VIETNAM – Hanoi – Meet Vietnamese Contemporary Art

Explore the world of Vietnamese contemporary art with guidance from one of the leading artists of this developing scene in Hanoi.


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Vietnam - Hanoi

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Thematic Leisure

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Meet with one of the leading contemporary artists in Hanoi to discover his story about his style & philosophy of art to gain an understanding of the evolving position of contemporary art in Vietnam.

Can be combined with

Thematic Leisure

  • Hanoi – Hands-on Vietnamese cooking class in Hanoi
  • Hanoi – Visit and meet with a water-puppet craftsman at his house
  • Hanoi – Hanoi through the ages with a Polaroid
  • Hanoi – A stroll in Hanoi the old quarter of Hanoi


  • Hanoi – Hands-on Vietnamese cooking class in Hanoi

Selling points

  • A great chance for art lovers to enjoy Vietnamese contemporary art
  • A real opportunity to meet a Vietnamese artist who is famous not only in Vietnam but also Internationally
  • A serene opportunity to be surrounded by art

Level Of The Excursion

Medium – This activity offers tangible positive contributions to the local community, culture and/or environment

The Impact Of This Excursion

Social/cultural Impact

Cultural Conservation

Economic Impact

Local individual benefits

Additional Information

Positive Impact:

This activity provides income directly to local artists.

Time And Transportation

From To Km By Duration Road Condition
Metropole Manzi Art Space 3.5 Car 15 minutes  Good
Metropole Artist’s place 5 Car 20 minutes  Good



1 hour

Min pax


Max pax


How to sell it

  • Suitable with clients who have Art profile
  • For art lover, medium budget, high-end and luxury client
  • For luxury clients, can even combine 2 meetings to create a half-day activity with luxury transportation (vintage car…)
  • For art lovers who have special request about art in Hanoi
  • To clients who want to have a “Meeting with local” product

Why this activity

  • An Easia Signature to provide the beauty of art in Vietnam
  • A great opportunity for travellers to meet a famous Vietnamese artist and enjoy this
  • To support the Contemporary Art community in Hanoi

Good to combine with

  • Luxury vehicle, high-end product (like Hanoia) to make an exclusive tour
  • 2 meeting with 2 different artists or Art Museum to make half-day activity
  • Combine with Manzi Art coffee for meeting or just a coffee-break

Market suggestion














Competitor comparison

Some DMC worked with the artist before, for example Amica did work with artist Nguyen The Son


  • The Artists is open mind and love to share his story
  • The Artists’ place and Manzi both clean and interesting
  • All the roads are quite good


  • The Artist is busy so need to be inform far in advance
  • Need Easia Tour-guide for the translation


There will be some options of artist for choosing, or being back-up just in case the other is busy:

  • Mr. Nguyen The Son – He is a talented artist, can be considered as a representative for the new generation of artist in Vietnam. He loves to share his love of Hanoi through his products together with his story of how he made the product – 
  • Mr. Ngo Van Sac – A special artist who is the only one in the world creating art by burning the surface of pieces of wood. The arts are even surprise for him when they come out every time. His arts are displayed in many famous showroom in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. His story about how he came up with this art and how he enjoys this every day, is really interesting –
  • Considering carefully to book a private meeting at Manzi place or not. For a group of more than 6 pax, highly recommend booking a private meeting here.



  • Mr. Nguyen The Son – Possibility of organizing the meeting/sharing at his place or Manzi.
  • Mr. Ngo Van Sac – Possibility of organizing the meeting/sharing only at Manzi

Important information

  • Need to check carefully the date of booking with the artist
  • Mr. Nguyen The Son also can provide a walking tour with the architecture theme. The tour will be around the old quarter, with his special book which is storing all of his imaginations of how the Hanoi Old quarter should be without the urbanization

Price range

from 200USD/hour + coffee fee/private meeting fee at Manzi

Quotation guideline

• Mr. Nguyen The Son:

  • Informal talk at his place/Manzi
  • Formal talk at his place/Manzi
  • Walking tour (architecture tour)
  • Manzi renting fee/coffee price

Mr. Ngo Van Sac

  • Meeting/Talk at Manzi
  • Manzi renting fee/coffee price

Note: The Manzi’s price on ERP is for Event and privatizing, for the coffee price only, please take the price from Hanoi experiences


Artist fee for transportation if needed



Easia Guide

Possible Extra

Vintage car for transportation for Luxury client

Important notes


Service to be booked:

  • Mr. Nguyen The Son:
    • Informal talk at his place/Manzi – Book with the artist and Manzi if needed
    • Formal talk at his place/Manzi – Book with the artist and Manzi if needed
    • Walking tour (architecture tour) – Book with the artist
    • Manzi renting fee/coffee price – Book with Manzi for chartering one floor if needed
  • Mr. Ngo Van Sac
    • Meeting/Talk at Manzi – Book with the artist
    • Manzi renting fee/coffee price – Book with Manzi for chartering one floor if needed

Special Guide notes

Study in advance about these artists


  • Mr. Nguyen The Son:
    • • Contact person: Ms. Nguyen Thu Van
      • Phone: 091 337 2251
    • Email: [email protected]
    • His address: workshop 1406A & 1407A Helios Tower 75 Tam Trinh.
  • Mr. Ngo Van Sac:
  • Manzi Art Space:
    • manzi art space, cafe, bar
      14 Phan Huy Ich, Hanoi, Vietnam
      open: 8:00AM – 10:30PM
      +84 4 3716 3397
      [email protected]


Meet one of the leading contemporary artists of Vietnam and learn about their personal style, the story of their art and philosophy and most importantly, enjoy the beauty of the art they have created. During your meeting,  understand more about Vietnamese art, especially the subtle differences of local Hanoian and overall Vietnamese lifestyle.

Duration: 1 hour – 1h 30min


Walking tour with Mr. Nguyen The Son:

Stroll through Hanoi’s Old Quarter together with one of the leading contemporary artists of Vietnam. The artist, who also has a big passion for architecture, can also share details of his personal idealistic view of Hanoi’s architectural evolution. Armed with his special book of sketches, the talented artist will reveal his visualization of how Hanoi’s Old Quarter could be without urbanization. The experience will allow you to understand not only more about Vietnamese architecture but also about the culture, lifestyle and evolution of this vibrant capital city.

Duration: 1 hour – 1h 30min


Coffee break at Manzi Art Space

Enjoy a coffee break at Manzi Art Space, situated in a peaceful colonial house in Hanoi. It offers the chance to discover one of the most dynamic art spaces in  Hanoi .
Manzi promotes contemporary arts, builds new audiences for the art in Vietnam and has a collaborative approach, working together with local artists, intellectuals and social activists, as well as international cultural institutions.


Rencontre avec l’art contemporain vietnamien

Vous rencontrerez l’un des chefs de file de l’art contemporain au Vietnam. Ce sera une formidable opportunité pour vous de découvrir son travail, l’histoire derrière ses œuvres et plus important encore, vous pourrez ainsi profiter de la beauté artistique de l’environnement qu’il a créé. Il répondra à toutes vos questions pour que vous compreniez vraiment l’art contemporain vietnamien et le style de vie d’un vrai habitant d’Hanoi.

Durée : 1 heure – 1h 30min


Pause café au Manzi Art Space

Profitez d’une pause-café au Manzi Art Space, situé dans une paisible maison coloniale de Hanoi. C’est l’occasion de découvrir l’un des espaces artistiques les plus dynamiques de Hanoi.

Manzi promeut les arts contemporains en proposant des expositions d’art contemporain avec une approche collaborative, travaillant avec des artistes locaux, des intellectuels et des activistes sociaux, ainsi que des institutions culturelles internationales.


Conozca el arte contemporáneo vietnamita

Se citará con uno de los principales artistas contemporáneos de Vietnam. Esta será una gran oportunidad para aprender sobre sus obras, las historias que las subyacen y, más importante, para disfrutar de la belleza del entorno artístico que este ha creado. Responderá con gusto todas sus preguntas para que pueda profundizar en su conocimiento del arte contemporáneo vietnamita y en el estilo de vida de un auténtico hanoiense.

Duración: 1 hora – 1 hora y 30 minutos.


Pausa café en Manzi Art Space

Disfrute de un café en Manzi Art Space, situado en una tranquila casa colonial de Hanói. Esta es una oportunidad para descubrir uno de los espacios artísticos más dinámicos de Hanoi.

Manzi promueve las artes contemporáneas ofreciendo exposiciones de arte contemporáneo con un enfoque colaborativo, trabajando con artistas locales, intelectuales y activistas sociales, así como con instituciones culturales internacionales.


Scoprite l’arte contemporanea vietnamita

Incontrerete uno dei principali artisti contemporanei in Vietnam. Questa sarà una grande opportunità per conoscere le sue opere, le storie dietro di esse e, soprattutto, per godere della bellezza dell’ambiente artistico da lui creato. Sarà ben felice di rispondere a tutte le vostre domande in modo da poter approfondire la conoscenza dell’arte contemporanea vietnamita e lo stile di vita di un vero cittadino di Hanoi.

Durata: 1 ora – 1 ora e 30 minuti


Pausa caffè presso lo Spazio d’arte Manzi

Godetevi una pausa caffè al Manzi Art Space, situato in una tranquilla casa coloniale di Hanoi. È un’occasione per scoprire uno degli spazi artistici più dinamici di Hanoi.

Manzi promuove le arti contemporanee proponendo mostre d’arte contemporanea con un approccio collaborativo, lavorando con artisti locali, intellettuali e attivisti sociali, oltre che con istituzioni culturali internazionali.



Treffen Sie auf Vietnams zeitgenössische Kunst

Sie werden einen der führenden zeitgenössischen Künstler in Vietnam treffen. Hierbei handelt es sich um eine großartige Möglichkeit, etwas über seine Arbeit und die Geschichten dahinter zu lernen und – noch wichtiger – die Schönheit des von ihm kreierten Kunst-Umfeldes zu genießen. Er nimmt all Ihre Fragen entgegen, sodass Sie ein tieferes Verständnis für die zeitgenössische Kunst in Vietnam und den Lebensstil eines richtigen Hanoianers bekommen.

Dauer: zwischen 1 Stunde  und 1 Stunde und 30 Minuten


Kaffeepause im Manzi Art Space

Genießen Sie eine Kaffeepause im Manzi Art Space, der in einem friedlichen Kolonialhaus in Hanoi untergebracht ist. Hier haben Sie die Möglichkeit, einen der dynamischsten Kunsträume in Hanoi zu entdecken.

Manzi fördert die zeitgenössische Kunst, schafft ein neues Publikum für die Kunst in Vietnam und arbeitet mit lokalen Künstlern, Intellektuellen und sozialen Aktivisten sowie mit internationalen Kultureinrichtungen zusammen.