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Myanmar - Bagan

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Groups, Thematic Leisure

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Wander around the ancient temples of Bagan by bike, cycle through the lanes between temples and across villages at your own pace. Stop at leisure to visit the remotest temples, sip on a drink in small shops and enjoy the peaceful site. Despite being one of the highlights of Myanmar, Bagan still offers many opportunities to enjoy the majestic temples by yourself if you travel on the roads inaccessible by car!

Can be combined with

Thematic Leisure

Bagan – Cooking class with a local family

Bagan – Visit to Taungbi Library

Bagan – Sandbank Cocktail

Selling points

  • Flexible itinerary and schedule: several itineraries from 10 to 30-40 kilometers
  • Suitable for different profiles of clients: less active and sports lovers
  • Slow travel – access to back roads inaccessible by car and immerse deeper in the local life
  • Suitable for families: children bike and seat available
  • Alternative to electric scooter for clients who don’t feel comfortable driving

Time And Transportation

From To Km By Duration Road condition
New Bagan Old Bagan 7 Mountain Bike 30 minutes Good tar road
Old Bagan Nyaung Oo 10 Mountain Bike 60 minutes Good tar road
Nyaung Oo New Bagan 10 Mountain Bike 60 minutes Good tar road


  • Available half-day or fullday – timing is flexible

Min pax


Max pax


How to sell it

  • The cycling difficulty is easy and higher physical fitness is not essential: mostly flat landscape
  • Available half-day or fullday – timing and number of kilometers is flexible
  • Suitable both with and without guide
  • Alternative to electric scooter for clients who don’t want to drive
  • Suitable for FIT and GIT
  • Suitable for families: see remarks for children options
  • Available all year long – rainy season is not too intense in Bagan can still bike even on bad days

Why this activity

  • Access to back roads not accessible by car or electric scooter
  • When clients don’t want to take the electric scooter

Good to combine with

  • TaungBi Library for a quick stop during the biking – especially if you book for families
  • Food donation or lunch at monastery: includes a break in a quiet and remote place – allows to add optional activities
  • Sunset Cocktail Boat: clients can bike to the jetty and directly go on the boat – OP team can collect the bikes at the jetty and car will come and pick up the clients after the sunset

Do not combine with

  • Electric scooter on the same day – possible to combine on different days but itineraries will be similar (experience will be different though)

Market suggestion
















Competitor comparison

  • Every agency does it – classic/must-do product


  • Easy to organize and operate
  • Flexible timing, can make photo stops along the way
  • Pick up and drop off location for the bikes is flexible


  • Not challenging for cyclists
  • Some roads in Bagan are very sandy (can be difficult for some clients not used to bike)
  • Little shade in Bagan! Can be hot very quickly



  • Flexible itinerary depending on guide (if guide is included) and clients’ wish – between 10 and 30 kilometers
  • Bike drop off and pick up location is flexible (inform Bagan office clearly – extra cost might be needed if outside of Bagan area)

IMPORTANT: add bike rental for guide if clients include guide services (see ERP notes)


  • For young children: 1 link bike and 1 child seat are available for children (see pictures in Operation Notes)
  • For older children: 5 bikes for children are available (see information in Operation Notes)

Types of bikes:

  • See information in Operation Notes

Price range

15 USD/pax for fullday bike rental // 8 USD/pax for halfday bike rental (no guide service included)

Quotation guideline

  • On ERP in “Bike in Bagan”:
    • Mountain bike full day – Easia: fullday bike rental only (no guide service included)
    • Mountain bike half day – EasiaL halfday bike rental only (no guide service included)
    • See specific line for guide bike rental

Important: Moutain bike is different than “Normal bike” (Chinese, city bike) – choose Mountain bike quotation for higher quality bikes


  • Mountain Bike + Helmet for travelers
  • Mountain Bike + Helmet for guide



  • Any transportation
  • Guide service

Possible Extra

  • Easia station guide fee
  • Easia Active guide fee

Important notes

  • Please provide helmets
  • Reconfirm Mountain Bike pick up and drop off location with Sales (clients’ hotel? after a sightseeing? etc.)
  • Clients can do it at leisure or with a guide – if guide service included make sure Sales quoted bike for guide extra (!!)

Types of Bikes – Mountain Bike 

Wheel Size – 26″ (17 Bikes) and 27.5″ (8 Bikes)
Brand – TREK (7 Bikes), GIANT (9 Bikes), TWITTER (7 Bikes), MERIDA (2 Bikes)
Frame – Aluminium
Brakes – DISC (20 Bikes), RIM ( 5 Bikes – ONLY FOR KIDS)
Suspension – HARDTAIL

Option for young children:

  • 1 link bike (only 1 available)
  • 1 child seat (only 1 available)

Link Bike

Child Seat

Special Guide notes

  • Brief the guides not to start/end the tour directly from/at the hotel
  • Flexible itinerary – recheck with clients their “sports” level if they want long tour or short, including sightseeing or just riding around villages
  • Recheck if optional activities are included during the biking day (lunch at monastery? food donation? sunset cruise? Taungbi Library?) to adapt timing and itinerary at best

Different Choicess

Similar activities

  • Inle Lake – Around the Lake by Bicycle
  • Inle Lake – Cycling Through the Bamboo Forest
  • Nyaung Shwe – Nyaung Shwe Morning Ride
  • Mandalay – Amarapura to Ava by bicycle


  • Organized by Bagan Office
  • Recommended Bike supplier – Mg Mg Than
  • Remark: Easia has two more suppliers for bike in Bagan: Top Star and Kyaw Bike. However, service and quality of mountain bikes from those suppliers are not good.


Discover Bagan by bike

While Bagan’s monuments are easily visited by car, a cycling trip provides a different perspective with the chance to criss-cross smaller lanes, pass through villages and stop as often as you like. You’ll pedal with your guide through the central part of Bagan, making lots of stops along the way. On your bike, traveling slowly, you won’t just see the lives of the local people, but feel part of their daily activities: farmers on their way to the fields, kids rushing home after a day at school and artisans putting the finishing touches to their handicrafts. Be sure to have your camera batteries fully charged, as there are lots of opportunities for photos on this exciting cycling excursion in Bagan.

Meals: lunch and dinner on own account
Accommodation: overnight in Bagan
Level: 0 to 1
Distance and duration of cycling: between 10 and 30 kilometers – from 2 to 4 hours cycling
Terrain: a mix of paved road, sandy paths and dirt tracks – mostly flat, but sand can be challenging in some parts


Visite de Bagan en vélo tout terrain

Alors que les monuments de Bagan sont facilement visités en voiture, une excursion en vélo permet d’avoir une perspective différente en empruntant de plus petites rues, traversant des villages et s’arrêtant en chemin aussi souvent que souhaité.

Partez à vélo pour une demi-journée d’excursion. Pédalez avec votre guide à travers la région centrale de Bagan tout en faisant quelques arrêts. Vous aurez le temps d’admirer les nombreux monuments religieux, mais ce sont surtout les marchés locaux colorés et les villages qui rendront cette excursion inoubliable. Traversez lentement la région afin de graver dans votre mémoire les scènes de la vie quotidienne de ses habitants : les fermiers allant aux champs, les enfants pressé de rentrer chez eux après l’école et les artisans ajoutant une touche finale à leur création. Assurez-vous d’avoir chargé votre appareil-photo car nombreuses seront les opportunités de l’utiliser lors de cette captivante excursion.

Repas inclus: déjeuner et dîner à votre compte
Hébergement: nuit dans un hotel à Bagan
Niveau Easia: 0 à 1
Distance et durée en vélo: entre 10 et 30 kilometres – de 2 à 4 heures de vélo
Type de terrain: équilibre entre routes goudronnées, pistes de sable et chemins de terre – majoritairement plat, mais les passages ensablés peuvent représenter un défi


Descubra Bagan en bicicleta

Aunque los monumentos de Bagan se pueden visitar fácilmente en coche, un recorrido en bicicleta le dará otra perspectiva y le permitirá atravesar caminos más pequeños y aldeas, así como detenerse siempre que le apetezca. Pedaleará con el guía a través de la zona central de Bagan y harán muchas paradas por el camino. Subido a la bici y moviéndose despacio, no solo verá la vida de la gente local, sino que sentirá que participa en sus actividades cotidianas: agricultores de camino a los campos, niños que vuelven corriendo a casa después de pasar el día en la escuela y artesanos que dan el toque final a sus creaciones. Asegúrese de tener la batería cargada, ya que tendrá muchas oportunidades de hacer fotos en esta apasionante excursión en bicicleta por Bagan.

Comidas: almuerzo y cena por cuenta propia.
Alojamiento: estancia nocturna en Bagan.
Nivel: de 0 a 1.
Distancia y duración de la excursión en bicicleta: entre 10 y 30 kilómetros; de 2 a 4 horas en bici.
Terreno: una combinación de pavimento, caminos de arena y de tierra; principalmente llano, aunque la arena puede complicar el camino en algunas partes.


Scoperta di Bagan in bici

Mentre i monumenti di Bagan sono facilmente visitabili in auto, un viaggio in bicicletta offre la possibilità di percorrere piccole strade che passano tra i villaggi e di fermarsi lungo il percorso ogni volta che lo si desidera. Pronti a partire in sella di una bici locale per un’escursione di mezza giornata. Pedalerete con la vostra guida attraverso il centro di Bagan effettuando frequenti tappe lungo il percorso. Avrete tutto il tempo a disposizione per visitare monumenti religiosi, ma i punti forti della vostra giornata saranno il coloratissimo mercato e le visite ai villaggi. A cavallo della vostra bicicletta, procedendo lentamente, arriverete non sola ad osservare lo stile di vita dei locali, ma anche a sentirvi parte delle loro attività quotidiane: contadini sulla via verso i campi, bambini di ritorno dopo una giornata di scuola e artigiani al lavoro sui loro prodotti. Assicuratevi di avere le batterie della vostra fotocamera cariche perché ci saranno tantissime occasioni  di scattare foto uniche durante questa avventura a Bagan.

Pasti: pranzo e cena per conto proprio
Sistemazione: pernottamento a Bagan
Livello: da 0 a 1
Distanza e durata del giro in bicicletta: tra 10 e 30 chilometri – da 2 a 4 ore in bicicletta
Terreno: un mix di strada asfaltata, sentieri sabbiosi e strade sterrate, per lo più pianeggianti. La sabbia può rendere il percorso impegnativo in alcune parti


Entdecken Sie Bagan mit dem Fahrrad

Die Monumente von Bagan sind im Auto zwar gemütlicher zu besichtigen, eine Radtour über staubige Wege und durch Dörfer ermöglicht jedoch eine andere Perspektive. Radeln Sie mit Ihrem Reiseleiter durch Bagans mystische Tempelebenen und legen Sie so viele Stopps ein, wie gewünscht. Entdecken Sie die zahlreichen Monumente, besuchen Sie lokale Märkte und kleine Dörfer. Auf Ihrer Tour werden Sie nicht nur vielen Einheimischen, sondern auch der ein oder anderen Kuh- und Ziegenherde begegnen. So bekommen Sie einen einmaligen Einblick in das Leben der Bewohner Bagans.

Mahlzeiten: Mittagessen und Abendessen auf eigene Rechnung
Unterbringung: Übernachtung in Bagan
Schwierigkeitsstufe: 0 bis 1
Strecke und Dauer der Radtour: zwischen 10 und 30 Kilometer – 2 bis 4 Stunden mit dem Fahrrad
Terrain: eine Mischung aus asphaltierten Straßen, Sandwegen und Feldwegen – meistens flach, teilweise kann der Sand aber zur Herausforderung werden