MYANMAR – Hpa An – Boat trip from Hpa An to Mawlamyine


Art & Culture, Classic, Family

Country - City

Myanmar - Hpa An

Market segment

Groups, Thematic Leisure

Price Level


Max pax

30 persons


September to April

Arrival city

Hpa An

Departure city



Though most travellers connect Hpa An and Mawlamyine by road, a boat journey is the best way to fully enjoy the exotic landscape of Southern Myanmar. Travel on Thanlyin River between Hpa An and Mawlamyine and explore a lesser known landscape dotted with colourful pagodas, karstic mountains and riverside villages. On the way, take a break at Kawnhat village which houses U Nar Auk Monastery, a beautiful piece of architecture, very renowned in the region. The monastery was erected by Nar Auk, a Burmese tycoon who created a boat ferry business to liberate the poor from the exploitation of British colony. An excursion off the beaten track in the beautiful countryside of Southern Myanmar.

Selling points

  • Excursion off the beaten path in the beautiful countryside of Southern Myanmar
  • A relaxing short cruise between Hpa An and Mawlamyine which offers a nature break along beautiful exotic landscapes
  • A break at Kawnhat village is the highlight of the excursion: discovering a hidden colourful monastery complex with a rich history!

Time And Transportation

From To By Duration Distance
Mawlamyine Hpa An Boat 3 hours NA
Hpa An Mawlamyine Boat 3 hours NA
Hpa An Mawlamyine Car 1h 30 55 kilometers


Around 4 hours: 3 hours of cruise + visit of Kawnhat village and U Nar Auk monastery

Min pax

1 person

Max pax

30 person

How to sell it

  • Suitable for FIT and GIT: note that it is maximum 16 persons per boat
  • Do not offer with U Nar Auk stop it has limited interest
  • Several suppliers offer join-in cruise (cheaper) with no stop at U Nar Auk – the schedule is strict (departures only in the morning of the afternoon depending if you depart from Mawlamyine or Hpa An) – preferable to book charter for more flexibility on our timing
  • Can also offer the opposite itinerary (Mawlamyine to Hpa An – rates are different, select the correct itinerary on ERP)
  • For Hpa An to Mawlamyine direction:
    • Advised to program it in the morning with afternoon sightseeing in Mawlamyine and drive back to Hpa An for the night
  • For Mawlamyine to Hpa An direction:
    • Advised to schedule it in the afternoon, with overnight in Hpa An.
    • The landscape in Hpa An is more beautiful for sunset then when arriving in Mawlamyine

Why this activity

  • A different way to connect Hpa An and Mawlmayine
  • U Nar Auk monastery is a beautiful piece of architecture hidden in the lush jungle!
  • The landscape long the river is very beautiful

Good to combine with

  • Afternoon sightseeing in Mawlamyine and drive back to Hpa An
    • Excursion to Mudon
    • End of the afternoon at Queen Sein Don
    • Drive back to Hpa An for late dinner
  • Overnight in Mawlamyine (or vice versa)

Do not combine with

  • same day driving back to Yangon – schedule will be too tight and stressful

Market suggestion















Competitor comparison

  • Operated by most local suppliers
  • Join-in scheduled ferry are also available in high season


  • Beautiful excursion, very quiet
  • Change of scenery for the South module which is mostly focusing on a nature break rather than cultural sightseeing


  • Boats are local
  • Suppliers are not trustworthy (we changed several suppliers already)


  • The cruise operates in both direction:
    • Hpa An – Mawlamyine
    • Mawlmayine – Hpa An
  • After approximately 2 hours cruise (from Hpa An) or 1 hour (from Mawlamyine), clients stop at Kawnhat village. They would either walk (around 20 minutes) or take a tuk tuk to reach U Nar Auk monastery and do the visit. Tuk Tuks are available on spot in case clients do not want to walk (not included in the quotation)
  • Clients can have late lunch in Hpa An or Mawlamyine depending on the direction of the itinerary
  • Life jacket, water and fruits are provided on board
  • Supplier has 2 size of boats:
    • Small size (max 6 pax per boat)
    • Big size (max 16 pax per boat)

Price range

20 USD/pax

Quotation guideline

Select the correct itinerary on ERP – rates change according to the itinerary:

  • Hpa An – Mawlamyine Cruise (charter) – morning departure
  • Hpa An – Mawlamyine Cruise (charter) – afternoon departure
  • Mawlamyine – Hpa An Cruise (charter)
    • Valid for morning or afternoon departure – same rate


  • Charter boat
  • Life Jacket
  • Water and fruit on board
  • U Nar Auk monastery visit (no tuk tuk included)


  • Transportation for clients
  • Easia guide fees
  • Tuk Tuk at U Nar Auk if clients do not want to walk

Possible Extra

  • Provision for tuk tuk in case clients do not want to walk


  • Easia guide FOC as clients pay for the charter boat (take guide seat into account when choosing the size of the boat)

Important notes

  • The boat is privatized for our clients
  • Always remind the supplier to provide life jackets on board!
  • Cruise is approximately 3 hours (+ time to visit U Nar Auk)

Special Guide notes

  • Make sure the boat driver stops at Kawnat village to visit U Nar Auk monastery
  • From the jetty to the monastery, clients have to walk around 15/20 minutes. If they do not want to walk, tuk tuks are available on spot: advised to walk one way and take the tuk tuk back from the monastery to the jetty
  • Coordinate the pick up time and place with the driver


Thiha Nay La Travel and Tours

Mr Ye Lin (managing director)

  • Reservation mail:
  • Adress; 61, Yangon-Insein Road, 9 Quarter Township, Yangon
  • Phone number: +959 408 888 192 // +959 408 888 193 // +959 408 888 195



Boat trip from Hpa An to Mawlamyine
You’ll cruise leisurely down the river to Mawlamyine, leaving behind the mouth of the Thanlwin River, and head into the picturesque landscape of limestone mountains to discover one by one the small but luxuriant islands of the Kayin and Mon State border. On the way, you’ll stop at Kawhnat village, a hidden treasure for all travelers exploring the South. Here, you can discover the temple complex, donated by U Nar Auk, a famous Burmese businessman. The temples here display a peculiar architecture, mixing both Burmese and Thai influences. Then hop back on the boat to continue your cruise to Mawlamyine, where you’ll arrive in time for a late lunch.

Cruising time: around 3 hours.


En bateau de Hpa An à Mawlamyine
Après avoir fait le tour du marché, vous atteindrez la rivière où une embarcation locale vous attend. Vous descendrez doucement la rivière en direction de Mawlamyine, laissant derrière vous l’embouchure de la rivière Thanlwin pour traverser des paysages de montagne calcaire et découvrir peu à peu les îles petites mais luxuriantes de la frontière des Etats Karen et Mon. En chemin, vous ferez escale dans le village Kawhnat, un trésor caché pour tous les voyageurs du Sud du pays. Vous y découvrirez les temples qu’a fait construire U Nar Auk, magnat birman, et qui présentent une architecture particulière, mêlant influences birmane et thaï. Vous remonterez ensuite à bord pour naviguer jusqu’à Mawlamyine où arriverez à temps pour un déjeuner tardif.

Temps de navigation : environ 3 heures


Gita in barca da Hpa An a Mawlamyine
Dopo il giro al mercato, raggiungerete il fiume dove le barche locali vi aspetteranno. Sara’ una piacevole crociera fino a Mawlamyine, vi lascerete alle spalle l’imbocco del fiume Thanlwin e vi dirigerete in un paesaggio pittoresco di montagne, scoprirete passo dopo passo la piccola ma lussureggiante Isola di Kayin e del confine con lo stato del Mon. Lungo la strada vi fermerete al villaggio di Kawhnat. Qui scoprirete un complesso di templi, donati da U Nar Auk, un famoso magnante birmano. I templi mostrano una peculiare architettura, un mix di influenza birmana e tailandese. Potrete poi continuare la vostra gita in barca verso Mawlamyine dove arriverete in tempo per il pranzo.

Durata del tragitto: circa 3 ore


Transfer zum Flussufer, wo ein lokales uriges Boot bereits auf Sie wartet. Sobald Sie die Mündung des Salween Flusses hinter sich gelassen haben, öffnet sich Ihnen eine pittoreske Landschaft aus Kalksteingebirgen. Auf der entspannen Flussfahrt lernen Sie auch Stück für Stück die kleinen, aber prächtigen Inseln an der Grenze des Kayin und Mon Staates kennen. Wenn Sie möchten, können wir auch in einem dieser Dörfer für einen kleinen Spaziergang anhalten.

Entfernungen und Fahrzeiten: ca. 3 Stunden