MYANMAR – Dawei – Tizit Beach: Sunset Fishing Experience


Beach Stay, Family, Sustainable

Country - City

Myanmar - Dawei

Market segment

Groups, Thematic Leisure

Price Level


Max pax

20 persons


October to April

Arrival city


Departure city



Meet with the fishermen community of Tizit, who will show you some traditional techniques to cast a fishing net at high tide or to dig for shellfish at low tide. Walk across the lagoon all the way to a paradise beach, where a local seafood picnic will be freshly prepared for you. As the sun sets, take a dip in the turquoise sea to enjoy this picture-perfect backdrop.

Can be combined with

Thematic Leisure

Dawei – Moscos Island Snorkeling Trip

Dawei – Jungle trail and Forest Spa

Dawei – Dawei Arts and Crafts

Selling points

  • The seafood picnic is flawless: very fresh seafood, big portions and zero plastic policy. On top of it, it is set up on the beach from where you can admire a perfect sunset
  • Connect with the fishermen community who will show you their traditional fishing tools and welcome you in their village
  • A local experience which has a much more social side than a traditional beach tour
  • The program is organised from A to Z by the villagers committed to Dawei CBT
  • The project is supported by ITC – which already has good reputation for their project in Loikaw

Time And Transportation

From To Distance By Duration Road Condition
Dawei Tizit Beach 30 kilometers Car 1 hour Good tar road and dirt tracks towards the end


Around 3 hours

Suitable at the end of the afternoon only – starting from 14:00 or 15:00


Min pax

1 person

Max pax

20 persons

How to sell it

  • Combine it in a module in Dawei with some beach hopping and the jungle experience to balance the program between jungle and beach sightseeing
  • The sunset picnic can be offered independently from the fishing experience if clients only want the picnic part
  • Suitable for a large range of profiles:
    • Families: children can swim in the sea, food is accessible for children’s taste, fishing activity is interactive
    • Wellness thematic: connection with nature and quiet private beach for dinner at the end
    • Small groups: logistics is professional enough to host groups
  • Older clients need to have a bit of a sense of adventure as clients will need to walk barefoot across the lagoon (some muddy parts) + picnic on the beach is set up on the floor. Clients need to sit crossed leg on a bamboo mat.
  • Local guides (provided by the CBT) speak limited English. If the activity is possible without Easia guide, we advise to book a guide in supplement.
  • Suitable for young active clients looking for something off the beaten track and instagrammable.

Why this activity

  • Supporting ITC in their Dawei CBT program
  • Offering a different side of Dawei – a connection to the local population and more than just a classic beach tour
  • Tizit beach is well-known but rarely visited as it is a bit challenging to access by yourself
  • Developing Dawei for our clients before it gets more developed and busy

Good to combine with

  • Morning domestic flight arrival
  • Morning cultural sightseeing (downtown tour or cottage industry tour)
  • Morning at leisure at hotel
  • Morning at the beach

Do not combine with

  • Domestic flight in or out of Dawei

Market suggestion














Competitor comparison

  1. The program is built in collaboration with ITC (International Trade Center), which built a community for Dawei CBT.

ITC is also behind a similar project in Loikaw and has a good reputation in the industry (especially for all CBT and sustainable experiences). Its representative for Myanmar – Peter Richards (UK living in Thailand) – is very active in the promotion of those projects and is often present in Trade Shows (mainly WTM London). Our clients might hear about it from him and request it from us (as it happened in the past with Loikaw).

2. The Mandolis Hotel is building a resort by the beach on Tizit. The construction space is away from where the activity is taking place so it currently doesn’t interfere with this program. But it means that in 1 or 2 years, it will be less secluded and exclusive (situation to be monitored) (Jan 2020).


  • Extremely well-organized operation – eye for detail/zero plastic
  • An activity which unveils a different face of Dawei and provides a local encounters and immersion
  • A very friendly community welcoming clients with snacks and drinks and accompanying them at every step of the journey
  • Focus on sustainability: clients need to bring their own bottle of water for refill
  • Not accessible by backpackers (the monks of the village don’t welcome local tour operators – but ITC has a special agreement)


  • As any CBT – the staff are not professionals of the industry and their training is constantly ongoing
  • We need to provide a car transfer to the village


Seafood picnic on the beach:

  • Assortment of seafood dishes: grilled fish, squid salad, grilled prawns
  • Vegetable salads
  • Rice
  • Low table set up on the beach on a bamboo mat. Clients need to sit crossed-leg on the mat
  • Welcome drink included
  • Other drinks not included (beer and soft drinks) – to pay directly on-spot. They have a set up with fresh drinks available


  • Refill station available! They do not provide any plastic water bottles!
  • Inform Operation (for supplier) if clients have seafood allergy!!!
  • The fishing activity depends on the tide:
    • At high tide, they can show fish net casting
    • At low tide, they can dig in the sand to find shellfish

How is it a CBT?

Villagers in Tizit Beach (where the tour starts) started to develop community based tourism (CBT) in 2018, supported by the United Nations International Trade Center (ITC). Community members discussed and decided which aspects of the local life, culture and nature they feel proud and comfortable to share with visitors. Community members received training from ITC in tour guiding, food hygiene, how to take bookings and accounting. The price of the tour paid by visitors includes fees for food, their guide, the activities and the logistic teams behind the scenes.

It is an inclusive program that was designed by the villagers from their ideas and experience, from which the fund goes back into the community directly.

Important information

The program is private basis.

Price range

28 USD/pax based on 2 pax

Quotation guideline

On ERP: Tizit Beach: Sunset Fishing Experience (Tizit CBT Club)



  • Local Community Tour Guide (1 guide for each group of 8 pax)
  • Welcome center: traditional snack and fishing tools explanation
  • Visit of traditional Dawei home
  • Fishing experience
  • Seafood picnic on the beach
  • Coordination fee which goes back to the community fund (1,000 ks/pax)


  • Transportation to Tizit Beach
  • Easia guide
  • Water, soft drinks or alcohol
  • Souvernirs


  • FOC for guide

Important notes

  • Local guides speak limited English. If the activity is possible without Easia guide, we advise to book a guide in supplement
  • All bookings must be made through Tizit CBT team only – they have been trained for booking and accounting tasks
  • Book at least 24 hours in advance
  • Payment is via guide or cash

Brief explanation of the tour:

  • Clients welcomed by the CBT team in the CBT house: fresh drinks and traditional snacks from Dawei (zero plastic!)
  • Briefing by the community group about the different fishing tools
  • Meet a local family in their house and introduction to betel
  • Walk to the lagoon for hands-on fishing experience:
    • In high tide: casting net
    • In low tide: digging whole to find shellfish burying themselves in the sand
  • Walking from the lagoon to the beach or by light truck
  • Swim, relax and leisure time by the beach as they are preparing dinner
  • 17:00/17:30: early dinner – seafood picnic
  • 18:00 – back to the car as the sun goes down and it gets dark

Special Guide notes

  • Guide to pay cash on-spot to the community supervisor
  • The tour starts at Tizit Beach
  • Inform supplier (and recheck with Sales) if clients have seafood allergy!!
  • Before leaving hotel with clients make sure they have:
    • swim suit (possibility to swim in the river + for the spa)
    • shoes they can walk with in the water – or shoes they can take off easily
    • a bottle to refill as they do not give water plastic bottles
  • If time is too tight, they will provide a light truck to transport clients from the lagoon to the beach – the road is bumpy and muddy!
  • Guide from the CBT project will be there to lead the activity – as they don’t speak English, Easia guide will be there mostly to translate and support the CBT guide in delivering the service to our clients. Easia guide is also there to support our clients to ask questions to the community group
  • Food for guide is included – can share with the clients (drinks not included in the price)


Tizit CBT Club

Mr Aung Myint Htoo – 09 42220 29 87 (Myanmar language)

Book at lest 24 hours in advance

Name of the program to book: Package 1 – Tizit half-day CBT tour with special seafood sunset picnic


Tizit Beach: Sunset Fishing Experience

In the afternoon, you will drive south of Dawei through the rural villages to Tizit Beach, a quaint fishermen village in the heart of the lagoon. First, meet with the local community for an insightful introduction to fishermen’s lives and a presentation of their tools. You will then visit a traditional wooden house before heading to the beach for a hands-on experience. Depending on the tide, the fishermen will show you some of their techniques to either spot shellfish buried in the sand or cast their nets. As the afternoon comes to an end, you will cross the lagoon and reach the sandy beach of Tizit, where a sunset beach picnic is waiting for you. Take a refreshing swim and enjoy the sunset while savoring barbecued seafood and fresh salads. After the sun has set, you will drive back to your hotel in the early evening.


Meals included: Picnic dinner on the beach (early dinner)

Driving time: Dawei to Tizit beach – 30 kilometers – 1h 30min


Plage de Tizit : Pêche au coucher du soleil

Dans l’après-midi, vous vous dirigerez vers le sud de Dawei et passerez par des villages ruraux pour rejoindre la plage de Tizit, un charmant village de pêcheurs au coeur du lagon. Vous commencerez par rencontrer la communauté locale pour découvrir la vie des pêcheurs ainsi que leurs outils. Vous visiterez ensuite une maison traditionnelle en bois avant de vous rendre à la plage pour une leçon pratique. En fonction du niveau de la marée, les pêcheurs vous montreront leurs techniques pour dénicher des coquillages enfouis dans le sable ou pour lancer leurs filets. Quand le soleil commencera à décliner, vous traverserez le lagon pour rejoindre la plage de sable de Tizit où un pique-nique vous attendra. Vous pourrez en profiter pour piquer une tête dans l’eau rafraichissante et pour contempler le coucher de soleil en dégustant des fruits de mer cuits au barbecue ainsi que des salades fraîches. Après le coucher du soleil, vous reprendrez le chemin de votre hôtel où vous arriverez en début de soirée.


Repas inclus : dîner pique-nique sur la plage (dîner de bonne heure)

Temps de trajet : de Dawei à Plage de Tizit – 30 kilomètres – 1h 30min


Playa de Tizit: experiencia de pesca al atardecer

Por la tarde, conducirá hasta el sur de Dawei atravesando pueblos rurales para llegar hasta la playa de Tizit, un pintoresco pueblo pesquero en el corazón de la albufera. Primero conocerá a la comunidad local para que esta le haga una informativa introducción sobre las vidas de los pescadores y una presentación sobre sus herramientas. Posteriormente, visitará una tradicional casa de madera antes de dirigirse a la playa para vivir una experiencia práctica. Dependiendo de la marea, los pescadores le enseñarán algunas de sus técnicas, ya sea encontrar medusas enterradas en la arena o lanzar las redes. Conforme la tarde llegue a su fin, cruzará la albufera y llegará a la arenosa playa de Tizit, donde un picnic playero al atardecer le estará esperando. Tómese un baño refrescante y disfrute del atardecer mientras saborea una barbacoa de marisco y ensalada fresca. Después de que el sol se esconda, conducirá de regreso al hotel al caer la noche.


Comidas incluidas: cena de picnic en la playa (cena temprana).

Duración de la conducción: de Dawei a Playa de Tizit – 30 kilómetros – 1 hora y 30 minutos.


Spiaggia di Tizit: esperienza di pesca al tramonto

Nel pomeriggio viaggerete a sud di Dawei attraverso i villaggi rurali fino alla spiaggia di Tizit, un pittoresco villaggio di pescatori nel cuore della laguna. In primo luogo, incontrerete la comunità locale per un’introduzione approfondita alla vita dei pescatori e una presentazione dei loro utensili. A continuazione visiterete una casa di legno tradizionale prima di andare in spiaggia per un’attività pratica. A seconda della marea, i pescatori vi mostreranno alcune delle loro tecniche per individuare i molluschi sepolti nella sabbia o lanciare le loro reti. Al termine del pomeriggio, attraverserete la laguna per raggiungere la spiaggia sabbiosa di Tizit, dove vi aspetta un picnic al tramonto. Provate a fare una nuotata rinfrescante e godetevi il tramonto mentre assaporate i frutti di mare alla brace e le insalate fresche. In prima serata, dopo che il sole è tramontato, tornerete in hotel.


Pasti inclusi: picnic sulla spiaggia (cena anticipata)
Durata del viaggio: da Dawei a Spiaggia di Tizit – 30 chilometri – 1 ora e 30 minuti


Tizit-Strand: Angelerfahrung bei Sonnenuntergang

Am Nachmittag fahren Sie südlich von Dawei durch bäuerliche Gemeinden bis zum Tizit-Strand, einem ruhigen Fischerdorf im Herzen einer Lagune. Als erstes treffen Sie auf die lokale Gemeinschaft und erhalten eine aufschlussreiche Einführung in das Leben der Fischer sowie eine Präsentation ihrer Werkzeuge. Anschließend besuchen Sie ein traditionelles Holzhaus, bevor Sie sich für eine Praxiserfahrung an den Strand begeben. Abhängig von den Gezeiten, werden die Fischer Ihnen einige ihrer Techniken zeigen, mit denen sie im Sand vergrabene Schalentiere aufspüren oder sie werfen ihre Netze aus.
Am Ende werden Sie die Lagune überqueren und den Sandstrand Tizit erreichen, wo ein Strandpicknick bei Sonnenuntergang bereits auf Sie wartet. Erfrischen Sie sich im Wasser und genießen Sie die untergehende Sonne bei gegrillten Meeresfrüchten und frischen Salaten. Am frühen Abend fahren Sie zurück zu Ihrem Hotel.


Mahlzeiten inklusive: Picknick-Abendessen am Strand (frühes Abendessen)

Fahrzeit: von Dawei nach Tizit-Strand – 30 Kilometer – 1 Stunde und 30 Minuten