CAMBODIA – Siem Reap – A moment with the NGO Eco Soap Bank Cambodia

In operation since 2014, Eco-Soap Bank has sustainable supplied over 650,000 people with soap and hygiene education. During this experience, take the opportunity to meet the Cambodians’ “magic” hands and the recycling process in the soap’s manufacture; travelers take on an active role in the community by helping the local women who work there – a truly transformative experience!


Classic, Family, Sustainable

Country - City

Cambodia - Siem Reap

Market segment

Thematic Leisure

Price Level


Max pax



All Year Round except Sunday & certain public holiday

Arrival city

Siem Reap

Departure city

Siem Reap


Eco-Soap Bank is a humanitarian and environmental non-profit organization working to save, sanitize, and supply recycled hotel soap for the developing world. They have three different objectives: contribute a highly cost-effective hygiene product to improve health, significantly reduce the waste generated by the hotel industry, and provide livelihoods and free education to disadvantaged women with no other reliable source of income. After collecting and sanitizing the soap, they donate it to hospitals and humanitarian organizations working in remote regions of developing nations. In operation since 2014, Eco-Soap Bank has sustainable supplied over 650,000 people with soap and hygiene education.
Samir Lakhani, the founder of Eco Soap Bank NGO, is a social entrepreneur dedicated to restoring health and dignity to developing countries. After graduating from Pittsburgh University, he received a CNN Heroes Award for Eco Soap Bank in 2017, as well as a Unilever Entrepreneurs award in 2018.
In operation since 2014, Eco-Soap Bank has sustainable supplied over 650,000 people with soap and hygiene education. During this experience, take the opportunity to meet the Cambodians’ “magic” hands and the recycling process in the soap’s manufacture; travelers take on an active role in the community by helping the local women who work there – a truly trans-formative experience!

Can be combined with

Thematic Leisure


Selling points

  • To propose a visit promoting a humanitarian and environmental non-profit organization: Eco Soap Bank
  • To learn the making process and who helps the NGO
  • To create an eco-soap product

Time And Transportation

From To Km By Duration Road condition
Siem Reap city center Eco Soap bank 5 Car 10 minutes Normal


45 minutes to 1h 30min maximum

  • 20 minutes          Eco-Soap Bank tour of the workshop,
  • 10 minutes          Short presentation of Eco soap bank NGO and its impact,
  • 30 minutes          Participate to Workshop

Min pax


Max pax


How to sell it

  • Particular NGO exactly in the trend of the actual globalization while using the waste of the tourism( here, soap waste of the hotels)
  • The leader of Eco Soap Bank, Samir Lakhani, is a great public speaker about his project and have been entitled a CNN hero in 2017 after entertaining multiple renown public talk.
  • Clients entrance fees participate at the donation of Bar Soap to Angkor Children Hospital
  • Promoting/supporting and learning about a different type of NGO
  • Empower a local specialized NGO
  • Create an interaction with the employee of the NGO
  • During the visit, the client participate to the process of soap making
  • This short stop can be added at the beginning of a full-day tour or before/after lunch
  • Product for customers who want to leave a positive impact during their trip in Cambodia
  • They have a great listening and understanding, fast learning due to the good leadership

Why this activity

  • NGO following the exact globalization trend/fashion and interesting in terms of helping
  • A one-of-a-kind experience in Southeast Asia, located right beside beautiful temples
  • This NGO who use the soap waste of the hotel created by the tourism
  • Belongs to one of the rare to collect what our client use from hotel and create it for something sustainable
  • It’s another opportunity to have a sustainable activity promoting an NGO
  • Show that the hotel’s of Siem Reap has benefits to the surrounding developing population
  • An insightful idea with an interesting whole process and easy to make
  • This NGO has long term projects and expansion
  • Their profit goes directly to their social worker or the community they are helping by donating soaps

Good to combine with

  • Any other NGO activities
  • Any activities or programs with 1hr free

Market suggestion












Competitor comparison

  • We are the first one and we have been training them. We have the exclusivity due to the fact we will be the only one providing soap to Angkor Children Hospital thorough our visit.
  • Other competitors might be interested to work with in the the future but won’t have this exclusivity.


  • Easy to book
  • Easy to work with the local team of Eco Soap Bank
  • Good relationship with our team
  • Not weather-sensitive
  • The facilities are clean and well maintain


  • The languages is in English but the Representative of the NGO can talk in Khmer to the foreign speaking guide for translating.
  • Buses of more than 15 seats cannot go through, therefore client needs to walk a 5 minutes to reach the house
  • It is close on Sunday and during public holidays
  • We can’t increase the capacity due to the small space


  • Buses of more than 15 seats cannot go through to the venue, therefore client needs to walk a 5 minutes

Important information

  • They are open from 08:30 to 17:30 from Monday to Saturday.
  • Closed during all the Cambodian Public Holidays.

Price range



  • Entrance fees
  • 50 bars of soap to be donate at Angkor Children Hospital Siem Reap (box stated with name of the client agency/file)
  • Explanation given by the representation of Eco Soap Bank in Khmer or English
  • Participation to the workshop (Face-mask + glove to make the Eco Soap product)


  • Transport
  • Tour guide fee
  • Tips or others

Possible Extra

  • Additional Bar of soap purchase possible
  • Possible to purchase the Bar Soap and distribute it to another NGO


45 minutes to 1 hours 30 min maximum

  • 20 minutes
    • Eco-Soap Bank tour of the workshop,
    • Collection point map
    • Sanitation process
    • Cut the soap
    • Shrink the soap
    • Mixed it with ingredient
    • Mold it with water + make it as a brick
    • Place it to dry
  • 10 minutes          Short presentation of Eco soap bank NGO and its impact,
  • 30 minutes          Participate to Workshop
    • Client will try all the above beside the sanitation

Important notes

  • They are open from 08:30 to 17:30 from Monday to Saturday.
  • Close during all the Cambodian Public Holidays.
  • Guest does not go back with the 50 bars of soaps but let it for Angkor children hospital
  • Payment is done by accounting every 25th of each month, by bank transfer
  • No need to remit cash to the team

Special Guide notes

  • Guide needs to make sure the leader of the workshop explain about :
  • How the NGO started
  • The founder of the NGO
  • What the guests have contributed by coming to Eco soap Bank Cambodia
  • How many children, person they have helped last year
  • Show about the gloves and the mask


  • All bookings must be submitted by email ([email protected] & [email protected]) with an official and legible reservation order. Reservations are subject to availability and written confirmation by (Eco-Soap Bank) within 24 hours at latest. Bookings and reservations can be made directly with reservation staff Lux Mean – [email protected] and 076-326-7627
  • Booking need to mention:
    • Name of the group/ guest(s)
    • Number of pax
    • Date of booking
    • Estimated arrival / departure times
    • Mention if the client is part of refill not landfill
    • Special details that is included in the guide name or driver name

Special Information

  • It is possible that the client purchase more soap bar on spot

Internal Product Annoucement


CAMBODIA – Siem Reap – A moment with the NGO Eco Soap Bank Cambodia

SUB-BRAND :  Thematic Leisure
THEME: Sustainable | Family Travel
SEGMENT: FIT – Small Group

  • A visit promoting an humanitarian and environmental non-profit organization : Eco Soap Bank
  • Learn the making process and who helps the NGO
  • Create an eco Soap product
  • A one of a kind experience in South East Asia located right beside the Temples


A moment with the NGO Eco Soap Bank Cambodia

A 1,5-hour workshop at Eco Soap Bank is awaiting you today – one that will give you a new perspective on life in Cambodia. Once you arrive, you will be welcomed and given a short presentation about the NGO and its “magic hands,” all while observing the different steps of the mesmerizing soap recycling process.
Once the presentation it’s over, it will be your turn to get your hands…clean!So, roll up your sleeves and begin working to craft your own soap bar, working side by side with the local women
As part of our signature, participation at this workshop grants 50 soap bars to be donated, which will cover a part of the yearly distribution of soap bars needed by Angkor Children Hospital. Eco Soap Bank has been supporting the Angkor Children Hospital for several years, and now you can lend a helping, “magic” hand. Feel free to bring your soap along to donate it to Eco Soap bank.
At the end of the workshop, you can also decide to donate a certain amount of soap bars to the Angkor Children Hospital of Siem Reap, as well.


Rencontre avec l’ONG Eco Soap Bank du Cambodge

Un atelier d’une heure et demie à l’Eco Soap Bank vous attend pour vous donner une autre perspective de la vie au Cambodge. Après votre accueil, on vous présentera brièvement l’ONG et ses « mains magiques » et vous pourrez observer les différentes étapes du processus incroyable de recyclage du savon.  
Une fois la présentation terminée, ce sera à votre tour de vous… laver les mains ! Vous remonterez vos manches et commencerez à travailler à la fabrication de votre propre barre de savon, avec l’aide des femmes locales.  
La participation à cet atelier permet de donner 50 barres de savon, ce qui couvrira une partie de la distribution annuelle de savons dont l’hôpital pour enfants d’Angkor a besoin. Cela fait plusieurs années qu’Eco Soap Bank soutient l’hôpital pour enfants d’Angkor et vous pourrez participer à cela en donnant un coup de main « magique ». N’hésitez pas à amener votre savon pour le donner à Eco Soap Bank. A la fin de l’atelier, vous pourrez également décider de la quantité de savon que vous souhaiteriez donner à l’hôpital pour enfants d’Angkor de Siem Reap.  


Un encuentro con la ONG «Eco Soap Bank Cambodia»

Hoy le espera un taller de una hora y media con Eco Soap Bank; una experiencia que le ofrecerá una nueva perspectiva sobre la vida en Camboya. Una vez haya llegado, le darán la bienvenida y recibirá una breve presentación sobre la ONG y sus «manos mágicas», todo esto mientras observa los diferentes pasos que componen el hipnótico proceso de reciclaje del jabón.
Una vez haya acabado la presentación, será el momento de ponerse manos….¿al jabón? Arremánguese y empiece a trabajar para crear su propia pastilla de jabón, mano a mano con las mujeres locales.
Como parte de la experiencia que ofrecemos, la participación en el taller comporta la donación de 50 pastillas de jabón, lo que cubrirá una parte de la distribución anual de jabón que se necesita en el Hospital Infantil de Angkor. Eco Soap Bank ha prestado su apoyo al Hospital Infantil de Angkor durante varios años, y ahora usted puede echar una mano «mágica». Si lo desea, puede donar también su pastilla de jabón a Eco Soap Bank.
Al final del taller, también podrá optar por donar cierta cantidad de pastillas de jabón al Hospital Infantil de Angkor ubicado en Siem Reap.


Un’esperienza con la ONG Eco Soap Bank  in Cambogia

Oggi vi  attende un workshop di 1 ora e 30 minuti presso Eco Soap Bank, che vi darà una nuova prospettiva sulla vita in Cambogia. Una volta arrivati, sarete accolti e vi verrà data una breve presentazione sulla ONG e le sue “mani magiche”, il tutto osservando i diversi passaggi dell’affascinante processo di riciclaggio del sapone.
Una volta finita la presentazione, sarà il vostro turno di avere le mani … pulite! Quindi, rimboccatevi le maniche e mettetevi al lavoro per creare la vostra saponetta, lavorando fianco a fianco con le donne locali.
Come parte della nostra firma, la partecipazione a questo workshop offre 50 saponette da donare, che copriranno una parte della distribuzione annuale di saponette necessarie all’ospedale pediatrico di Angkor. Eco Soap Bank sostiene l’ospedale per bambini di Angkor da diversi anni e ora potete dare una mano “magica” di aiuto. Sentitevi liberi di portare il sapone che avete creato per donarlo alla Eco Soap Bank.
Alla fine del workshop, se volete potete anche decidere di donare una certa quantità di saponette all’ospedale pediatrico di Angkor a Siem Reap.


Verbringen Sie Zeit bei der NGO Eco Soap Bank in Kambodscha

Sie erwartet ein 1,5-stündiger Workshop bei der Eco Soap Bank – dieser wird Ihnen einen neuen Blick auf das Leben in Kambodscha eröffnen. Sobald Sie dort angekommen sind, werden Sie begrüßt und erhalten eine kurze Präsentation zur NGO und ihren „magischen Händen“. Währenddessen beobachten Sie die unterschiedlichen Stufen des faszinierenden Seifenrecycling-Prozesses.

Nach der Präsentation ist es Ihre Aufgabe, Ihre Hände… zu waschen! Krempeln Sie die Ärmel hoch und beginnen Sie damit, Ihr eigenes Stück Seife herzustellen; Sie arbeiten Seite an Seite mit den einheimischen Frauen.

Unsere Organisation garantiert, dass in diesem Workshop 50 Seifenstücke hergestellt werden, die gespendet werden sollen. Diese Spende deckt einen Teil der jährlichen vom Angkor-Kinderkrankenhaus benötigten Menge. Die Eco Soap Bank unterstützt das Angkor- Kinderkrankenhaus bereits seit mehreren Jahren – und nun können Sie mit Ihrer „magischen“ Hand ebenfalls Ihren Beitrag dazu leisten. Am Ende des Workshops entscheiden Sie darüber, ob Sie eine bestimmte Menge Seifenstücke an das Angkor-Kinderkrankenhaus in Siem Reap spenden wollen.