of Ban Saman, boundless rice fields, and local farms. You will finally arrive at the bottom of Mount Phu Salao, where you can climb the stairs to the top to admire the greatest panoramic views on the Mekong River and the town of Pakse. You can visit the bustling local market on your way back to the city.

  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch
  • Accommodation: Overnight at hotel at Pakse, Champasak or Bolaven
  • Level: 2
  • Distance & duration of cycling: 53 kilometres / 5 hours cycling (timing does not include visits, boat ride, breaks & lunch)
  • Difference in elevation: Flat (accumulated elevation under 40 meters)
  • Terrain: Dirt trail

Notes to complete the program text:
– If the client goes to Champasak the tour: 
At the end of the day, you will travel by car to Champasak. (Transportation: Pakse – Champasak: 40 kilometers – 1 hour)

– If the client stays Sinouk Coffee Resort after the Tour: At the end of the day, you will travel by car to the Bolaven Plateau. (Transportation: Pakse – Sinouk Coffee Resort: 80 kilometers – 1hr 30min)


Excursion à vélo : Sentiers cachés aux alentours de Paksé
Dans la matinée, vous commencerez à découvrir Paksé en circulant à vélo le long des sentiers cachés autour de la ville. Vous mettrez cap au nord en direction du village de Ban Don Khor, célèbre pour ses sculptures de grès, puis vous vous arrêterez à Wat Chomphet pour voir le Bouddha géant. Vous poursuivrez votre route vers le village de tisserands de Ban Saphai avant d’embarquer avec votre vélo sur un bateau qui vous conduira sur l’île de Don Kho. Vous pédalerez alors le long de chemins pittoresque autour de cette île tranquille et prendrez une pause pique-nique à l’ombre des arbres. Après un autre court trajet en bateau pour retrouver le continent sur la partie ouest du Mékong, vous passerez par le village de Ban Saman avec ses nombreuses rizières et ses fermes locales. Vous arriverez finalement en bas du Mont Phu Salao où vous pourrez grimper les marches jusqu’au sommet pour admirer la vue fantastique sur le Mékong et la ville de Paksé. Vous pourrez visiter le marché local débordant d’activité sur le chemin du retour.

Repas: Petit-déjeuner, déjeuner
Hébergement: Nuit à l’hôtel à Paksé, Champasak ou Bolaven
Niveau de difficulté: 2
Distance et durée de l’excursion à vélo: 53 kilomètres / 5 heures de vélo (cet horaire n’inclut ni les visites ni le trajet en bateau ni les repas).
Différence de dénivelé: Terrain plat (dénivelé total accumulé inférieur à 40 mètres)
Type de terrain: Chemins en terre 

Remarques pour compléter le descriptif:
– Si le voyageur va à Champasak après le tour: 
A la fin de la journée, une voiture vous conduira à Champasak. (Mode de transport: Pakse – Champasak: 40 kilomètres – 1 heure)
– Si le voyageur reste au Sinouk Coffee Resort après le tour: 
A la fin de la journée, une voiture vous conduira au Plateau de Bolaven. (Mode de transport: Pakse – Sinouk Coffee Resort: 80 kilomètres – 1h 30min)


Excursión en bicicleta: caminos escondidos en Pakse
Por la mañana, comenzará su descubrimiento de Pakse en bicicleta a lo largo de caminos escondidos por la ciudad. Dirigiéndose hacia el norte, hacia el pueblo de Ban Don Khor, famoso por sus tallas de arenisca, hará una parada en Wat Chomphet para visitar el templo del buda gigante. Continuará hacia el pueblo de tejedores de Ban Saphai, donde embarcará con su bicicleta en el barco dirección a la isla de Don Kho. Después de pedalear por pintorescas rutas que serpentean por esta tranquila isla, hará una pausa para disfrutar de un almuerzo en forma de picnic a la sombra de un árbol. Después de un pequeño trayecto en barco para cruzar a tierra firme en la zona occidental del Mekong, pasará por el pueblo de Ban Saman, varios campos de arroz y granjas locales. Finalmente, llegará a las faldas del monte Phu Salao, donde podrá subir las escaleras hasta la cima y admirar las impresionantes vistas del río Mekong y la ciudad de Pakse. Puede visitar el abarrotado mercado local de regreso a la ciudad.

Comidas: desayuno, almuerzo.
Alojamiento: estancia nocturna en el hotel de Pakse, Champasak o Bolaven.
Nivel: 2.
Distancia y duración de la excursión en bici: 53 kilómetros / 5 horas de excursión en bici (el tiempo no incluye las visitas, el trayecto en barco, las pausas ni el almuerzo).
Diferencia de altitud: plana (elevación acumulada inferior a 40 metros).
Terreno: camino de tierra. 

Notas para completar el texto del programa:
– si el cliente optar por el tour de Champasak: 
Al final del día, viajará en coche hasta Champasak. (Transporte: Pakse – Champasak: 40 kilómetros – 1 hora).
– Si el cliente permanece en Sinouk Coffee Resort después de la excursión: 
Al final del día, viajará en coche hasta la meseta de Bolaven o «Bolaven Plateau». (Transporte: Pakse – Sinouk Coffee Resort: 80 kilómetros – 1 hora y 30 minutos).


Tour in bicicletta: sentieri nascosti intorno a Pakse
Al mattino, inizierete la vostra scoperta di Pakse pedalando lungo i sentieri nascosti intorno alla città. Dirigendovi a nord verso il villaggio di Ban Don Khor, famoso per le sue sculture in pietra arenaria, farete una sosta al Wat Chomphet per vedere il gigantesco tempio del Buddha. Proseguendo per il villaggio di tessitura di Ban Saphai, vi imbarcherete con le vostre biciclette sulla barca per l’isola di Don Kho. Passeggiando lungo i sentieri panoramici che si snodano intorno alla tranquilla isola, avrete una pausa per godervi un pranzo al sacco sotto l’ombra di un albero. Dopo un’altra breve traversata in barca verso la terraferma nella parte occidentale del Mekong, passerete per il villaggio di Ban Saman, varie risaie e fattorie locali. Alla fine arriverete ai piedi del Monte Phu Salao, dove potrete salire le scale fino in cima per ammirare uno straordinario panorama del fiume Mekong e della città di Pakse. Potete visitare il vivace mercato locale mentre tornate in città.

Pasti: colazione, pranzo
Sistemazione: Pernottamento in hotel a Pakse, Champasak o Bolaven
Livello 2
Distanza e durata del giro in bicicletta: 53 chilometri / 5 ore di bicicletta (i tempi non includono visite, giro in barca, pause e pranzo)
Dislivello: pianeggiante (dislivello sotto i 40 metri)
Terreno: sentiero sterrato
Note per completare il testo del programma:
– Se i turisti vanno a Champasak dopo il tour: alla fine della giornata, viaggerete in auto fino a Champasak. (Trasporto: Pakse – Champasak: 40 chilometri – 1 ora)
– Se i turisti rimangono al Sinouk Coffee Resort dopo il tour: alla fine della giornata, viaggerete in auto verso l’altopiano di Bolaven. (Trasporti: Pakse – Sinouk Coffee Resort: 80 chilometri – 1 ora e 30 minuti)


Radtour: Versteckte Routen rund um Pakse
Am Morgen beginnen Sie Ihre Entdeckungstour durch Pakse, indem Sie auf versteckten Wegen durch die Stadt radeln. Danach geht es in Richtung Norden zur Gemeinde Ban Don Khor, welche berühmt für ihre Sandstein-Schnitzereien ist. Einen ersten Halt legen Sie am WatChomphet ein, um den riesigen Buddha-Tempel zu besichtigen. Weiter geht es dann zum Weberdorf Ban Saphai und anschließend gehen Sie mit Ihren Fahrrädern an Bord eines Bootes, das zur Insel Don Kho fährt. Sie radeln auf malerischen Pfaden, die sich über die friedliche Insel schlängeln und genießen ein Picknick-Mittagessen im Schatten eines Baumes. Nach einer weiteren kurzen Bootsfahrt zum Festland auf der Westseite des Mekong werden Sie das Dorf Ban Saman, verschiedene Reisfelder und lokale Bauernhöfe passieren. Schließlich kommen Sie am Fuße des Berges PhuSalao an. Von dort aus können Sie die Stufen bis zur Spitze erklimmen und den erstaunlichen Panoramaausblick auf den Mekong-Fluss und die Stadt Pakse bewundern. Auf Ihrem Weg zurück in die Stadt können Sie noch den geschäftigen lokalen Markt besuchen.

Mahlzeiten: Frühstück, Mittagessen
Unterbringung: Übernachtung im Hotel in Pakse, Champasak oder den Bolaven
Schwierigkeitsstufe: 2
Strecke & Dauer der Radtour: 53 Kilometer / 5 Stunden Fahrradfahrt (Zeitangabe beinhaltet keine Besichtigungen, Bootstouren, Pausen & Mittagessen)
Höhenunterschiede: flach (Gesamt-Höhenunterschied weniger als 40 Meter)
Terrain: unbefestigte Straße

Hinweise, um den Programmtext zu vervollständigen:
– Wenn der Gast in Champasak mit der Tour beginnt:
Am Ende des Tages reisen Sie mit dem Auto nach Champasak.

– Wenn der Gast nach  der Tour im Sinouk Coffee Resort bleibt: Am Ende des Tages reisen Sie mit dem Auto zum Bolaven-Plateu. (Anfahrt: Pakse – Sinouk Coffee Resort: 80 Kilometer – 1 Stunde und 30 Minuten)