CAMBODIA – Siem Reap – Kayaking on Tonle Sap lake


Art & Culture, Family, Sustainable

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Cambodia - Siem Reap

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Groups, Thematic Leisure

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August - February

Arrival city

Siem Reap

Departure city

Siem Reap


This half-day tour gives the opportunity to discover beautiful Cambodian landscapes untouched by tourism. It’s also a good way to interact with the local people; to learn about their lifestyle and visit on one of the many floating villages on the great Tonle Sap Lake, the largest lake in Southeast Asia.

This half-day tour gives the opportunity to discover beautiful Cambodian landscapes untouched by tourism
The tour starts with a 30-minute trip to the boat pier, where a local boat will bring travelers to the starting point, and a local guide will be waiting with the kayaks ready. After a safety briefing, travelers will start to kayak gently through the authentic Mechrey floating village, meeting the local villagers, and learning about their daily life.
Afterwards, guests stop for a snack on a floating house, tasting some local food, before proceeding to the massive and wide-open Tonle Sap Lake, getting a glimpse at the incredible great scenery, rare vegetation, and birds.
The activity can be done in the morning or afternoon.
Single and twin kayaks are available to make it easier for parents to do the activity with their children.

Level: 1 
Distance and duration of kayaking: 2 hours 
Transportation: 1 hour – return trip from the town to boat pier / 1 hour – return trip from boat pier to starting point / Local boat back up during the kayaking   
Note: No previous Kayaking experience needed.

Selling points

  • To enjoy the natural Cambodian landscapes and fauna on Tonle Sap, away from bustling Siem Reap
  • To experience and learn about the daily life of Khmer people, whose lives revolve around the water
  • To offer fun activity which allows guests to see beautiful landscapes in the countryside
  • To learn about the authentic lifestyle of the inhabitants of a floating village

Time And Transportation

From To Km By Duration Road condition
Siem Reap Mechrey 20 Car/bus 30 minutes Good
Mechrey  Siem Reap 20 Car/bus 30 minutes Good


  • Half-day activity (4 hours, including travel time and visits)
    • Morning: leave the hotel at 07:30, end the tour around 12:00 – best time
    • Afternoon: leave the hotel at 13:30, end at 17:30
  • If the activity is in the morning, not recommended to add another activity, since it will be too tiring. Suggested to let the travelers relax at the hotel.
  • If the activity is in the afternoon, you can combine with some easy leisure activity in the morning

Min pax


Max pax


How to sell it

  • Half-day tour visit to the Mechrey floating village and Tonle Sap Lake
  • Well-paced and unique way of exploring the lake
  • For all type of travelers who want to experience Tonle Sap Lake differently (families, leisure, and Active travelers)
  • For travelers who like get in contact with nature
  • Private tour

Why this activity

  • An original activity to discover the lake in a unique way
  • Immersive and much more in-depth way to learn about local people living on the lake, as well as its and flora and fauna
  • Quite village, still untouched by tourism
  • Private tour
  • No need for a previous kayaking experience
  • Boat follows the travellers as back-up

Good to combine with

  • Preferably to sell it as half-day activity and then rest of the afternoon at the hotel
  • Phare circus show in the evening

Do not combine with

  • With active activities on the same day

Market suggestion













Competitor comparison

  • Other DMCs could offer. Activity managed by a supplier.


  • Easy to organize – kayaks managed by a supplier
  • No need for previous kayaking experience
  • Back-up boat following the travelers; if someone is tired, can get on the back-up boat
  • Private tour
  • Active team present on spot


  • From February to July, the landscape is not as beautiful and the weather is very hot.
  • Travelers have to be careful in the forest, as there are a lot of insects.
  • For the whole of October, the level of the water is higher and it is not possible to kayak through the floating forest, but travelers can kayak on Tonle Sap Lake.


  • Kayaking duration kayak: 2 hours
  • Activity duration: half-day – 5-hour tour, including travel time, visits, and kayaking
  • Difficulty: Easia Level 1
  • Kayak available in Siem Reap: 24 pax (10 single and 7 twins available)



  • Inside the floating forest, there are lot of insects. This activity must not be proposed for travelers who have a fear of insects.
  • Children from 12 years old up

Important information


  • Understand the client’s and travelers’ needs and expectations
  • Understand the physical level of the travelers – (0. Not Active, 1. Casual Sportive, 2 Intermediate, 3. Expert, 4. Sport/Professional)
  • Request information of guests and fill the Information Active Participants file: Name & surname, the height, level, any specific allergies, Insurance details


  • Equipment provided: kayak, life jacket, dry bag
  • Snack and soft drink provided
  • No kayak experience needed
  • Boat follows the group in case of emergency
  • Local village guide + Easia guide provided during the kayak tour


  • The best time is from July to the end of February, as the water levels are high enough and the landscapes are very picturesque.
  • It is possible though to kayak between February and July, however the temperature is hot and travelers cannot enter the forests, as the water level is too low; we don’t suggest this time period.


  • No snacks needed in this tour – the supplier will provide snacks

Price range

30 to 40 USD/guest

Quotation guideline

  • Generate the Kayak on Tonle Sap on ERP
  • Transportation REP-Meachrey-REP
  • Easia Local guide fee
  • Entrance fee to the lake (2 USD)


  • Kayaks
  • Boat tour
  • Water and 1 snack
  • Local kayak instructor
  • Life jackets
  • First aid kit


  • Easia Guide fee
  • Entrance fees to the lake
  • Lunch
  • Transportation REP-Mechrey-REP

Possible Extra

  • Possible to have a monk blessing after kayak experience
  • Sunset aperitif on the boat if we select the afternoon option

Important notes


  • Contact Mr. Samban – Unique Kayaking Cambodia – and explain the guests’ profile with needs and expectations


  • Remember to book the transportation to reach the pier


Special Guide notes

  • They have to study the itinerary, the lake history, and warn the guests about the dangers of bees and insects.
  • Contact the supplier when they leave the town in the morning in order to set up the kayaks.
  • Check the weather before and prepare cold water.
  • Be flexible and willing to extend the kayaking, the pagoda visit, and a longer visit at the village


  • Unique Kayaking Cambodia (855) 97 456 31 31/ (855) 97 456 2000

Internal Product Annoucement

CAMBODIA – Siem Reap – Kayaking on Tonle Sap lake
SUB-BRAND :  Active – Thematic Leisure – Groups
THEME: Family Travel | Art & Culture | Sustainable
SEGMENT: FIT – Small Group


Product Launch Package

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Kayaking on Tonle Sap Lake

This half-day tour will allow you to discover some of Cambodia’s beautiful landscapes, untouched by tourism. It is also a great way to interact with the local people, actively learning about their lifestyle on the lake. You will be amazed as you kayak gently through a floating village, where you will be welcomed by the warm smiles of friendly Cambodian people, who live on this massive lake. During the 3 to 4-hour tour, you will paddle through authentic floating villages while enjoying the natural landscapes and fauna of Cambodia, away from the bustle of Siem Reap.

Level: 1 
Distance and duration of kayaking: ~2 hours 
Transportation: 1 hour – return trip from the town to boat pier / 1 hour – return trip from boat pier to starting point / Local boat back-up during the kayaking   
Note: No previous kayaking experience needed.


Kayak sur le Lac Tonle Sap
Ce tour d’une demi-journée vous fera découvrir de beaux paysages préservés du tourisme. Ce sera aussi une bonne occasion d’interagir avec la population locale et d’en apprendre plus sur leur style de vie sur le lac. Quand votre kayak vous portera à travers ce village flottant vous serez émerveillés par l’accueil chaleureux des sourires des habitants de ce lac gigantesque. Pendant 3 à 4 heures, vous ramerez à travers ces villages flottants authentiques tout en profitant des paysages naturels et de la faune du Cambodge, loin de l’agitation de Siem Reap.

Niveau 1
Distance et durée du kayak: ~ 2 heures
Transfert: 1 heure – aller-retour entre la ville et l’embarcadère / 1 heure – aller-retour entre l’embarcadère et le point de départ / bateau de retour en kayak
Remarque: Aucune expérience de kayak préalable requise.


Kayak en el lago Tonle Sap
Este tour de medio día le permitirá descubrir bellos paisajes sin mancillar por el turismo. También es una buena forma de interactuar con los habitantes locales y aprender sobre su estilo de vida en el lago. Quedará impresionado a medida que su kayak navega a través de este poblado flotante, en el que se le dará la bienvenida con cálidas sonrisas de la humilde población camboyana que vive en este enorme lago. Durante 3-4 horas, remará a través de auténticos poblados flotantes mientras disfruta de los parajes naturales y la fauna de Camboya, alejado de la bulliciosa Siem Reap.

Nivel 1
Distancia y duración del kayak: ~ 2 horas
Traslado: 1 hora – viaje de ida y vuelta desde la ciudad hasta el muelle del barco / 1 hora – regreso desde el muelle del barco hasta el punto de partida / regreso en bote local durante el kayak
Nota: No se necesita experiencia previa en kayak.


Kayak sul fiume Tonle Sap
Questo tour di mezza giornata vi permetterà di contemplare la bellezza di paesaggi intatti e non turistici. Avrete un’ottima possibilità di interagire con i locali e scoprire di più a riguardo del loro stile di vita. Resterete esterrefatti dinnanzi alla bellezza che vi circonda, mentre scivolate sull’acqua attraverso villaggi galleggianti. Sorrisi genuini e calorosi vi accoglieranno ovunque vi rechiate. Durante l’escursione di 3 o 4 ore pagaierete alla scoperta della vita quotidiana nei villaggi galleggianti e della flora e fauna caratteristiche della regione.

Livello 1
Distanza e durata del kayak: ~ 2 ore
Trasferimento: 1 ora – viaggio di ritorno dalla città al molo dell’imbarcazione / 1 ora – viaggio di ritorno dal molo dell’imbarcazione al punto di partenza / ritorno in battello locale durante il kayak
Nota: non sono necessarie precedenti esperienze di kayak.


Kajakfahren auf dem Tonle-Sap-See
Diese Halbtagestour bietet Ihnen schöne, vom Tourismus unberührte Landschaften. Zudem handelt es sich um eine gute Art und Weise, um mit Einheimischen in Kontakt zu kommen und etwas über deren Lebensstil am See zu lernen. Sie werden erstaunt sein, wenn Sie mit dem Kajak langsam durch das schwimmende Dorf fahren, in welchem Sie mit freundlichen Gesichtern der bescheidenen kambodschanischen Menschen, die auf diesem riesigen See leben, begrüßt werden. Während der 3- bis 4-stündigen Fahrt paddeln Sie durch authentische schwimmende Dörfer, während Sie die naturbelassene Landschaft und Fauna Kambodschas, weit weg vom überfüllten Siem Reap, genießen können.

Level 1
Entfernung und Dauer des Kajakfahrens: ~ 2 Stunden
Transfer: 1 Stunde – Rückfahrt von der Stadt zum Bootsanleger / 1 Stunde – Rückfahrt vom Bootsanleger zum Ausgangspunkt / Lokales Boot während des Kajakfahrens
Hinweis: Keine vorherige Kajak Erfahrung erforderlich.