MYANMAR – Dawei – Jungle Trail and Forest Spa


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Myanmar - Dawei

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Groups, Thematic Leisure

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Visit a picturesque village nestled in the verdant landscape of Dawei, and discover an array of medicinal plants as you walk through the jungle. Take a break for a picnic lunch by the river before reaching the highlight of your day: a natural spa, set up in the forest!

Can be combined with

Thematic Leisure

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Dawei – Dawei Arts and Crafts


Selling points

  • The Forest Spa is a real highlight of the program: simple spa completely set up in the middle of nature
  • Ka Lone Thar Village is completely off the beaten tracks – offered by no other local operator
  • A real connection to nature
  • Picnic lunch set up by the river: zero plastic policy and fresh local dishes
  • The program is organized from A to Z by the villagers committed to Dawei CBT
  • The project is supported by ITC – which already has a good reputation for their project in Loikaw
  • The opportunity to discover a rarely explored side of Dawei and to balance a program and not only focus on the beach

Time And Transportation

From To Distance By Duration Road Condition
Dawei Ka Lone Thar Village 35 kilometers Car 1h 30min Good tar road and small dirt tracks towards the end


Full-day activity (08:00 – 18:00)


Min pax

1 person

Max pax

20 persons

How to sell it

  • Combine it in a module in Dawei with some beach activities to balance the program between jungle and beach sightseeing
  • Include it between 2 beach days to build a varied program
  • Suitable for a large range of profiles – mostly:
    • Families: children can swim in the river, the trail is easy
    • Wellness thematic: local guide shows medicinal plants all along the trail and the day ends up at the Forest Spa (natural spa)
    • Small groups: logistics is professional enough to host bigger groups
  • Forest Spa can be included by itself in a program – but quite a long time to drive just for that
  • Warning for older clients and clients with mobility issues: the trail goes across rivers (clients will get wet) and the trail is not always 100% clear (branches, roots, bushes, etc.)
  • Local guides (provided by the CBT) speak limited English. If the activity is possible without Easia guide, we advise to book a guide in supplement
  • Suitable for young active clients looking for something off the beaten track and instagrammable

Why this activity

  • Supporting ITC in their Dawei CBT program
  • Offering a different side of Dawei – different from the beach – organized by a professional and trustworthy supplier
  • Destination completely off the beaten path
  • Developing Dawei for our clients before it gets more developed and busy
  • The Forest Spa is something really original and unusual!

Good to combine with

  • Combine it in a module in Dawei with some beach activities to balance the program between jungle and beach sightseeing
  • Include it between 2 beach days to build a varied program

Do not combine with

  • Domestic flight in or out of Dawei

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Competitor comparison

The program is built in collaboration with ITC (International Trade Center), which built a community for Dawei CBT.

ITC is also behind a similar project in Loikaw and has a good reputation in the industry (especially for all CBT and sustainable experiences). Its representative for Myanmar – Peter Richards (UK living in Thailand) – is very active in the promotion of those projects and is often present in Trade Shows (mainly WTM London). Our clients might hear about it from him and request it from us (as it happened in the past with Loikaw).


  • Extremely well-organized operation – eye for detail/zero plastic
  • An activity which unveils a different face of Dawei, never explored
  • A varied program with special touches all along the day: river swimming, picnic lunch, forest spa
  • Focus on sustainability: clients need to bring their own bottle of water for refill
  • Not accessible by backpackers (the monks of the village don’t welcome local tour operators – but ITC has a special agreement)


  • As any CBT – the staff are not professionals of the industry and their training is constantly ongoing
  • We need to provide car transfer to the village


Lunch: picnic lunch set up on bamboo tables by the side of the river. Dishes are traditional from the area, taste is more local than usual, but hygiene is excellent. Everything is with zero plastic policy.

Forest Spa: a very simple spa so far which they are aiming to improve. The spa consists of 1 “shower” and several hot sources. They provide longyi and towels. Clients can either:

  • Take a shower with natural thanakha soap, natural hot water and cold water. A shower has been built naturally with bamboo walls, outdoor, in private
  • Dig their feet in hot sand in the river bed and feel the natural hot water source underground
  • Sit by the side of a pool and dip their feet in the hot springs

They have changing rooms and toilets.

They are trying to develop more activities. It is currently a very nice, simple setting spa that is really relaxing after a day of walking.


  • Refill station available! They do not provide any plastic water bottles!
  • The itinerary includes some “river crossing”, which means clients will have to take their shoes off and get their feet wet. It is not suitable for clients who are a bit older or who are not confident (the water is not deep – but some clients might not like it)
  • They provide longyis and towels at the “Forest Spa”, nevertheless, clients will need to get undressed and change in those longyis to enjoy the full experience. If they want to stay dressed, clients can only do the barefoot spa

How is it a CBT?

Villages in Ka Lone Htar (where the tour starts) started to develop community based tourism (CBT) in 2018, supported by the United Nations International Trade Center (ITC). Community members discussed and decided which aspects of the local life, culture and nature they feel proud and comfortable to share with visitors. Community members received training from ITC in tour guiding, food hygiene, how to take bookings and accounting. The price of the tour paid by visitors includes fees for food, their guide, the activities and the logistic teams behind the scenes.

It is an inclusive program that was designed by the villagers from their own ideas and experience, from which the fund goes back into the community directly.

Price range

28 USD/pax based on 2 pax

Quotation guideline

on ERP:

  • Jungle trail and Forest Spa (Ka Lone Htar CBT Club)


  • Local Community Tour Guide (1 guide for each group of 8 pax)
  • Visit to the Forest Pharmacy
  • Trail across the jungle and the rivers
  • Forest picnic by the river
  • Access to the Barefoot Forest Spa
  • Healthy welcome snack and drink at the spa
  • Coordination fee which goes back to the community fund (1,000 ks/pax)


  • Transportation to Ka Lone Thar Village
  • Easia guide
  • Water, soft drinks or alcohol
  • Souvenirs


  • FOC for guide

Important notes

  • The tour starts in Ka Lone Thar Village
  • Local guides speak limited English. If the activity is possible without Easia guide, we advise to book a guide in supplement
  • All bookings must be made through Ka Lone Thar CBT team only – they have been trained for booking and accounting tasks
  • Book at least 24 hours in advance

Brief explanation of the tour:

  • Clients welcomed by the CBT team in Ka Lone Thar Village
  • Quick visit to the monastery to pay respect to the monks
  • Presentation of the tour in the CBT house
  • Walk to the Forest Pharmacy – 5 minutes: garden where they keep samples of the most used pharmaceutical plants for the community
  • Start the trail through the forest, jungle and across river: regular stop to explain the fauna and flora
  • Break by the riverside for a swim
  • Continue walking to the lunch break by the river (total morning walking time: around 2h 30min)
  • Leisure time for swimming
  • Continue the trail along the river until the spa (1h 30min)
  • Leisure at the spa (included): shower with natural hot water or foot spa
  • The car picks up clients at the spa directly

Special Guide notes

  • Payment on spot to the community coordinator
  • The tour starts in Ka Lone Thar Village
  • Before leaving hotel with clients make sure they have:
    • swim suit (possibility to swim in the river + for the spa)
    • shoes they can walk with in the water – or shoes they can take off easily
    • a little bit of cash if they want to buy souvenirs (small souvenir boutique with arts and crafts) at the spa
    • a bottle to refill as they do not give water plastic bottles
  • Guide from the CBT project will be there to lead the activity – as they don’t speak English, Easia guide will be there mostly to translate and support the CBT guide in delivering the service to our clients. Easia guide is also there to support our clients to ask questions to the community group
  • Food for guide is included – can share with the clients (drinks not included in the price)


Ka Lone Htar CBT Club

Aung Kyaw Thet (Alu) – 09-451901887 (Myanmar language only)

Book at least 24 hours in advance

Name of the program to book: Package 1 – Ka Lone Htar Hiking and spa program with special forest picnic


Jungle experience at Ka Lone Thar Village

A change of setting for today’s discoveries. Dawei is not only celebrated for its pristine beaches, the town is also surrounded by thick jungle and forests. You will drive to Ka Lone Htar Village, nestled in the lush forest of betel nut and rubber trees. You will meet with your local guide, ambassador of the community project taking place here. They will first show you their medicinal garden and orchard, before leading you on a nature trail, showing you the medicinal secrets of the flora surrounding their home village. The trail will also cross the river several times, giving you the chance to take a refreshing dip. For lunch, a local picnic of traditional delicacies is set up by the river by the community. After lunch, you will resume your walk for approximately 1 hour until you reach the “Barefoot Forest Spa” – natural hot springs converted into a low key spa in the middle of the forest. Take a revitalizing shower of natural hot water or dig your feet in the hot sand of the river bed. An unusual beauty session in the most unique setting. Your car will be waiting for you at the spa after your relaxation time to drive back to Dawei.


Meals included: Picnic lunch, dinner on own account

Walking time: 3 to 4 hours

Driving time: Dawei to Ka Lone Thar – 35 kilometers – 1h 30min


Découverte de la Jungle au village de Ka Lone Thar

Changement de décor pour aujourd’hui car les plages splendides ne sont pas la seule richesse de Dawei qui est également entourée de jungle épaisse et de forêts à découvrir. Pour cela, vous vous mettrez en route vers le village de Ka Lone Htar, niché dans une forêt luxuriante de caoutchouc et de noix de bétel. Votre guide local, un ambassadeur du projet de la communauté, vous montrera le jardin de plantes médicinales ainsi que le verger avant de vous diriger sur un sentier pour vous faire découvrir les secrets médicinaux des plantes naturelles autour du village. Le sentier vous fera ensuite traverser plusieurs fois la rivière, ce qui vous offrira l’opportunité de vous rafraîchir. Pour le déjeuner, vous vous arrêterez près de la rivière non loin de la communauté pour savourer un pique-nique fait de mets traditionnels. Après le repas, vous reprendrez la marche pour environ une heure avant d’atteindre le « Spa de la Forêt », des sources chaudes naturelles discrètement transformées en spa au milieu des arbres. Vous prendrez alors une douche revitalisante d’eau naturellement chaude à moins que vous ne préfériez plonger vos pieds dans le sable chaud de la rive. Cette activité vous permettra de profiter d’un soin de beauté insolite dans un cadre naturel exceptionnel. Votre voiture vous attendra à la sortie du spa pour vous reconduire à Dawei après ce moment de détente.


Repas inclus : déjeuner pique-nique, dîner à votre charge

Temps de marche : 3 à 4 heures

Temps de route: de Dawei à Ka Lone Thar – 35 kilomètres – 1h 30min


Experiencia selvática en Ka Lone Htar

Hoy cambiaremos el telón de fondo a las aventuras del día. Dawei no solo es conocida por sus prístinas playas, sino que la ciudad también está rodeada de densa selva y bosques. Viajará por carretera hasta el pueblo de Ka Lone Htar, asentado en un frondoso bosque de palmas de areca y árboles de caucho. Se reunirá con su guía local, embajador del proyecto comunitario que se está realizando aquí. En primer lugar, le mostrará su jardín y huerto medicinales, antes de llevarle por un camino natural en el que le mostrará los secretos medicinales de la flora que rodea a su pueblo natal. El camino también cruzará el río varias veces, dándole la oportunidad de darse un baño refrescante. Para almorzar, la comunidad preparará un picnic local de delicias tradicionales en los márgenes del río. Después, retomará su paseo durante aproximadamente una hora hasta que llegue al «Barefoot Forest Spa», unas fuentes termales naturales convertidas en un discreto spa en el medio del bosque. Dese una revitalizante ducha con agua caliente natural o meta los pies en la arena caliente del lecho del río…. Una sesión de belleza inusual en un enclave único. Su coche le estará esperando en el spa después de relajarse para regresar a Dawei.


Comidas incluidas: almuerzo en forma de picnic y cena por cuenta propia.

Duración del trayecto a pie: De 3 a 4 horas.

Duración de la conducción: de Dawei a Ka Lone Htar – 35 kilómetros – 1 hora y 30 minutos.


Esperienza nella giungla al villaggio di Ka Lone Thar

Oggi, per aggiungere nuove scoperte, cambieremo di sfondo. Dawei non è solo famosa per le sue spiagge incontaminate, la città è anche circondata da fitta giungla e foreste. Viaggerete fino al villaggio di Ka Lone Thar, immerso nella lussureggiante foresta di noci di betel e alberi di caucciù. Incontrerete la vostra guida locale, ambasciatrice del progetto della comunità che si svolge in questo luogo. Per iniziare vi saranno mostrati il loro giardino medicinale e frutteto, prima di condurvi su un sentiero naturalistico, dove scoprirete i segreti medicinali della flora che circonda il loro villaggio natale. Il sentiero attraverserà anche diverse volte il fiume, dandovi la possibilità di fare un tuffo rinfrescante. Per pranzo, sarà organizzato dalla comunità un picnic di prelibatezze tradizionali locali in riva al fiume. Dopo il pasto, riprenderete la passeggiata per circa 1 ora fino a raggiungere la “Barefoot Forest Spa”, sorgenti termali naturali convertite in una spa di basso profilo nel mezzo della foresta. Fatevi una doccia rigenerante con acqua calda naturale o scavate i vostri piedi nella sabbia calda del letto del fiume. Un insolito trattamento di bellezza nella cornice più unica. Infine, una volta conclusa questa pausa per il relax, tornerete a Dawei con la vostra auto.


Pasti inclusi: pranzo al sacco, cena per conto proprio

Tempo di percorrenza: 3-4 ore

Tempo di guida: da Dawei a Ka Lone Thar – 35 chilometri – 1 ora e 30 minuti


Dschungelerlebnis im Dorf Ka Lone Thar

Bei den heutigen Entdeckungen ändert sich die Umgebung. Dawei ist nicht nur wegen seiner unberührten Strände beliebt, sondern auch aufgrund des dichten Dschungels und der Wälder, die die Stadt umgeben. Sie fahren zum Dorf Ka Lone Thar, das inmitten eines üppigen Waldes aus Betelnuss- und Gummibäumen liegt. Sie treffen auf Ihren lokalen Reiseleiter, den Botschafter des dortigen Gemeindeprojekts. Zunächst wird er Ihnen den Heilpflanzengarten und Obstgarten zeigen, bevor er Sie auf einen natürlichen Pfad führt, um Ihnen die medizinischen Geheimnisse der sein Heimatdorf umgebenden Flora zu zeigen. Der Pfad wird mehrere Male über den Fluss führen und Ihnen die Chance geben, sich Im Wasser zu erfrischen.
Für das Mittagessen wurde ein lokales Picknick mit traditionellen Delikatessen beim Fluss der Gemeinde vorbereitet. Nach dem Essen werden Sie Ihre Wanderung für rund 1 Stunde fortsetzen, bis Sie das „Barefoot Forest Spa“ erreichen – natürliche heiße Quellen, die in ein zurückhaltendes Spa mitten im Wald umgewandelt wurden. Nehmen Sie eine belebende Dusche unter natürlichem, heißem Wasser oder vergraben Sie Ihre Füße im heißen Sand des Flussbettes. Ein wirklich ungewöhnliches Wohlfühlerlebnis in einer einzigartigen Umgebung. Nach Ihrer Entspannung wird Ihr Auto auf Sie am Spa warten und Sie zurück nach Dawei bringen.


Mahlzeiten inklusive: Picknick-Mittagessen im Wald, Abendessen auf eigene Rechnung

Wanderzeit: 3 bis 4 Stunden

Fahrzeit: von Dawei nach Ka Lone Thar – 35 Kilometer – 1 Stunde und 30 Minuten