MYANMAR – Bagan – Horse Cart Ride


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Myanmar - Bagan

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Groups, Thematic Leisure

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100 persons


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At sunrise or right before sunset, take a leisure horse cart ride along the dusty lanes of Bagan archaeological zone. A favourite mode of transportation for many visitors in Bagan, the horse cart ride brings you on the sandy trails around the mystical temples of Bagan, at a slow pace which allows you to take beautiful pictures and enjoy the beauty of the ancient temples differently.

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Selling points

  • A change of pace from the car or the electric scooter, slower to experience the atmosphere of Bagan differently
  • Suitable for families
  • Itinerary and time of the day is flexible to adapt to any type of sightseeing
  • Available all day long, but best during sunrise or sunset
  • Our favourite time is in the early morning when Bagan is still free of visitors and the spiritual atmosphere is even more palpable
  • The colourful wooden carts with temples in the backdrop make for beautiful pictures
  • One horse cart sits 2 or 3 adults


From 1 hour to a full day of visits

Min pax

1 person

Max pax

100 persons

How to sell it

  • Available in different timing:
    • Sunset or Sunrise: 1 hour duration
    • Halfday visit: 4 hours duration
    • Fullday visit: 6 hours duration
  • A fullday can be very long! We do not advise to book it for more than half day – 1 hour being ideal
  • Very popular in high season (with many groups, including Chinese tourists) taking the horse cart for sunset. For more sensitive clients who do not mind waking up early, we would advise to take a horse cart at sunrise to enjoy the atmosphere of Bagan the best
  • Most itineraries start around Ananda temple
  • A classic sunset itinerary would include Ananda temple, Dhammayangyi, Shwesandaw area – itineraries can be customized to certain zones of Bagan with potential additional charges
  • Think about the horse cart for “transfer” or additional touch in a program not only for sunset: transfer between hotel and restaurant for dinner? Transfer to Lunch at the monastery or Food donation? It easily adds a special touch in a more classic program
  • Note that 1 horse cart can fit 2 adults or 2 adults + 1 child.
  • It might be difficult for heavier clients or older clients (or mobility issue) to climb on the horsecart which is not very stable. As an alternative we can offer the Victorian Horsecart (4-wheel, more stable) – see pictures in notes

Why this activity

  • A classic in Bagan – despite its “tourist” side, it is very enjoyable to take a horse cart ride among the temples. To make it less touristy and more intimate, you can either book different areas of Bagan where less travellers are or do it in the early morning when most visitors are not out yet

Good to combine with

  • Ideal addition to any classic sightseeing day
  • Either at sunset or sunrise
  • As said in “How to sell it” – do not forget to consider horse carts as a different way of transportation, a potential transfer between places. Important: as the pace is relatively slow, do not book it for long transfer (example: Ananda temple to Aureum hotel…)

Do not combine with

  • Limit the experience to one time during a program in Bagan

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Competitor comparison

Best seller in Bagan for any tour agency


  • Beautiful colorful cart
  • Many horse carts available – can arrange for Incentive and big groups
  • Itinerary is flexible – price can be discussed if we want longer tours or more special request (for example: they are helping us in our Easia Treasure Hunt)


  • Extremely touristic in high season at sunset
  • Not stable for clients who are older or heavier – might be difficult to climb on the horse cart


  • Each horse cart can sit 2 adults or 2 adults and 1 child
  • Note: Aureum Hotel Bagan has their own horse cart that can be booked for in-house guests (surcharge applies).
  • Tuk Tuk can be an alternative for horse carts
  • If clients can not climb on the traditional horse cart, we can provide them with Victorian Horsecart (check prices as rates are not similar). Different style exist:


Price range

10 USD per horsecart for sunrise or sunset

Quotation guideline

Available on ERP under Bagan – Activity:

  • Victorian Horse cart 1 hour
    • Note: Victorian Horse cart is available for longer timing – consult Production for additional rates if required
    • Add a note if you want a special style of horse cart
  • Horse Cart – Sunrise/Sunset (2 pax + 1 guide)
  • Horse Cart – Half Day Sightseeing (2 pax + 1 Guide)
  • Horse Cart – Full Day Sightseeing (2 pax + 1 Guide)


  •  1 hour, 4 hours or 6 hours horse cart ride around the temples
  • Guide  sits at the front (2 pax + 1 guide per cart)


  • Easia guide fee

Different Choicess

Tuk Tuk or Electric scooter


Arranged by Easia Office Bagan


Sunrise Horse cart riding
You will set off on a horse cart to enjoy the quiet morning atmosphere and a panoramic view of the area as the sun slowly appears on the horizon, casting light over the holy temples of Bagan.

Sunset Horse cart Riding
You will set off on a horse cart to enjoy the sunset and a panoramic views of the area. You will then travel pass Thatbyinnyu, the tallest temple in Bagan and Dhammayangyi Temple, famous for its peculiar brickwork.


Sunrise Horse Cart Riding
A cheval, profitez de l’ambiance paisible du petit matin au cœur du site archeologique tout en admirant le soleil se lever derrière les mystiques temples de Bagan.

Sunset Horse Cart Riding
En fin d’après-midi, baladez –vous en calèche à travers les temples de Bagan, dont notamment Thatbyinnyu, le plus haut temple de la région et Dhammayangyi et son assemblage de briques impressionant.


Amanecer en un tradicional carro de caballos
Empiece el día con un paseo en carro de caballos hasta los majestuosos templos de Mee Nyein Kone o de Damayarzika (dependiendo de la situación de su hotel). Experimente un ligero soplo de aire sobre la llanura de Bagan cuando el sol emerge en el horizonte arrojando un cálido resplandor.

Puesta de sol en un tradicional carro de caballos
Al final de la tarde, pasee en carro de caballos hasta los majestuosos templos de Bagan, incluido Thatbyinnyu, el templo más alto de la región y Dhammayangyi y su impresionante conjunto de ladrillos.


Sunset Horse Cart Tour
Nel tardo pomeriggio farete un giro in carrozza tra i templi di Bagan passando per Thatbyinnyu, tempio più alto di Bagan, l’imponente Tempio Dhammayangyi notevole per la sua architettura, e, naturalmente, il Tempio Sulamani. Potrete godervi il magnifico tramonto dalla terrazza di uno di questi templi.

Sunrise Horse Cart Tour
Con il carrozza trainato da cavalli, goditi la tranquilla atmosfera mattutina e il panorama mentre il sole appare lentamente all’orizzonte, facendo esplodere i sacri templi di Bagan.


Sunset Horse Cart Riding
Mit der Pferdekutsche geht es zum Abschluss des Tages quer durch das Tempellabyrinth. Genießen Sie die unvergessliche Abendstimmung und beobachten Sie, wie die Sonne langsam hinter den heiligen Tempeln Bagans verschwindet.

Sonnenaufgang’s Kutschfahrt
Genießen Sie mit dem Pferdewagen die ruhige Morgenstimmung und das Panorama, während die Sonne langsam am Horizont erscheint und die heiligen Tempel von Bagan überragt.