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This activity provides a chance to share a special lunch at a stunning private villa overlooking the Mekong with Mr. Francis Engelmann, a prestigious UNESCO expert who has been actively involved in the conservation of the city since 2001. He has a passion for history, urbanism and anthropology, knows Luang Prabang like no one else, and will be able to bring a new dimension to a visit of the sacred city of Laos. This unique activity consists of a private lunch (or tea break) with Francis at his beautiful riverside villa and is ideal for those looking for passionate intellectual discussions and a way to gain a deep understanding of everything that makes Laos such a magical and special place. It is an amazing option to combine with a visit of the nearby Kuang Sy Waterfalls.

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Selling points

  • The encounter and event at Francis’ villa is a unique experience in a stunning location.
  • An activity for those looking for intellectual and deep discussions with an expert on the local history and culture.
  • The meeting with Francis does not follow any structure and conversation can be guided towards the travelers areas of interest.
  • The location is an excellent choice for a luxurious catered riverside lunch or tea break.
  • An excellent option which can be combined with a visit of Kuang Sy Waterfalls.
  • A chance to enjoy a privately catered meal (or tea break) in a magnificent location.

Time And Transportation

The encounter and lunch or tea break at the riverside villa are best done after a morning visit to Kuang Sy waterfall. Timings for this are as follows:

From To Km By Duration Road condition
Luang Prabang Kuang Sy waterfall 30 Car / Bus 45 minutes- 1 hour Good
Kuang Sy waterfall Francis’ Riverside Villa 10 Car / Bus 10 minutes Good


  • Encounter and lunch (or tea break) at Francis’ Villa: usually 1h30min but there is no set time limit

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How to sell it

  • Francis will answer all questions about architecture, heritage, culture, traditions, Buddhism, botany in Luang Prabang in a friendly and relaxed way.
  • Activity designed for top end and small groups, to personalize a city tour.
  • Suitable for people interested in the culture and history of Laos and looking for deep intellectual discussions.
  • Good alternative for people who have already been to Luang Prabang before.
  • Explanations possible in French and English

Why this activity

  • Created to provide encounters with a knowledgeable expert for the exclusive market.
  • Created to improve our selection of activities for the exclusive market.

Good to combine with

  • The encounter at the villa combines well with a visit to Kuang Sy but is best complemented with a city tour and an optional architectural tour at some point.

Do not combine with

  • Do not combine the evening aperitif talk with the encounter at the villa as they can be quite similar just done in different venues.

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  • Easy to arrange.
  • Francis is very flexible.


  • Expensive


  • Always private.
  • Mr. Engelmann can speak French or English.
  • The acitivity is provided with lunch, though a tea break could be provided instead, upon request.

Important information

  • The encounter at Francis’ riverside villa includes the venue fee, Francis’ fee and the catering fee.
  • For the lunch option we provide a Lao set menu. For other options please contact operation or production and we can provide a tailor-made quotation.

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The encounter with Francis at his riverside villa is a combination of services from different suppliers. The final price will be a combination of the venue rental fee (300$) + Francis’ fee (200$) + catering/staff fees from L’Elephant.

Simply import the following module:

  • Location of Module: FIT, ENG, Exclusive, ERP Exclusive-Production Account
  • Module Code: 200508021437
  • Name of Module: Exclusive – Lunch with a Prestigious UNESCO Expert at his Riverside Villa – Activity – ENG



  • Explanations by Mr. Francis Engelmann


  • Transfers
  • Food and drinks which are not included in the set menu
  • Guide


  • Please make sure you inform operation of any specific catering requirements.

Important notes

  • Please make sure you check any specific catering requirements with sales.

Different Choicess

  • Francis also provides an indoor presentation with slides which we do not recommend because it’s too formal.



Meet a Prestigious UNESCO Expert at his Riverside Villa
Mr. Francis Engelmann is a UNESCO expert who has been actively involved in the conservation of the world heritage city of Luang Prabang since 2001. He has a passion for history, urbanism, and anthropology. He knows the city better than anyone else and will be able to bring a new dimension to your visit of the most sacred city of Laos. Meet him at his private riverside villa, hidden away in a beautiful secret location, and enjoy a delicious lunch while engaging in meaningful conversation about the architecture, heritage, culture, traditions, religion, and botany which makes Luang Prabang such a magical place.

Duration: 1h – 1h30 (to be done after a visit to Kuang Sy Waterfalls).
Transportation: Car transfer to Francis’ private villa.

Note: If this is done with a tea break instead of lunch please change “delicious lunch in the text above for “refreshing tea break”



Encuentro con un prestigioso experto de la UNESCO en su villa ribereña
El Sr. Francis Engelmann es un experto de la UNESCO que ha participado activamente en la conservación de la ciudad de Luang Prabang, patrimonio mundial desde 2001. Le apasiona la historia, el urbanismo y la antropología. Conoce la ciudad mejor que nadie y podrá aportar una nueva dimensión a su visita a la ciudad más sagrada de Laos. Encuéntrelo en su villa privada junto al río, escondida en un hermoso lugar secreto, y disfrute de un delicioso almuerzo mientras entabla una conversación significativa sobre la arquitectura, el patrimonio, la cultura, las tradiciones, la religión y la botánica que hacen de Luang Prabang un lugar mágico.

Duración: 1h – 1h30 (se realizará después de una visita a las cascadas de Kuang Sy).
Transporte: traslado en automóvil a la villa privada de Francis.

Nota: Si se dedide hacer sin almuerzo hay que cambiar “un delicioso almuerzo” por “unas refrescantes bebidas” en el texto.