THAILAND – Bangkok – A Feast in the Dragon Belly – Chinatown Walking Tour

Enjoy a flavor-filled exploration of Chinatown’s hidden alleys, to discover food stalls and local restaurants that have been selling the same specialties for generations.


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Thailand - Bangkok

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All Year Round – Tuesday to Saturday

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Enjoy a flavor-filled exploration of Chinatown’s hidden alleys, to discover food stalls and local restaurants that have been selling the same specialties for generations. Sample lesser-known Chinese-Thai fare, as well as a tempting range of snacks. This half-day experience is a different way to discover Bangkok, visiting stops well known by locals, but not mentioned in the guidebooks.

Selling points

  • Try food not available elsewhere (Thai and Chinese)
  • Learn what to ask for, and how to order
  • Discover Yaowarat (Chinatown) – one of the most iconic neighborhoods in the city
  • Perfect for food lovers

Level Of The Excursion

Medium – This activity offers tangible positive contributions to the local community, culture and/or environment

The Impact Of This Excursion

Social/cultural Impact

Cultural Conservation

Empowerment and education

Environment Impact


Economic Impact

Local individual benefits

Community benefits

Additional Information

Positive impacts

This activity takes guests on an extensive exploration on foot of Chinatown, which is a sustainable and immersive way of visiting. The focus is on traditional local shops selling authentic food, this brings income to people who continue the traditions and culture of previous generations as well as the community as a whole.

Negative impacts

Some of the places visited are not committed to reducing waste and single-use plastics.

Time And Transportation

From To Km ByDuration Road condition
Sukhumvit MRT Station Hua Lamphong MRT Station7MRT17 minSubway
Saphan Taksin BTSRatchawong Pier (in that case walking tour will be reversed)5Chao Phraya Express Boat10 minRiver
Hotel Silom AreaSaphan Taksin pier3Car10 minRoad – Might be crowdy
Hotel Chinatown AreaStarting Point Wat Traimit0.5Walking10 minPavement and Road crossing
MRT HualamphongStarting Point 0,5Walking7 minutesGood



  • 4h30 5 hours tours with approximate 55 min 1 hour walk.

Min pax


Max pax


How to sell it

  • Perfect for foodies and anyone who would like to visit Chinatown with food tasting
  • The walking tour takes 4-5 hours with many stops on the way
  • Chance to sample Thai and Chinese authentic cuisine, not tourist food
  • Most suitable for active travelers who like crowded and bustling neighborhoods
  • Good a food experience in Bangkok
  • Easia Signature

Why this activity

  • To offer a gastronomic signature product, stepping out of competitor’s usual food tours
  • Can combine with other food-related experiences in Thailand to create a “gastronomic tour”
  • Thai and Chinese street food is renowned around the world

Good to combine with

  • Classic half-day visit (only in the morning). The tour proposed before “Dragon Belly” must finish before 12:00 noon

Do not combine with

  • Lunch before the tour. The tour can be considered as a full meal
  • Walking along dragon backbone
  • Any evening activities

Market suggestion













Competitor comparison

  • A few local agencies offering similar but are usually focusing on main highlights, no the foodie experience.


  • Focus on authentic cuisine, not tourist fare. Restaurants are selected by Easia Travel
  • No bird’s nest or shark’s fin soup included
  • Guide are trained by Easia operations


  • Some of  the local places may be closed (alternatives will be offered)
  • These are very local food stalls and restaurants so it’s not for everyone
  • Caters to FITs
  • Sometimes inconvenient seating arrangements or food tasted while standing
  • Some people may be scared of eating “street food” because they think it is not clean
  • Not many proper toilets along the way
  • Some parts are in the open air and are subject to weather conditions (too hot/rain)


  • Ideally offered from Tuesday to Saturday Only
  • Some alternatives need to be provided in case a tour is run on Sunday-Monday or a shop is closed
  • When sitting, by respect to owners and to be fair, we now propose 1 dish / person.
  • There are 6 dishes to try along the way (Herbal drink is not really counted as a real tasting but more a drink stop)


  • Odean Wonton Noodle (Crab noodle tasting) is closed every second and fourth Thursday in a month

Important information

  • This tour should ideally start around 12:00-13:00 to experience both morning and afternoon atmosphere
  • Transfer is optional (not included): close to the river and to MRT station (4-kilometer walking)
  • Not offer for everyone as a Chinatown tour. Regular walking tour fits to more clients
  • Private tour only

Price range

590 THB (2 - 10 pax basis) Without Tuk Tuk / 1510 THB 1 pax to 879 THB (including Tuk Tuk)

Quotation guideline

  • ERP – Activity – Easia Signature – A feast in the dragon Belly – Bangkok Chinatown Food Tour 



  • 6 tasting stations
  • Herbal drink
  • One beer or soft drink
  • Entrance fees


  • Transport in/out
  • Guide
  • Tuk Tuk ride from last coffee shophouse to River Vibe restaurant (for basic tour without Tuk Tuk)

Possible Extra

  • Tuk tuk ride from coffee place along Yaowarat to drink place (needs to be booked in advance: cost will be included in Dragon Belly WITH Tuk Tuk) = In ERP A Feast in Dragon Belly – Chinatown Food WITH Tuk Tuk.  (Be caferul: only this short ride is with Tuk Tuk: rest of activity remains a walking tour.)

Important notes

Itinerary of the tour

  • Wat Trimit (start from Hua Lamphong MRT or transfer to  Wat Trimit) – see the Golden Buddha (toilets available)
  • Walk to a local shop specializing in Khao Moo Daeng (Rice with red pork, crispy pork and Chinese sausage) – Khao Moo Daeng Si Morakot on Sukon 1 – (Tasting Station 1)
  • Continue via Soi Wanit road and Soi Yaowarat 1 towards Odeon and stop for Phad Ngee Ngao (Silly noodles) served from the Jay Ben car (Tasting Station 2)
  • Stop at Odeon (Chinatown Gate) for a quick prayer and photo
  • Walk along Charoen Krung Rd and eat Ba mee poo khiew (Yellow noodle with Crab and wontons) at Odean Crab noodles (Tasting Station 3)
  • Continue along Charoen Krung Rd and have a herbal drink at Kan Khi Nam Tao Tong
  • Continue along Charoen Krung to see face threaders
  • Cross the street to try Ku Chai Kuih  (Garlic Chives steam rice cake) (Tasting Food Station 4)
  • Turn left into Plaeng Ngam Road passing Khom Phu Ret market on your right
  • See Pleang Ngam Shark’s fin and birds nests shop
  • Try Khanom Jeeb (dim sum) from streetfood cart of Pae Siah (Tasting Food Station 5)
  • Turn Right into Yaowarat Rd and go towards Talad Gao, and enter Itsaranuphap rd filled with markets on your right
  • Walk along the market until you reach Charoen Krung, then turn left and visit the largest and most important Chinese temple Wat Mongkol Kamalawat (toilets available) on your right
  • Go to Sua Pae Junction passing by herbal medicine shop
  • Turn left onto Ratchawong Rd and continue till you reach Wat Kuson Samakhon small alley on the left. Enter the road to reach Vietnamese temple Wat Kuson
  • Go along Ratchawong Rd crossing Yaowarat until you reach Chung Shan Gate towards Talad Kao
  • Continue to Talat Kao (left) where Fai-kaew turns its vegetable into flames.
  • Turn right into Yaowarat and walk along until turning right into Yaowa Phanit Rd passing by famous and recommended by Antoine Bourdain restaurant serving piglets – Tang Chai U
  • Turn left into Phat Sai Rd and stop at the 90 year old coffee shop Eiah Sae for coffee or tea (Tasting Station 6)
  • Here Guide will lead clients to River vibe walking aroun 15 minutes.
  • In case clients prefer to walk (no Tuk Tuk) turn left and go right into Song Sawat Rd till you reach a small roundabout famous from drug dealing monkey scene in Hangover 2 movie
  • Walk towards Wat Phatum Kongkha where royal execution stone is located.
  • Tiny walkways through temple grounds will lead you to the final place – River Vibe restaurant located on the 8th floor of the well-hidden River view gueshouse building, with sweeping views on Chao Phraya river (craft beer, a regular beer or a soft drink)
  • IF CLIENTS ARE TOO TIRED OPTIONAL TUK TUK: (probably because of long walk). Optional Tuk Tuk is possible to go from Eiah Sae to River Vibe. Need to choose the Activity WITH tuk tuk in ERP.

Additional notes:

  • We don’t propose Pieng Ki Pochana anymore.
  • If clients choose van transfer, it can drop them at Wat Trimit and pick up in the vicinity of River View Guest House.
  • If clients choose local transport, additional walk to Rivercity is required or local transport to MR

Special Guide notes

  • Jay Ben closes at and is closed on Mondays
  • Odean Crab is closed every second and fourth Thursday in a month

Different Choice

  • Supplier food tours (Bangkok food tour)

Special Information

  • Not suitable for bigger groups. Max 10 pax but for logistical reasons (guide and clients comfort). Normally we must comply 1 guide for 10 pax.


A feast in the dragon belly – Chinatown walking tour

You will explore hidden alleys where restaurants, which have been owned by the same family for decades, and streetcars are bustling away, far from the attention of the popular guidebooks and tours. Then you will queue with locals who dine there daily to try their signature dishes that are difficult to find anywhere else. You will learn the difference between Buddhist and Chinese temples and discover traditional customs which are still preserved in the local neighbourhood of Yaowarat – Bangkok’s Dragon Belly. You will conclude your tour by a last walk to an expected place with a magnificent view on Chao Phraya River.

Duration: 4h to 5 hours from 12:00 to 16:00

Meals included: progressive street food meal


  • Easia Travel’s Gastronomy tour
  • Recommended to start around 12:00 or 13:00
  • From/To MRT Hua Lamphong
  • Optional Tuk Tuk is available (with supplement) to reach the hidden place at the end of the tour



Un festin dans le ventre du dragon – visite à pied de Chinatown (le quartier chinois)

Loin de l’agitation des transports, cette visite vous permettra d’explorer des ruelles cachées délaissées par les guides de voyages et circuits populaires, qui recèlent des restaurants appartenant aux mêmes familles depuis des décennies. Joignez-vous ensuite à la file d’attente des habitants qui mangent là chaque jour, pour goûter à des spécialités culinaires difficiles à trouver ailleurs. Cette excursion sera aussi l’occasion d’apprendre à différencier les temples bouddhistes et chinois, ainsi que de découvrir les coutumes traditionnelles qui sont toujours préservées dans le quartier local de Yaowarat, le ventre du dragon de Bangkok. Votre visite se terminera par une dernière promenade jusqu’à un lieu inattendu, offrant une vue magnifique sur le fleuve Chao Phraya.

Durée : 4 à 5 heures, de 12 h à 16 h

Repas inclus : cuisine de rue mangée au fil de la visite

Notes :

  • Visite gastronomique d’Easia Travel
  • Il est recommandé de démarrer vers 12 h ou 13 h
  • Point de départ et d’arrivée : station de MRT de Hua Lamphong
  • Il est possible d’utiliser un tuk tuk (moyennant un supplément) pour atteindre le lieu caché à la fin de la visite.



Un festín en el vientre del dragón – Recorrido a pie por el Barrio Chino

Podrá explorar callejones ocultos en los que se encuentran diversos restaurantes, que han sido propiedad de la misma familia durante décadas, lejos de los tranvías y de la atención que generan las guías y los tours más populares. Luego hará cola con los habitantes locales que comen allí todos los días, para probar sus platos típicos, que resultan difíciles de encontrar en otro lugar. Descubrirá la diferencia entre los templos budistas y los templos chinos, así como las costumbres tradicionales que se siguen conservando en el barrio local de Yaowarat, el vientre del dragón de Bangkok. Terminará el recorrido con un último paseo hasta un lugar inesperado, con unas vistas magníficas del río Chao Phraya.

Duración: entre 4 y 5 horas, de 12:00 a 16:00 h

Comidas incluidas: comida callejera, de forma progresiva


  • Tour gastronómico de Easia Travel
  • Se recomienda empezar el tour sobre las 12:00 o las 13:00 h
  • Desde/hacia MRT Hua Lamphong
  • Tuk Tuk opcional disponible (con un suplemento) para llegar al lugar oculto al final del tour



Una festa nella Pancia del Dragone – Tour a piedi di Chinatown

Esplorerete vicoli nascosti dove si trovano ristoranti appartenuti per decenni alla stessa famiglia e dove il traffico non è che un’eco lontana, luoghi non contemplati nelle guide e nei tour più popolari. Vi metterete poi in coda con la gente del posto che vi cena ogni giorno per provare i piatti tipici, difficili da trovare in altri posti. Imparerete la differenza tra templi buddisti e cinesi e scoprirete le usanze tradizionali ancora praticate nel quartiere di Yaowarat – la Pancia del Dragone di Bangkok. Il tour si concluderà con un’ultima passeggiata in un luogo speciale e poco conosciuto che vi regalerà  una magnifica vista sul fiume Chao Phraya.

Durata: 4-5 ore, dalle 12:00 alle 16:00

Pasti inclusi: street food lungo il percorso


  • Tour gastronomico Easia Travel
  • Inizio del tour consigliato intorno alle 12:00 o 13:00
  • Da/A MRT Hua Lamphong
  • Alla fine del tour è possibile raggiungere il luogo speciale in tuk tuk (previo pagamento di un supplemento).



Ein Festmahl im Bauch des Drachen – Walking Tour durch Chinatown

Sie erkunden versteckte Gassen, in denen Straßenbahnen verkehren, mit vollen Restaurants, die schon seit Jahrzehnten im Besitz derselben Familie sind, die jedoch in keinem Reiseführer stehen und somit von den Touristenmassen verschont geblieben sind. Dann stehen Sie mit den Einheimischen Schlange, um ihre Lieblingsgerichte zu entdecken, die anderswo schwer zu finden sind. Sie lernen den Unterschied zwischen buddhistischen und chinesischen Tempeln kennen und entdecken traditionelle Bräuche, die in dem lokalen Viertel von Yaowarat, Bangkoks Bauch des Drachen, erhalten geblieben sind. Ihre Tour endet mit einem letzten Spaziergang zu einem unerwarteten Ort, an dem Sie den herrlichen Blick auf den Chao Phraya genießen können.

Dauer: 4 bis 5 Stunden von 12 bis 16 Uhr

Inbegriffene Mahlzeiten: Street Food an mehreren Stationen


  • Kulinarische Tour von Easia Travel
  • Empfohlener Start um 12 oder 13 Uhr
  • Von/Nach MRT-Bahnhof Hua Lamphong
  • Optional ist ein Tuk Tuk verfügbar (gegen Aufpreis), um zu dem versteckten Ort am Ende der Tour zu fahren