MYANMAR – Bagan – Discover the art of Sand painting


Art & Culture, Family

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Myanmar - Bagan

Market segment

Thematic Leisure

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Max pax

10 persons


October to April

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Leave the temple trails to reach a quiet village not far from the archeological plain and meet with the artists who everyday create beautiful art pieces using the sand from the Irrawaddy.

Can be combined with

Thematic Leisure

Bagan – Discover Bagan by Bike

Bagan – Visit to Taungbi Library

Bagan – On the Sandy Paths of Kyun Thiri

Selling points

  • Hands-on activity suitable for families or small group to alternate from cultural sightseeing in Bagan
  • Suitable in the hottest hour of the day to shelter from the sun and discover a lesser known craft
  • A family workshop located in a small village – intimate experience for your group only
  • Guided by the artists themselves, you will learn the different steps and get to paint your own canvas

Time And Transportation

From To Distance By Duration Road condition
Old Bagan Nyaung Oo 10 km Car 25 minutes Good
Nyaung Oo New Bagan 10 km Car 25 minutes Good
New Bagan Old Bagan 5 km Car 15 minutes Good


1 hour

Min pax

1 person

Max pax

10 persons

How to sell it

  • Suitable for families, but children need to be with an adult to use the tools and paint: some tools are sharp
  • Suitable for small groups up to 10 persons – even for adults only – as the workshop is small.
  • A balance between learning a local craft and local encounter in a quiet village, away from the more touristy places of Bagan
  • The activity can last 30 minutes like 2 hours – it depends on the interest of the clients and how long they want to participate: do a full painting or just watch and try a bit
  • Would advise to offer in the afternoon, after lunch, when temperatures are getting too hot to visit temple

Why this activity

  • Family activity
  • Local encounter in a non-touristy workshop (no boutique, no shop, no tourists) – family workshop in a village

Good to combine with

  • Morning to Kyun Thiri
  • Visit of Taung Bi in the afternoon and sunset horse cart
  • Halfday classic temple visit
  • After market visit and before a cooking class at local house (the cooking class might finish late)

Do not combine with

  • The lacquerware workshop activity: both activities might be too similar and are close from each other

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  • Private setting in the artist family workshop/home
  • A craft that is not well known in general – less common
  • A flexible activity in terms of timing


  • Demonstration and clients can try – but not a complete course from A to Z
  • Place is too small for large groups
  • Not available on rainy season – the artists need to put the sand to dry in the sun


  • The artist speaks English, but advised to book with a guide for more interaction!

The artist: Tun Tun
“I use to sell my paintings in Dhammayan Gyi in the morning and on Pyat Tha Gyi during sunset time. I like sharing my passion with the tourists in Bagan, and talking time to discuss with them. My professor teach me everyday with heart, and this is a transmission I also would like to do. I want to share my knowledge and my passion of Bagan and the art of the sand painting”

Tun Tun was born and has always been living in Bagan. The sand painting is an art the family practice from generation to generation. With the time and the experience, the whole family improved the techniques, the design, and the way to teach their art. Tun Tun uses to sell the paintings to the tourists on the temples (mainly on Dhammayan Gyi in the morning and on Pyat Tha Gyi in afternoon). He speaks very good English and shares his knowledge with heart.

The Course, step by step…
– Arrive at the artist home (Tun Tun) in New Bagan
– The artist himself will introduce you to his family and will invite you into his home
– The family will serve you tea, coffee and snacks
– The family members will explain and demonstrate you the process of the sand painting making
– After the course and before leaving the house, choose one of the artist painting as a souvenir
– Go back home with your own art and the memory of this nice experience

Price range

12 USD per pax

Quotation guideline

on ERP:

  • Activity
  • Service line: The discovery of Sand painting – Tun Tun


  • Donation to the artist
  • Budget for tea and snacks
  • Gift at the end of the demonstration (clients can go home with a small painting)


  • Guide fees
  • Transportation for clients

Important notes

The artist name is Tun Tun – in New Bagan



Booked by Bagan office

Tun Tun – New Bagan


Meet a local artist at his workshop for a short class about a traditional form of art in Bagan. Local craftsmen use the sand of the Irrawaddy, stick it to a canvas tissue and color the painting using a special technique. It looks easy to produce this kind of art, but the paintings are very detailed and accurate. After you have watched the skillful artist at work, you can try the traditional techniques yourself and take your canvas back home with you.

Note: the workshops are closed during the rainy season as artists usually dry their paintings in the sun.


Les secrets de la peinture sur sable

Les artistes vous accueillent autour d’une boisson et de quelques d’encas pour un beau moment de découverte en famille. Ils prendront plaisir à partager avec vous chaque étape de cet art particulier. Ces peintures paraissent très simples à réaliser, mais les techniques utilisées sont en fait très pointues, le détail étant à l’honneur. Un expert vous transmettra sa technique et son savoir-faire, une occasion unique de réveiller l’artiste qui est en vous! Une activité ludique et familiale au cœur des temples mystiques de Bagan!

Remarque: les artistes faisant sécher leurs oeuvres dehors, les ateliers sont fermés lors de la mousson


Descubra el arte de la pintura de arena

Hoy encontrará un artista local en su taller para una clase corta sobre pinturas de arena, una forma tradicional de arte en Bagan. Utilizando tecnicas especiales, los artesanos locales toman un poco de arena del Irrawaddy para colorir lindos cuadros. A pesar de parecer que es fácil, las pinturas son verdaderas obras de arte: incriblemente detalladas y precisas. Después de haber visto el artista en su elemento tendrá la oportunidad de probar las técnicas tradicionales y volver a casa llevando en las manos su propio lienzo.

Note: the workshops are closed during rainy season as artist usually dry the paintings in the sun


Alla scoperta dell’arte della pittura su sabbia

Incontro nel laboratorio di un artista locale per una breve lezione su una forma d’arte tradizionale a Bagan. Gli artigiani locali usano la sabbia del fiume Irrawaddy, la spalmano su un supporto in tessuto e la colorano seguendo una tecnica speciale. Sembra facile produrre questo tipo di manufatti, ma i dipinti sono ricchi di dettagli e molto precisi. Dopo aver visto l’artista all’opera, potrete cimentarvi voi stessi con le tecniche tradizionali e portare a casa con voi il frutto del vostro lavoro.

Nota: i laboratori rimangono chiusi durante la


Entdecken Sie die Art der Sandmalerei
Sie treffen einen lokalen Künstler in senem Workshop zu einem kurzen Kurs über eine traditionelle Kunstform in Bagan. Einheimische Handwerker verwenden den Sand des Irrawaddy, kleben ihn auf ein Leinentuch und färben das Gemälde mit einer speziellen Technik. Es scheint einfach zu sein, diese Art von Kunst herzustellen, aber die Gemälde sind sehr detailliert und genau. Nachdem Sie den geschickten Künstler gesehen haben, haben Sie die Möglichkeit, die traditionellen Techniken selbst auszuprobieren und am Ende mit Ihrer eigenen Leinwand nach Hause zu fahren.

Hinweis: Die Werkstätten sind während der Regenzeit geschlossen, da Künstler die Gemälde normalerweise in der Sonne trocknen