VIETNAM – Ho Chi Minh City – Attend the Show “the Mist” at Ho Chi Minh City Opera House

The Mist, or Sương Sớm in Vietnamese, is a spectacular show that tells the story of rural life through a number of different scenes, all backed by live instruments.


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Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City

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Ho Chi Minh City


A collaboration between the AO Show and local dance company, Arabesque, The Mist, depicts the cycles of Vietnamese rural life. Choreographer Nguyen Tan Loc has brought together contemporary dance sequences (a rarity in Vietnam) with scenes, objects, and aesthetics that are unequivocally Vietnamese. The performance focuses on daily life in the countryside, like going to the market, husking rice, and tending to the rice fields. Unlike the AO Show Saigon, The Mist caters to a more mature audience and is performed accompanied to live contemporary music.
It includes the following scenes:

  • Going to the fields: Farmers go to the area in the early morning.
  • Pagoda’s fragrance: A religious space of Vietnamese culture.
  • Night: A storm of sentiments and the innermost feelings of wisdom.
  • Harvest Time: The joy of a bumper crop
  • Silk: The love and desire of a farmer couple.
  • Rice: The fruit of the farmers’ hard work

Some of the best moments during the show are the ones that involve the audience. For instance, visitors are given wooden clappers (commonly used to stir rice) to join in the festivities during scenes of celebration. Sometimes the dancers even move the performance from the stage to the auditorium seats.

Selling points

  • The show is an impressive performance.
  • A great display of contemporary, professional dance.
  • It takes place in the impressive venue of the Saigon Opera House

Level Of The Excursion

Medium – This activity offers tangible positive contributions to the local community, culture and/or environment

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Positive Impact:

This activity provides support to an art theater, while (more importantly) it also provides direct income to the artists. This show also helps to maintain traditional music & instruments, as well as indirectly supporting the people who make the instruments (without demand, a lot of instrument manufacturers simply abandon the craft).

Time And Transportation

From To KilometerByDuration Road condition
Saigon Center Post OfficeSaigon Opera House500 meterWalking10 minutesGood
Ben Thanh MarketSaigon Opera House750 meterWalking15 minutesGood


60 minutes

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Max pax


How to sell it

  • For Art Lovers and medium to high end / luxury traveler profiles
  • The first show in Vietnam that present daily activities of local people in a modern way.
  • A perfect show for all art lovers before having dinner in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Suitable for FIT, GIT, Incentive

Why this activity

  • Great experience for art & culture lovers.
  • The performers are all very young but they possess lots of energy and passion
  • Live music on stage performed by traditional musical instruments
  • Proof of the changing art scene in Vietnamese culture: a combination of tradition & modernity

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  • Saigon Opera House is walking distance from most of the hotels in District 1.
  • Easy to book
  • Seats with reserved numbers and different prices vs the seats’ location in the Opera House
  • No need for translation


  • Not everyday
  • Need to verify the show calendar before booking:

Price range

From 630,000 VND

Quotation guideline

From 630,000 VND (“aah![A]” seats) to 1,470,000 VND (“wow![W]” seats) for 01 ticket for 01 person




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Important notes

  • Schedule of the show on Lune production’s website
  • Check the name of the show before booking


The collaboration between “A O” and Arabesque, a local dance company, has given birth to the show “The Mist”, which portrays the cycles of rural life in Vietnam. Choreographer Nguyen Tan Loc has developed contemporary dance sequences (rare in Vietnam) and typical Vietnamese everyday scenes, objects and aesthetics. The performance focuses on daily pursuits in the countryside, such as going to the market, growing rice, working in the fields … “The Mist” is accompanied by contemporary live music and illustrates an artistic portrayal of Vietnam.

Schedule and programming to be checked on the website
The shows are at 18:00 or 20:00 – check scheduling via the link
Seats: AAH (ground floor and 2nd floor), OOH (ground floor) and WOW (1st floor)
Duration of the activity: 60 minutes


La collaboration entre « A O » et Arabesque, une compagnie de danse locale, a donné naissance au spectacle « Le Brouillard », qui décrit les cycles de la vie rurale au Vietnam. Le chorégraphe Nguyen Tan Loc a réuni des séquences de danse contemporaine (rares au Vietnam) et des scènes, objets et esthétiques indiscutablement vietnamiens. La performance se concentre sur des occupations de la vie à la campagne, comme par exemple aller au marché, égrainer le riz, travailler dans les champs… « Le Brouillard » est rythmé par une musique contemporaine live, et témoigne de la nouveauté artistique du Vietnam.

Durée de l’activité : 60 minutes
Notes :
Horaires et programmation à vérifier sur le site
Spectacles à 18 h et à 20 h
Sièges : catégories AAH (rez-de-chaussée et 2e étage), OOH (rez-de-chaussée) et WOW (1er étage)


De la colaboración entre «A O» y Arabesque, una compañía de danza local, nació el espectáculo «The Mist» que describe los ciclos de la vida rural de Vietnam. El coreógrafo, Nguyen Tan Loc, consiguió mezclar una serie de pasos de danza contemporánea (poco común en Vietnam) con unas escenas, estéticas y objetos vietnamitas típicos. La actuación se basa en las ocupaciones de la vida rural como el hecho de ir al mercado, el cultivo del arroz, el trabajo en el campo… Una música contemporánea en directo acompaña «The Mist» y ofrece un artístico retrato de Vietnam.

Se puede consultar el horario y el programa en la página web
Los espectáculos empiezan a las 18:00 o a las 20:00 – Verifique el horario mediante el enlace
Asientos: AAH (planta baja y segunda planta), OOH (planta baja) y WOW (primera planta)
Duración de la actividad: 60 minutos


La collaborazione tra”A O” e Arabesque, una compagnia locale di danzatori, ha dato origine allo spettacolo “Le Brouillard”, che si propone di descrivere i cicli della vita rurale del Vietnam. Il coreografo Nguyen Tan Loc ha unito passi di danza contemporanea (rari in Vietnam) e scene tipiche della vita in Vietnam, dando origine a una performance, che si focalizza sulla vita nelle campagne. Lasciatevi rapire dalla musica contemporanea moderna che fa da sottofondo, mentre partecipate alla vita contadina di ogni giorno, dagli acquisti al mercato, alla piantagione del riso, al lavoro nei campi.

Orari e programmazione da controllare sul sito:
Performance alle 18:00 o alle 20:00 – controllare la programmazione al link
Posti: AAH (piano terra e secondo piano), OOH (piano terra) e WOW (primo piano)
Durata dello spettacolo: 60 minute


Die Zusammenarbeit zwischen „A O“ und Arabesque, einem lokalen Tanzensemble, brachte die Show „Le Brouillard“ hervor, die den Kreislauf des ländlichen Lebens in Vietnam beschreibt. Der Choreograph Nguyen Tan Loc hat zeitgenössische Tanzsequenzen (selten in Vietnam) und typische vietnamesische Szenen, Objekte und Ästhetik zusammengebracht. Die Darbietung fokussiert die Themen des Lebens in der Landschaft, wie zum Beispiel den Marktbesuch, den Reisanbau oder das Arbeiten auf dem Feld. „Le Brouillard“ wird begleitet von zeitgenössischer Live-Musik und illustriert ein künstlerisches Porträt Vietnams.

Plan und Programm sind auf der Webseite zu sehen
Die Vorführungen finden 18 oder 20 Uhr statt – die Zeiten sind über dem Link zu prüfen
Plätze: AAH (Erdgeschoss und 2. Stock), OOH (Erdgeschoss) und WOW (1. Stock)
Dauer der Aktivität: 1 Stunde